Quixtar – Amway, Both Top Income Possibilities

Quixtar was founded in 1999 and is now run by the same company which owns Amway. The Quixtar business model is quite similar to Amway’s except it uses the internet for marketing.

I joined Amway (Quixtar)to help my cousin’s who felt they finally found the opportunity that was real and would realize their dream of financial security for their family. I did this because they joined another MLM I was involved in several years earlier which I too thought would provide me the riches that that company promised-it didn’t quite measure up but that’s another story. I wanted to help them and felt like I sort of owed them, as the company I got them into, did not make either of us much money. We had a too high priced product that soon was available in stores for much less cost.

In North America you can only join Quixtar from a  referral of an already existing member known as a IBO (Independent Business Owner).

Quixtar runs things so that  every IBO has access to selling Quixtar products through their online website. As an IBO you are encouraged to purchase as many Quixtar products as you can as well as simultaneously recruit more IBO folks, this way you grow income from the volume of yours and your downlines product usage.


There are problems with this business model that your Quixtar rep may not mention.  One is  Quixtar has severe limits on your freedom to advertise your website online. We ran into this with another good company that felt the need to limit online marketing methods; we kind of see the point as too many marketers will resort to stuff like spamming to get sales. NEVER SPAM! Your business can’t grow with tactics like that.

Quixtar wants you to rely on one-on-one communication and word of mouth advertising as like to your warm market.  This may have been effective 20+ years ago but in this day of e-mail, and internet connected cell phones no one has time to listen to you talk about your business. People online look for fast and easy ways to earn income from home.

With Quixtar, your entire income depends on how much your people in your down line will purchase.  Quixtar products are priced right around retail so your commission is not going to be high unless you can get your down line to purchase all their goods from Quixtar instead of the local stores. This is doable but a life change for many that probably would find it too restrictive.

Personally I did not like the recruiting aspect in any MLM I was in, as I felt I was imposing on my friends and family. I needed a website based sales system which I did locate. See the YELLOW below.

Amway (Quixtar) has been around for a number of years and still has a very good reputation; many MLM companies are referred to as “like Amway” being that Amway was a leader in this type of marketing and any company that has passed the test of time, beyond 2-5 years can be around long enough for you to build a business.

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Quixtar may be right for you!

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