EPX One80 Review

EPX One80 Review will knock your socks off…!

I need your help…right now my matrix is filled and I am spilling over new sign ups to my downline. That means if YOU join you will be placed automatically by the system under one of my members, then as I get more sign ups they will be placed under you.


How’s that for a best EPX One80 Review?  Ready to make some serious money? I’m here to HELP you grow your business.

This company has a system where we can in July 2014 start to BUY CUSTOMERS to fill our downline.

This EPX One80 Review will show you that these are AUTO ship customers meaning they may stay on each month and earn you commissions.

Folks, this can solve the age old problem in ALL businesses…the inability for most people to recruit or effectively advertise to build a customer base.

EPX One80 Review

EPX One80 Review- What is the product?

The One80 Product suite is designed to help you take advantage of the emerging trends in the marketplace and at the same time make sure you are able to take advantage of the benefits of owning your own business.

See more here:EPX One80 Review

There are four major parts to the One80 business Training, Tools, Action, and Accountability.

One key product is Taxbot, an amazing business tax tracking and training software and phone app to make sure that everyone wins with One80. With Taxbot alone the average yearly savings is $2000 so for most people the absolute worse case with One80 is you will save 10 times more than the business cost.

The other is an endless list of savings potential is Savvi which is a branded, direct-to-consumer membership program that simplifies how smart consumers can connect with a universe of everyday local savings opportunities. Savvi’s online offers cover more than 50 million products from over 1,500 online retailers.

Some examples include:

Dining Discounts/ Grocery

Hotel Program

Golf Access

Ski & Snowboard Access

Recreation & Entertainment

Travel Package Savings

Cruise Discounts

Car Rentals

Home & Garden

Movie Discounts

Condo Discounts

Automotive Discounts

Shopping Discounts

Mobile Platform

  • Save anytime, anywhere
  • GPS functionality instantly finds customized deals nearby
  • Over 130,000 mobile offers nationwide (and growing)
  • Deals always with you; no need for coupons

The savings from these products WILL cover your auto ship cost!

EPX One80 Review-What is the COST to join?

$24.95!  That’s it.  Again a perfect price point that nearly everyone can afford. In our 6+ years online we KNOW the price point that is easily affordable and EPX One80 Review says this is the magic number.

Take a perfect price point, add in products that deliver way more value by way of savings so your auto ship can be covered THEN add the ability to BUY customers to build your business and you have a win win win…yes that’s three win’s.

After recruiting over 2300 into my other top program, and seeing that grow to 23,000 we know that if we had the customers supplied we would have made it a LONG time ago and much faster. The idea in this business is to work smarter not harder and to recognize a winning idea or trend before it becomes the norm and everyone wants in.

Join Here:Join EPX180

PICK Distributor – Then Add 1 $24.95 and then Click Add 1 $24.95 Auto-ship this will ONLY Charge you $24.95

Today and will set you up on Autoship just like your Customers you’ll be BUYING and You’ll be LOCKED IN! Just 4 referrals will pay for your $24.95, a no-brainer opportunity 🙂

We don’t send followup emails..so this is your one chance. BOOKMARK the page to refer back.

As you can see the KEY to success with any business is CUSTOMERS and EPX 180 has that all figured out for us. Add in the potential for huge growth at this time, and you have found the answer you have been looking for.

My team is HIGH end experienced marketers who know the importance of solid support. You will never be alone in this..so come check us out.

You can contact me by leaving a message here below- I respond within a few hours. Or call 716-400-4815 ; leave a clear message with your number and purpose of the call or TEXT me.


UPDATE- OCT 2014- this is an example of a team update from our upline who are in direct phone contact with the CEO:

Announcing…EPX One80 Review


We have some great things happening with EPX!! Be sure to join us Monday night 8 pm EASTERN for our team update call.857-232-0476  704940  I had a hour long talk with Dan yesterday & I am so encouraged & excited about our future & all he is doing to make EPX the dream Company. We will go over several things Monday night to bring you up to speed as we take this to the next level

First of all….it is SO refreshing to have a company listen! The programming is now being finished up on VIP customers. Customers will now be assigned one customer to each person through the entire rotation and then the rotator will go back and do the same thing again. So, as of next week our customers will be distributed evenly and in the best way possible for everyone to see success.

Dan stated that he is catching up on VIP orders. He has 2500 existing orders and 1000 new orders. The existing orders should be totally caught up in about 15-16 days and then delivery will be much, much faster!

Dan also stated that all VIP customers are now being followed up with an autoresponder series for members! EPX One80 Review is getting better each day.

One more thing….all vip customers ARE on autoship. They are trying to get that programmed on our epx backoffice.  Right now the autoships only show active on the vip company website but they are working on integrating that with EPX

Also, we have some fabulous bonuses to work for in EPX One80 Review:

1. sponsor 4 people for the 180 and help them each get 4 and you earn $125 per month in addition to your other commissions!

2. sponsor 4 people for one nutritional product and help them get 4 each and you earn $225 each month in addition to your other commissions!

3. sponsor 4 people for trader and help them each get 4 and you earn $250 each month in addition to your other commissions!

4. sponsor 4 people for a value pack and help them each get 4 and you earn $500 each month in addition to your other commissions!

This is just building a group of 20 people! PLUS, you can build as many teams of 20 as you want to!!! Each group of 20 earns a new bonus!

Additionally, there will be new videos on our EPX One80 Review product as well as a new website coming out shortly!
I want to help as many people achieve the bonuses listed above this month. So, please let me know if you are going for these bonuses and where you are in the process of qualifying!  These bonuses can really add to your current commissions!
One more thing….if you log into your back office and click on quick launch you will see the email center. Lynn who is our new VP has been posting in there frequently so please keep an eye on this section for updates and call schedules.
Lynn has been doing an amazing job for all of us since she came aboard with EPX. If you contact epx via support@epxbody.com that will put you in touch with her.
 Dan will also be announcing a “winner” of a bonus you can qualify for in Nov.!

Please pass this update on to your downline. If you wish to be added to this update list just send me your email address and I will add you in.

We hope you turn this EPX One80 Review into YOUR financial solution.