Revenue Share Online Programs- Legit or Scam?

Revenue Share Online programs have been pretty popular the past year or so.

So are these Revenue Share Online programs worth joining? If not, why not?

Revenue Share Online programs refer to an online home business that shares the companies revenue with you, for your efforts in usually promoting the Revenue Share Online.

Most of the more recent programs like this have been advertising sites. You basically can advertise your webpage at the site, and you may buy “ad credits” or “ad packs” or some form of advertising to in exchange get a revenue share online of the companies revenue.

Revenue Share Online

Sounds pretty good, but is there a catch?

Well, many of these Revenue Share Online offers will say you can earn up to 2% daily on your money. So if you BUY some ad packs, for maybe $1000, you will earn 2% of $1000 or $20/day or $600 a month.

This is a very nice return, but where does this money really come from?

Generally in these Revenue Share Online deals, the money comes from YOU. They need you to keep joining so they can keep paying.

What has happened to a few similar Revenue Share Online programs in recent past is they ended up closing within a year or two of start up. Now you have worked for 1-2 years to BUILD your business and they close up! Not good.

So lesson to be learned is join only established companies online. Any new online start up, launch, etc can be closed for many reasons within their 1st year.

New Revenue Share Online Trends:

One of the reasons some of these Revenue Share Online programs fail is often someone ( a member for example) will make a complaint that they didn’t get paid fast enough, or something simple like that, then the “authorities'” can step in and often the company opts to shut down instead of make corrections to keep afloat. This is SAD as it seems many companies that may actually have a decent program running, and HELPING people in need of cash flow, choose to not fight the “system” leaving people online with out the income source and with a bad taste about online marketing. Folks, before you complain be sure you got the facts; your actions can hurt THOUSANDS that maybe had a way to improve their financial situation. Many ARE hurting out there.

To combat this, some companies are starting that have a “real product” as part of the business model so it doesn’t appear to be just a money in, money out deal, that is often thought to be a ponzi type scheme. One example is Jubirev/Jubimax.

This may be a great solution to keeping these SIMPLE Revenue Share Online around. BUT we feel the “system” will find some reason to shut these programs down. Again you may have 1-2 years invested in them, maybe made some nice easy money, but then your business is taken away.

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The lure to these Revenue Share Online Programs is they are EASY to learn and get started so more people can see results. Many also DO see the advertising working w/ some of these programs; we are in one that gets us sales in our top program.

Revenue Share Online Programs should be approached with caution.


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