Paydotcom Reviews

Paydotcom Reviews.

What is

If you look at the website you will see that it says there are over 600,000 affiliates making money promoting products from the PayDotCom market place and you can promote from some 75,000 products from quality vendors you can find at that site.

Basically paydotcom is similar to clickbank, where you can become an affiliate and either sell other peoples products that are listed in their marketplace listing, or you can sell your own products.

My top earning program uses paydotcom to pay affiliate commissions to me from my teams marketing system and by using  paydotcom you will get paid through unless the product you are selling may pay you by check.


This is just a small example of the things you can find to sell at paydotcom: Fun and Entertainment, Health and Fitness, Home and Family,Computing and Internet,Marketing and Ads, Society & Culture,Sports & Recreation,Business To Business, Money and Employment and more!

You can join paydotcom for free and you can also sell physical products and digital products but if you plan to sell a digital product in their market place, you will need some website skills to create your digital product and web pages for your affiliates so your digital item (like an ebook) can be readily downloaded and paid for.

If you create an affiliate product and it sells well, you will easily get a lot of others to want to sell your product.Then you would want to set up an affiliate program where you earn maybe 50% of all the sales your affiliates make.  It’s a lot faster to see large incomes online by offering an affiliate program if you can develop the right product. It’s better to make a piece of a lot of others efforts than you trying to make the whole commission by only your efforts don’t you agree?

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PayDotCom offers a way to get started in the affiliate online world for no cost, so have a look at their site.

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