Network Marketing System

Network Marketing System

The most successful online or network marketers are those that have a loyal following that they built, sometimes over years to create an effective “downline” of  affiliates, distributors or members.

One of the things that most people struggle with is recruiting or building a downline.

The average stats on this is most people in a Network Marketing Company recruit something like 2 people.

The solution to this is to have a Network Marketing System that improves your growth odds.

This can be a Network Marketing System where in the online world, we send targeted traffic to a web page called a capture page, that then gets some of that traffic to “opt in” to the offer. They then usually receive a series of followup emails that help explain the business and then some will join.

Network Marketing System

Now once you get a new member, your job is not done. You are only just beginning.

Here are a few tips to help build your Network Marketing System so people flock to your work at home business.

1. If you are successful, show them this. If you are new but just have ONE sale, this it GREAT too. How many people online actually get a sale let alone build a downline?

2. Be knowledgeable of your company. Be able to show your members that the company is sound, and will be there for years to come while THEY build their downline.

3. HELP your people to do what you did to get them to join. This is a people business I always tell new members. We join those that we feel can help us achieve our goals.

When a new member joins us we send out a team welcome email, we answer every email they may send even if it is 100+ over a few weeks. This shows us they are serious. We sent our upline easily this many emails in our first few weeks.

You can see our online Network Marketing System here:

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This is our online Network Marketing System that has grow to thousands of members all by online marketing.





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