Online Email Marketing – Learn The Facts About Internet Traffic Generation

Online Email Marketing – Learn The Facts About Internet Traffic Generation using email marketing.

Online Email Marketing -Here are some tips To Your Work At Home Success.

We will show you why you may not be seeing best results in your Online Email Marketing campaigns.

Did you ever send out 1 Million emails, or even 3000 emails and get zero response? I am sure you probably thought “this is a scam and doesn’t work”. Well you maybe were wrong.

I don’t know why people don’t tell you this when you join programs; it seems to be the ONE thing you really need to know to see success. Why keep it a secret?

Online Email Marketing

Online Email Marketing  is a key aspect of selling online. You MUST learn it. Many want to be taught by phone but this business is very much email oriented, so the sooner you learn this the better.

There are a few reasons why this may be the case. We will offer some tips to help you get opt ins, or leads to your business.

1. If you use a safelist, these are the ones that will say we send to millions of email addresses. Well these are usually not very targeted. They go to millions of people but if they don’t want to know about a home business, then you won’t get them to even open the email. You need to target your emails for best Online Email Marketing results.

2. If you use a list builder, these are often more targeted to online marketers or work from home people. They can get results if the subject line is good. See next item. We start new people off in their Online Email Marketing  efforts with List Building ReviewThese we feel are easiest for new people to COPY. Once they learn this, they can graduate to a next better level of traffic.

3. Not all traffic is equal quality. We feel they rank from lower to better like this: safelists, list builders, articles,blog posts and other such tactics,  reviews/content, social sites, SEO (search engine optimization) pay per click.

4. DO NOT buy leads or your Online Email Marketing unless you know they were tested with your capture page and followup emails and work. Most leads don’t work. Or they may require a phone call to followup. We never phone call anyone to make a sale. We use Online Email Marketing  thats works.

5. SUBJECT line: The email subject line is what gets the email opened. If they don’t like your subject line,doesn’t matter what is in your Online Email Marketing ad because they won’t get that far!

6. Sending 3000 emails a day with a list builder in my system may get you 0-18 opt ins. That’s a range I personally have seen. Notice I said zero!  That’s always possible. So if your program needs 15 opt ins to see a sale, you need to get that many emails out. If you can only send emails every 3 days when you are new, then you may need 1-2 weeks to see a sale. It may be the 1st , the 15th, or the 30th opt in. YOUR job is to keep getting ads out… persistent and consistent for best Online Email Marketing .

7. COPY ads that work initially. Do not try to become an award winning ad copy writer  , unless you have that skill. Use the same ad until you see consistent results. Mixing ads won’t tell you which are getting best response.

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