Price Point Definition | Why Is Price Point Important To Your Online Success?

Yesterday I posted a review on what conversion rates were and I mentioned that Price Point is also equally important to your success online and these two tend to work hand in hand together.

Price PointI want to discuss a bit more about price point as you may be looking at programs to join online.

A few years ago, the economy supported online biz op programs where you could sell programs in the $250 to $2995 range. There were often different levels one could join, like $100, $250, $500, $997, $1500 and so on.

One program I sold for a short while was GRN (Global Resorts Network) and it sold for $2995.

In today’s marketplace, I would not even think to sell anything much above $50!

I can assure you that anything above $50 tends to require you to make phone calls to make sales, or to close the sale.

Most of us are not sales people and we surely are way too busy to do much more phone time than is necessary to help new members get going in their businesses; and even on that score we really stress the ability to support by email. Few people looking for an online business have the time to do much more than minimal advertising, then they really need a program where the website and marketing system does the selling for them. NO need to make cold calls.

Anyways, back to price points.

As you can see it is very important to understand the market place as you are looking for a way to earn online.

Our top program for example sells for $10. I can tell you that even $10 is often too much for some to afford. Yes, that is how bad things are out there and this is what we see from people all around the globe.

Now the real key point in this price point review is, when the cost for your program is low, like $10, it will CONVERT to sales much faster than something that is $50 or more. So if you are new starting out, you can get your first sale much sooner than if you were selling more costly items. This means you will be much quicker into profits…and you will be much less stressed waiting for that first sale when it will come 5-10 times sooner than anything more expensive to join.

So, there is actually a “secret” in the above. Knowing your market is key to your initial success.

I have been online some 5 or so years and I never sold a $10 product. I never though it could grow good enough when I only earn $1 from that $10 sale.

WOW, was I wrong.

You see, the low cost, plus a high converting web page will results in a much higher sale to opt in ratio ( more prospects will join faster). Then the real cool thing is many stay on so your retention is very high, and your RESIDUAL income grows.

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All of the above would not be readily known when you are new to all this…so I hope this is helpful and you find the right price point program to start your work at home business.

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