Secret Lead Factory (SLF) Review; Little Ticket To Wealth Secret Lead System

This article is why I joined the Secret Lead Factory aka SLF, and how it works with LTTWLittle Ticket To Wealth.

Having a constant flow of traffic or leads to any online business is the key to success. Simply put, zero leads = zero traffic = zero sales is the Secret Lead Factory main focus.

Secret Lead Factory

Most fail due to they don’t ever understand how to get ENOUGH traffic to a website. They think a few ads a day will suffice…NOT.

Read this, it may help: How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

We were members of  Secret Lead Factory, for a while. We liked the program and it worked pretty good to get nice $200 sales. The problem we ran into was the leads were not as good as we were accustomed to like we get from a blog like this one or from our pay per click (PPC) advertising we do with MSN (yahoo/bing). We can surely help you with your ppc ads if you are having trouble seeing sales and conversions.

One thing about Secret Lead Factory is they have been around for several years and the owner will call you personally. That is huge in this business, and a good sign if you are considering joining.

As we said we switched to other programs that just happened to work better for us. This should not deter you from joining SLF as they do offer a nice program and income (price point) to get into this online work from home make money gig.

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Little Ticket To Wealth and the Secret Lead Factory is a very good program but you do need to advertise to see any program really take off.

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