Partner With Paul Reviews

Partner With Paul Reviews.

What do we know about Partner With Paul and is this a scam or real deal is what you came here for and that’s what I will offer you.

From opting in to a Partner with Paul page or an affiliate’s page,the final back end product or program being offered that we found  was Carbon Copy Pro. Through the course of auto-responder e-mails received, we were eventually taken to an affiliate Carbon Copy Pro sign up page. There may be other programs being offered as well but this is where we ended up.

The sales approach used by this Partner With Paul system is quite typical and we mention it so you may learn a bit about the various ways things are sold online.

Partner With Paul

Rarely do we put the exact product right in the prospects face with an ad that say “BUY THIS!” That’s too abrupt. The techniques used are to slowly educate the prospect on the benefits and value of the program, so THEY choose to join. We never “sell” anyone.

The Partner With Paul scheme is after opting in, you will receive an offer for a “Request your work at home kit.” $9.95 plus shipping and handling, followed by a 14 day free trial. These again are marketing approaches that work.

This then turns into a $39.95 charge to keep the “kit” which  is what is know as a funded proposal or a front end product. People can usually easily pay the $49 total dollars to get the kit.

Then in most cases, they will be lead toward the big ticket offer or back end sale. In this case that back end sale was Carbon Copy Pro.

This is a real good strategy to use with marketing a big ticket (big ticket means higher price point or higher cost to you) affiliate program. Many programs other than the Partner with Paul group, are using a funded proposal to promote their program or product very effectively.

A funded proposal is powerful because the commission from the front end sale item, in this case being the work at home kit, is often enough to cover most of the  advertising expenses. Then a certain number of those sales will upgrade to the big ticket item as pure profit which is the ultimate goal; of the big ticket is large enough commissions, you may just need ONE sale a month to change your families lifestyle, and more than one can “set you free”!

A funded proposal or front end sale, is a great way to lead people through the sales funnel and cover your costs at the same time and give the buyer a nice experience.

Most of these programs like Partner With Paul do function as they should. Why would someone create a program that did not convert to sales and profits?

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They been around for some time. Partner With Paul we are sure works well.


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