Spin Distribute Review-Automate Your Backlinks And Content Generation For Low Cost

Spin Distribute Review- a way to add backlinks with as much or little of your own effort as you so choose.

We all know that fresh content and backlinks still are a key part of what Google likes and looks for in webpages to rank the importance of your web/blog posts.

Many of us don’t have the time to maintain this effort or want to see faster results.

Spin Distribute Review can help you increase your traffic, increase your posts/webpages position and add backlinks and content to your site.

My referral link before I forget is: Spin Distribute. As you can see I am pleased with my results and I will offer some stats below to tell you what I saw.

Automating the parts of our daily tasks to build our website traffic using services like described in this Spin Distribute Review is the way to put our time to best use.

Spin Distribute Review

Here’s what we determined in this Spin Distribute Review as far as what they offer:

1. Article submission- you can select one of two costs to distribute an article that you write and they will submit it to 800+ relevant article directories and other content-rich websites. This way you will generate 800+ high quality backlinks to your website. It costs 4 credits for unique versions sent to these submission sites and 2 credits for the same article sent. I used the 4 credit option. You get 5 credits for $5 via credit card and paypal.

2. Article writing- 5 articles for 40 credits, up to 100 articles for 600 credits. All articles that they write for you are high-quality 500-word ready-for-distribution articles that already use the[first option|second option] syntax. I did not test this yet but they say turn around is a couple days.

3. Complete service- $89 /order. We tested in this  Spin Distribute Review that they will write 10 articles unique to your niche and keywords that you provide them. They then distribute these to the article submissions sites like in #1. They will will start the distribution of each of those 10 articles exactly three days after the previous one, so your link building will seem as natural as possible.

4. Affiliate program from our Spin Distribute Review: check out my link. I/we earn as we share the service to others. I have made some commissions already.

My results so far from this Spin Distribute Review:

I bought 3 complete services and about 25 article submissions. I write my own articles and submit them. The complete services is being dribbled in as they said- it may take 3 weeks or so to submit all 10 articles. My article submissions are also slowly submitted and you can watch the % complete go from 0 to 100% over maybe 10+ days or so.

The GOOD news?

EVERY webpage that I linked to the articles has risen in page position, and I have seen a rise in sales from those pages from my tracking. I also do PPC and this past week I turned my PPC off and I got as many of not more sales to my top program all for FREE SEO traffic.

Am I happy with this Spin Distribute Review?

You bet.

My plan now is to use at least 1 complete service a month and maybe 1 daily article submission service. That total cost is only around $113. I could never get that much work done myself and the cost will more than pay for itself by the SEO building. I earn $100 a week bonus in my main program and so $400 assured will more than cover this cost.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

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We hope the information in this Spin Distribute Review helps you build your blog or website.


4 thoughts on “Spin Distribute Review-Automate Your Backlinks And Content Generation For Low Cost”

  1. I used spin distribute for $1000. they were working great i hit top 3 spots for a lot of search terms I wanted but then, the floor dropped out of ONLY my rankings that were attributed to spin distribute! As it turns out all the articles they submitted for me were deleted (I kept all the article titles) and marked all the 600 plus links that I did receive, well 75% of them were deleted. Not sure by who but it looks like a link network Google caught up to. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!! Its a waist of money.

    1. Hi, That’s interesting as I see a LOT of new links in my google analytics that weren’t there before I used the service, I see a lot of my articles out there, and a definite increase in traffic. I do think we need a LOT of backlinks and content to see any reasonable traffic level though. Let’s see if others may offer other opinions. Thanks and keep in touch! Stan

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