Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews
are posted all over the Internet as supposed authority opinions on many work from home businesses or programs.

Can you trust Online Business Reviews?

The answer might shock you so if you wish to learn the Truth about Online Business Reviews, you are in the right place at the right time.

Having been online for about six years, and recruited over 1900 into my top program, GDI, or Global Domains International, I have learned a lot about people and their ability to start a work from home business.

Online Business Reviews

I also learned much about their temperaments, their work ethic, their ability to ask questions to learn, or their inability to ask questions to learn, their inability to follow directions, or better said their choice to do it their way instead of follow a proven system.

I also learned how many people will join any program and not think to ask their sponsor what to do. Many times we would need to say “whoa, slow down and do what we show you to do”. I often wonder why a new member would think to not ask what to do or to think they need to do this on their own.

Maybe with all these Online Business Reviews, most sponsors don’t offer any help?

Well, sadly that is often the case, but the real reason is, they themselves do not know how to help; YOU may have been their only sale.

On my team and as my upline taught us, to be successful we all need to offer our help to those that join and we work one on one with all that ask for help.

There are many people that post in various Online Business Reviews, that they were scammed, because their program didn’t work.

Well, while there may be some Online business programs that are run by people only looking to make a sale, we feel most programs are designed to work, but people fail when they do not ask and learn what exactly is needed to make a sale with their new business.

Then IF they do learn this, they don’t give it enough time to see the results.

It takes some time and efforts to learn online marketing. Most Online Business Reviews will have many negative posts from those that failed, but we rarely see a non scam reviews site where all the successful people hang out. Actually there are such forums, but the people who failed seem to prefer to feel they got scammed and hang out with all the other negativity online.

One statement we have always felt to be true is “if you want to be successful in any business or skill, find someone that is successful in that business or skill and follow,copy them. So if you ever failed online, why hang out at the negative Online Business Reviews posting sites?

Sometimes the successful people online, after recruiting THOUSANDS who never did the efforts to see success, get to where they have too much sales and not enough of them to spread around to help everyone and they offer minimal support.

We have had this happen and many downline will complain about their sponsor who was “short or rude” to them or arrogant. Well, we do not condone mis-treating anyone, but I would work with any arrogant , rude or short marketer that could teach me their tricks!

This is a business and once we see it as a true business, and not some Online Business Reviews post from someone that didn’t treat it like a serious business, we may start to see our businesses take off.

So, can you trust Online Business Reviews?

We say the best approach is to subscribe to a potential sponsor, email them to see how they respond, and you will soon be good at interviewing” who may lead you to the answers you are looking for.

Online Business Reviews can be very helpful, but the more you learn the more you will know which Online Business Reviews are factual.

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