Direct Mail Post Card Marketing VS. Online Marketing

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing VS. Online Marketing.

Which would you choose?

Everyone flocks to the internet to try to make money at home in some online business, but the fact is 98% still fail.

Can we somehow improve the stats using a Direct Mail Post Card Marketing business?

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Let’s first watch this brief video on Direct Mail Post Card Marketing and let me know what your thoughts are.

Well, what are you thinking?

If you are a past failure in an online program, or maybe you failed in several online marketing programs, you are not alone.

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing

It is not easy to learn all the things we need to know and do to run an online business not to mention if your product or program may need to have you call your prospects to make a sale. Not many of us can close a sale!

One thing we looked for when we found this Direct Mail Post Card Marketing  business was:

1. It had to be easy so anyone can run it.

2. It had to show growth quickly so new members could get into profit fast.

3. It had to sustain members so growth of our downline would indeed happen.

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So getting back to our Direct Mail Post Card Marketing review here, we really don’t see that many people finding fast success in any online program we were in, no mater how much we worked to teach them. However in offline post card programs all you really need to do is:

1. place a stamp on a post card.

2. place the pre typed address label on the post card.

3. mail the post card

4. join other company sponsored coop’s to get additional post cards out or more leads. The more leads we get the faster we see growth.

5. MOST important. Do NOT expect a get rich quick result NOTHING online is get rich quick. Many programs have ads that suggest we will get rich quick but that is mostly HYPE. Yes if you have a large list of followers and traffic you can make bigger sales faster. But think this way….it takes time for any downline to form. To get say 200 members in your downline where they all may take a few days or weeks to make a decision to join, you can see it may take some time to see your downline form.

Once it does form, you have a solid residual income for life.

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing is the easiest way for anyone to get started growing a nice downline that can pay you for many years and once you build it, it can keep paying when when you don’t work it.