Survey Money Machine

Survey Money Machine.

Can you really join Survey Money Machine, take a survey and get paid fast for your efforts?

Survey Money Machine by Hailey Gates at  claims to have compiled a list of legitimate, high paying survey companies.  Once you sign up at her site for FREE, she allows you access to this list.

Once you sign up you will get two places to go to immediately to start earning some cash. I was directed to Ipsos and Mysurvey.

The idea of getting paid for taking a survey makes a lot of sense:  Here’s how it works. Large companies need feedback on their products and services. These companies  need to know if consumers (that’s you) are satisfied with their products and more important, how they can make them better to earn more $. These are companies can be like Ford, Apple, Hershey Nike, Coca-Cola, and even Sears. These companies pay marketing research firms to get consumer information for them. The marketing research firms then pay people  for their opinions about these different products.

Survey Money Machine

The more a company knows about how well the buying public like their products, the better products they can bring to market and the more competitive they can be to earn more profits.

The Survey Money Machine site has two simple steps to get started: 1. Register with Survey Money Machines, 2. Start taking surveys, 3. Get paid!

You can choose to receive a check, gift cards, or have the money sent to a Paypal account a far as getting paid. Don’t expect to get rich overnight and the survey money machine sites makes this clear.

You won’t make thousands per month doing this, but if an extra $200 to $500 per month would be helpful to you, then that’s very possible if you put the effort into this. Many people report making more than this, but they have added on participation in focus groups according to the survey money machine site.

We looked around youtube and other sources to see if we could find any happy customers, but mostly we saw other marketers trying to lure you to their program.

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Survey Money Machine has one of the better presentations and getting started offers and may work for you.


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  1. That’s true with paid surveys you can make only 500$ per month not a full income , you just pay some bills.

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