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Ray Reynolds is a fun review to write as he has a great background and should inspire us all.

Through the Ray Reynolds Plan and the Ray Reynolds University he teaches entrepreneurs why and how to set up corporations and his products are designed to guide you through the myriad of legal documents and tax deduction strategies.  Ray claims that if followed correctly his methods can help you protect your assists, secure corporate credit, rebuild credit, and purchase discounted goods- all sounds pretty good.

Ray Reynolds has helped hundreds to thousands of people play the corporate game.

At the age of eleven, Ray Reynolds started his first successful business and some of his business ventures include two electronics products companies, a cleaning service, a popular do-nut franchise, a satellite manufacturing and distribution company,and one of the largest credit companies in the United States. As a result of these successes, fortune 500 companies pursued him for executive positions.

Ray Reynolds

Ray Reynolds has several Mission statements which include: to educate the business owner on proper incorporation techniques that will help protect and grow their business through easy to follow steps and strategies, to provide his clients with the knowledge, instruction, and specific information to reduce risk exposure to protect their assets, and to provide clients with the most comprehensive and beneficial corporate credit building information available.

As stated on his website, “the majority of businesses started, statistically, will not remain in business past their first fiscal year. This statistic has more to do with growth and business development than it does the validity of the business venture.” We caution all our readers of this in any online start up. Careful joining anything online that is less than 2 years old. We prefer 2-5 years minimum unless you have a solid recommendation from a reputable source.

According to Ray Reynolds information, starting your business with a line of Corporate Credit places you in the most advantageous position possible with the benefit of additional resources, wholesale pricing, and reduced interest rates.

We learned that Ray Reynolds and his associates staff has combined over 50 years of successful business practice and strategy into one package. They can customize this to each business owner or industry as necessary

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If all this may make you a little nervous about starting a work from home business, it shouldn’t. Just find someone that will help you learn the basics to make a sale online and then ramp up your volume as you grow your profits.

Ray Reynolds has some good information.

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