Downline Building Network Reviews

Downline Building Network is one of the best OFFline programs around.

We have been online and we all know online marketing is not what it used to be.

Downline Building Network offered by Gerald Peters is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the crazy (lack of good) marketing we see in the online world.

In the review we will offer our experience after now about 13 weeks in the Downline Building Network program and why we see it getting better every day.

Why Downline Building Network Rocks!

1. Downline Building Network has been in business 9+ years. Most new programs will fail in 1-3 years.They passed the test if time due to a successful business design.

2. Gerald Peters, the owner of Downline Building Network will talk to you, yes he answers the phone!

Downline Building Network

3. ALL of the marketing with Downline Building Network works. This includes the post cards, many coops, followup systems and much more!

Check this out to see what Gerald has to say: Downline Building Network

4. TOO BUSY?  You can run your business hands off by having Downline Building Network send the cards out for you for a very minimal fee, and also the followups to pre enrollees can be all done for you. You literally can have a business running for you in the background and not do anything but collect the pay checks and manage how the company advertises for you.

5. Very easy to work with office staff.

6. Our team is fast growing and we have a Facebook group page to help newbies learn marketing or anything they may need to know. You do NOT need to do anything but place a stamp on your cards then followup with pre enrollees but some want to learn as much as they can about marketing and we have the personnel to help…all for free.

GET MORE FREE info here: DBN- Downline Building Network

7. The compensation plan for Downline Building Network is designed to help your downline. You make the most money from the matrix from your 1st level members downline. This then created a situation where you are helping your 1st level, and they do the same to theirs. It assures people are successful and it works!

8. SPILLOVER!  Yes you will see sign ups from spillover that comes from your upline or from the companies many advertising methods. Many of our new sign ups see 1-2 paid members when they just joined!

9. Three starting levels to meet your budget. $30, $50 and $100 levels. You cannot earn more than the commissions at your paid level. You will most likely see more growth from the $100 level than the $50 or $30 levels. This is a numbers game where the more we advertise the more we earn.

10. We tried other post card direct mail programs but we found Downline Building Network aka DBN to be the best. The team synergy is over the top and its just a nice system to be part of.

GET MORE FREE info here: DBN- Downline Building Network

Here’s an update of my status after about 11 weeks…each week I see growth with new members joining and those people getting new members. That’s the secret to downline building, if you see growth and people staying on because they see sign ups….then no one will feel like this isn’t working!

Downline Building Network flat out WORKS!  We all can’t wait until a year or so in this business where we will be financially and then beyond in Downline Building Network !




Instant Traffic Creation Reviews- Website Promotion and SEO Service

Instant Traffic Creation offers a service to raise your websites rank and traffic as well as an affiliate program where you can earn nice commissions.

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Instant Traffic CreationAny Website SEO promotional type services that actually work are great things to sell online. Instant Traffic Creation is run by Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin, and they have a blog at where they offer a lot of good usable content based in affiliate marketing as well as Website Promotion and SEO services.

You can check out the ImTopDog Affiliate Program here and add it to your work at home income stream. It is a pleasure promoting programs that do work.

On their SEO packages and website promotion, you can purchase various packages, but a good one to test is the $77 deal.

We did that for our main website and saw a dramatic rise in keyword oriented searches, and overall traffic to our site.

This included 2 keywords that ITC will research and suggest to you. Then they do 2 450 word articles, article submission to 1000 sites, 2 unique videos and submission to 40 video directories, 1 press release to 20 press submission sites, 100 blog comments, a report and follow up report. This is a lot of valuable work for $77.

The service can be further reviewed here: Instant Traffic Creation.

We then added the monthly service which at the time was around $147/month for a continual SEO effort around 4 keywords and many backlink methods to link those keywords to your site.

Keep in mind as you grow your sites popularity, by doing SEO, it will not always show immediate results and you need to consistently do these tasks to see consistent results. If you stop , then the results will “stick” fora while, then you may see some drop off of traffic or page position, especially if your keyword is highly competitive.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
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Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin of Instant Traffic Creation at offer a service that works and at an affordable price…so give Instant Traffic Creation a test drive today.