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Real estate guru’s are all over the internet selling there many ways to earn in the real estate market. My family has been in real estate for as long as I can remember, I used to have to do the clean up work when tenants would leave- that was always fun.

Real Estate GurusAnyways, you definitely can earn income in real estate. I have a buddy that owns over 50 units in my hometown. He is not a guru so to speak, but he has grown his property to a nice level where he can live off the rental incomes, and he also flips homes too. He is always in the process of buying and selling and flipping something at the level he is at.

Notice I said he “built up” his properties. Like any business it takes time to build up your income and this is no different.

Sure there are many late night TV infomercials showing is average people that learned to flip houses, buy and sell with pennies on the dollar, use other peoples cash or money to make real estate deals, as well as things like auctions for income where you can buy a piece of property for next to nothing.

I even heard Mr. Trump the other day say, this is a time to buy property for real cheap, and from the BANKS! You see the banks get these properties when people can’t pay for them anymore, and they are not in the real estate business, so they would like to sell them fast to generate cash…and not be holding onto property that is only costing them…so go out and find them and make your 1st real estate deal!

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As you can see, all it really takes is some good desire to buy your first property, don’t expect to make a fortune in one deal, and keep building on that theme, and in time you will have 5, 10, 25 or more units to your real estate empire.

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We like real estate and you too can be a real estate investing guru, but we like working on the internet a lot better- less hassles w/ tenants, contractors, lawyers, making deals, collecting rent, cleaning up, maintaining properties…well you get the picture. We hope you enjoyed our review on Real Estate Gurus.

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