State Of The Art Mailer SOTAM

State Of The Art Mailer SOTAM Review

If you are looking for a way to get traffic to your online business or program, State Of The Art Mailer SOTAM can be one sure way to build your business.

You do need to know a trick about building traffic for State Of The Art Mailer SOTAM to work though and we will reveal it here now.

State Of The Art Mailer

Many of us will join a traffic source and think that this ONE source will bring a flood of traffic. We are in the case of SOTAM sending 500, 1500, 3000,5000,7500 and up to 25,000 emails every 3 days depending on the level you are a member of.

We aren’t going to get into the cost of memberships as we have a way to get sales to your program using many FREE list builders such as State Of The Art Mailer. Of course once you join as FREE, then test the waters to see if it works for your capture page, you can decide to become a paid member and get easier email capabilities.

When we tested SOTAM, we used the initial 500 credits and send an email ad that we use a lot and got a few subscribers (opt ins) and ONE sale!

The TRICK to using list builders is to join many of them. How many? As many as you wish to get the results you are looking for as far as sales.

In rough numbers, we see maybe 0-5 opt ins per 3000 emails sent on most list builders which may average to 3 each time we email. So if our program needs 15 opt ins to see a sale, we need either 7 list builders to get 15 a day, or we need to mail 7 times to build up the subscribers until we get the ONE that will wish to join our business.

Our link to test the waters is: State-Of-The-Art-Mailer

To see how we use State of The Art Mailer see our FREE training video: Free Traffic Generation Using List Builders

One thing to take away from this article on state of the art mailer or any traffic source is we need usually many of any one traffic source to see results. If we post on free classifieds ( we don’t suggest this as list builders are more targeted and work better) you need many daily ads, maybe 100 minimum. 1 or 2 won’t necessarily get you anything, then you will think your program doesn’t work.

Folks I know this will SHOCK you but most programs work if we develop enough traffic to them.

It sounds like a lo of emails to send, 3000 a day or 7500 but in reality very few will opt in. This is true for even a website. My websites get say 1000 daily visits and from that I get 20-30 opt ins. Are you seeing the picture.

The marketers who understand this will work to grow a nice traffic base, some free, then adding paid as you have income to cover the costs, and in time you have a nice work from home business.

State Of The Art Mailer SOTAM is one we highly recommend and if you add our top 3-4 list builders you WILL see results.


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