Number 1 Home Based business Review

Is there truly a Number 1 Home Based business Review?

Having been online since March 2006, and having joined probably a hundred or more programs, business opportunities, traffic sources, lead systems….we can show you what we settled on for our Number 1 home based business review program.

First a bit about low and high ticket priced programs.

Number 1 Home Based business Review


These are home based business programs that sell for a low amount, maybe less than $50. The good point about low ticket items is they are generally easier to sell, meaning most people will buy a $50 or less item from a website without calling the supplier (you). The feel safe to “risk” the $50. This usually means less prospects need to look at your offer to make a decision to buy, so your work to get traffic is a bit less and this is nice when brand new starting out, trying to build traffic.

An example of our LOW ticket top rated program is:
Easy To Do Income Programs


These are much higher in cost, maybe $500 or more. now here to make a sale we usually need to contact the prospect to make the sale. Most people will not buy something for $500 or more unless they are pretty sure they know who the seller is and they are a real person willing to help them get their new HIGH ticket program going.

A nice example in this Number 1 Home Based Business Review of our TOP rated high ticket program is:

Number One Business . You can opt in and see the presentation.

Now do not get worried that you need to call people…these systems are designed to explain a lot about the business in an educational manner so IF you do call your prospect, it is often just to make a connection with them and then they usually will decide to join you. No different than buying any large ticket item off line.

We usually go to our number 1 home based business review OFFLINE to seek out our favorite sales person.

So now that we know about low and high ticket items, what do we do with them?

Well, there is no reason you can’t make a full time income from growing a large downline selling a low ticket item liek we did with Global Domains International. However, that can take some time to build up; mostly depending on how hard YOU work that business and how good you are at helping your team to DUPLICATE what you do to make sales.

Then you could also pursue a high ticket program in your number 1 home based business review and just make your own personal sales. How many sales would you need to make if you earned $1000, $3250, $7700 commissions like we do in Global Resorts Network?  We love to see a new member make even ONE sale a month- $3250 extra a month is not too shabby, agree.

The best way to run your work at home business is to use a sales funnel that route the prospect to all your offers and they will tend to join many of what you recommend  since you have shown them you are the credible person to follow..then you will be building MULTIPLE STREAMS of income.

Most full time online business owners have several income streams. The did not start that way but they added reputable , legit incomes as they learned and grew their online business.

We hope our Number 1 home based business review was informative and we would be happy to show you how to do what we do.

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