How To Get Free Traffic To Your Websites

So you want, or better said NEED to know how to get free traffic to your website(s)? I often thought using totally free traffic was not possible to see results, but I have had some of my Global Domains International members start with only this type of traffic and actually make it to the leaderboards.

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Free TrafficThe leaderboards with GDI is where you get at least 5 sales in a week. This is actually a more detailed review on How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website that is a work in progress, that you can read in detail.

Free traffic can work as long as the traffic type is well matched to your offer, usually a capture page in some business opportunity or online program.

Not all traffic works for all capture pages. The only way to really know is to test the traffic with your webpages.

On our GDI team we share all this knowledge so no ONE person is spending all the testing money! Team work online sure works well.

One source of free website traffic we use is list builders. You can learn more here: List Building Review

Keep in mind using free traffic resources will take some effort on your part. It all depends on the amount of website traffic you wish to generate. Or how many opt ins and then sales you are searching for. Usually a program capture page will convert at some known level for a given quality of traffic, so you can then gauge your efforts, to get enough opt ins.

It is all a numbers game once you have the right traffic matched to your capture page and business offer; the trick or challenge for you is to grow your traffic to see sales!

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How to generate free traffic to your website is very possible if you have the right tools, training, mindset, work ethic, and system that converts sales quickly.

List Building Review – Using List Builders

This List Building review will show the facts about using List Builders to get leads or traffic to your work at home business and to start to build your list.

List BuildersI joined some list builders a few years ago, sent a few ads, and got absolutley ZERO results…so I figured, here we go again, everything online has some catch to it even List Building.

Then I joined my top recommended home based business and my sponsor used List Builders to get his traffic. OK, now we might actually figure this out I thought.

First, a List Building membership type site that you can join for or paid. Once a member you can as a paid member usually send 3000 ( to 5000) daily email ads to the other members of the list builder. These other people are like yourself, marketing their products using the same list of members. We suggest to use list builders that have around 10,000 members, much less and you don’t get a good response,and much more you also get poor results.

Now, these are not the same thing to me as “safelists”. Safelists in my definition are those sites where you can send millions of emails a day, and like up to 30 million a month. Where a list builder is more on the 3000 a day range.

Safelists seem like a better deal in volume of emails sent, BUT many of those members are less targeted, and often the emails fall into spam folders a lot. So your ad is lucky to get even one opt in w/ a safelist when you send to 1 million people.

Back to list builders: since you are marketing to other marketers, you need to be very focused on your program. Don’t get lured to other peoples offers. This is easy to do when you have a successful program making you sales.

Also, getting traffic is not always easy to do when you are new, and many traffic like youtube, article marketing, blogs, all take time to see the traffic flow and build. List builders offer a way to simply copy and paste ads we give our members, then as fast as they get sent out, you can start to see opt ins and even a possible sale right away…this helps new people to get a start fast and into profit without needing to learn all that technical stuff like the traffic ideas I mentioned above.

List builders will get you opt ins to your programs capture page at a rate that depends on how well your page converts visitors to opt ins, and then also based on your email ad subject line. If people don’t like your subject line, they won’t open the email and read it to find your programs link. A good place to check headline/subject line is at .

One trick or tip to using list builders. You will not join one and get a flood of traffic. Even 1-5 may not get you enough traffic to your program. Our team uses minimumm 5-10 list builders to get a decent number of weekly opt ins and sales. Again this depends on how well your ad and capture page converts. Also, some of our team members have joined well over 20,30,50 and more list builders to get a nice larger steady flow of traffic…and many have also joined many of these as members to make sales.

Yes, can be a lot of work, but it does offer a way to get any home business started.

When you consider the cost of PPC ( pay per click) advertising, a list builder can be very cost effective. We always need to know our cost per click, and cost per lead/sale. More on PPC at a later review.

What I just gave you is key info and even “secret” info that  so many people don’t understand that to make large volume in sales we need massive action, and that means more than a couple list builders or ads a day.

You can see my past review on List Builder Reviews here.

When you are on my team, we TEST all list builders to know which ads work the best and which list builders are pulling the most sales- team works pays!

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I hope this helped take the mystery out of how to use list builders for immediate traffic to your online program.