Postcard Business Opportunity Marketing Review

This Postcard Business Opportunity Marketing Review will explain another very effective way to get leads to any online business or program.

Let me ask you a question before we go on with this postcard business opportunity review, which may show you the power of this method.

Do you feel better getting a post card addressed to you even if it is from someone you do not know, OR from an email that is from someone you don’t know?

If your answer was from the post card, that is usually what people say and that is because post cards are generally more personalized than an email. Think of it this way. Someone had to send that post card in the mail, like all your other mail, so you feel they see you as “special” compared to the hundreds or thousands of “spamy” emails we all get each day.

So a postcard business opportunity may have that extra personal touch that makes this important part of “relationship” building mush easier offline than online.

postcard business opportunityYou see the way a sale is made, whether online, offline or at any business we go to, we usually have some emotional connection with the store, sales person, or product. Once that emotional barrier is broken, and we gain the trust of the prospect looking at our business, the sale usually follow soon after.

In a postcard business opportunity, many people in those businesses will NOT even think to market the business online. Many feel that everything online is a “scam” so using a post card system offline may be the key you are searching for.

One TOP post card system that we have tested and works to get leads to any business can be checked out here: American Bill Money. This company has over 10 years in business and experience in direct marketing.

Their system is HOT and special for two reasons:

1. You earn from building a downline of others doing the same as you.

2. You earn from using the leads the system brings in from your post card mailings.

3. Well, there is probably and #4 and #5, but we will let you in on that when we get to know you on the team. I’ll give a hint…everyone online needs traffic.

Their sales page explanation offers many examples of the income potentials, but keep a few things in mind. NO business will grow from one set of mailings or advertising. Sure you may get lucky and find a few good workers in your first ads, but you may see that in this postcard business opportunity we need to stick with it a few months. Also, this is ground floor with this style of postcard business opportunity. LEADS!  Everyone online, or offline needs leads for their business. Take these leads and earn by showing them your other businesses.

I started with the 150 post card offer and had them mailed to me, then I added the postage. I wanted to see how the system works.Then I added 1000- 2000 extra cards a month to kick this out of the park fast. My downline that joined is doing the same. In a few weeks I had nearly 10,000 cards a month being mailed

All I do is collect the commissions.

Here’s the link for a FR.EE tour and business explanation: AmericanBillMoney.

Did I mention that the post cards and followup system directs people to the company info number where they learn all about the company and hear the owners…this is the credibility that makes for very successful programs.

If the online thing isn’t working for you, come try out the offline postcard business opportunity as it may be just what you been looking for.






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