Numis Network Review- What is Numis Network?

The Numis Network has gained interest among coin collectors and those looking for a home based business opportunity.

The current economic situation has ignited an interest in gold and silver coins.

I learned a lot about Silver and Gold at Mike Maloney . Prior to Mike’s info I was clueless about where precious metals fit into the worlds financial system.

Mike has nothing to do w/ this review or Numis Network, but we are offering his info for another perspective on whether this home business may be a good one for you…PLUS, you may want to rethink some of your investment strategies.

Numis NetworkCoin collecting is a popular hobby and now many people are turning to this hobby as a method of accumulating gold and silver coins as an investment. Just take a look on eBay; a friend sells coins on eBay every day! Also, the TV program “Pawn Stars” commented that gold/silver is one of the top moving items in their store.

The Numis Network is an affordable way for people to buy gold and silver coins and has brilliantly combined coin collecting with an amazing MLM business opportunity.

You can join the Numis Network as an associate member which will provide you with business and marketing tools and you will earn retail commissions and sales bonuses.

Once you achieve specific goals, you can then advance to the Executive level.

At this point, you can build a network of sales representatives. As you grow your team and sales increase, you will receive commissions and residual downline income. This opportunity provides Fast Track Collector’s Kit Sales Bonuses and Rank Advancement Bonuses, and much more.

The Numis Network offers a great support system as well.

The only potential downside of this business in our opinion is 1. What happens if/when gold or silver coins are not as hot as they are now, 2. You may need to have a passion for selling coins to really dig into this, 3. be sure your prices are competitive as the “spot price” is what people looking for gold or silver are watching to get the best pricing.

Any way you look at it, investing in gold or silver has been happening for a long time, and those in the know realize the potential wealth building precious metals can bring in; just look at some gold growth charts over the last 10 years and see if any of your other “paper” investments performed as well. Folks- this is a huge secret of the wealthy.

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Numis Network offers a very nice way to build a business at home and your product will for sure retain its value.

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