Porter Stansberry Review Legit Scam Fraud?

Porter Stansberry Review

I got interested in the global money issues about two years ago and one site I subscribed to was one that this Porter Stansberry Review is about.

You can google Porter Stansberry Review and find the various sites.

Porter Stansberry Review

So who is Porter Stansberry?

You only need Google to get a sense of the reach he has. He has a list  of websites with one we ran into and at the  top of the list is stansberryresearch.com, site of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. This is where you can  find the Stansberry Investment Advisory.

What caught my attention very recently being on his mailing list is an article claiming that many “gold” purchases in recent times may have been fraudulent in the sense that if they were stored somewhere that isn’t where you can go SEE your gold, the gold may have never been delivered and stored. Basically a scam. There are “precious metal IRA’s” for example where the precious metal (gold,silver,etc) is stored in a vault often in Delaware.

Well that got my attention as we got interested in all this gold, silver investing talk a couple years before this Porter Stansberry Review.

We started our Gold/Silver knowledge building at   Mike Maloney GoldSilvercom.

If you have zero knowledge of how the worlds money system works or how gold relates to the value of the dollar and price of oil, Mike Maloney’s book is an eye opener and offers a very good review of historical gold trends.

The jist of this Porter Stansberry Review info is if countries are requesting their gold be shipped to them instead of being stored in various off site vaults, then maybe “they” know something we don’t know and the global economic issues may be coming to some head…or more specifically, the US dollar issue may be.

We don’t like to speculate or even pass on “hearsay” so we cannot really comment on this factually, but the Porter Stansberry Review newsletter we get sure had some supposed factual info, as long as you bought into their memberships.

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