Passive Income

Passive Income

Passive Income from
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Passive Income is one way to make money that as we see it, is the best approach.

Passive Income

Passive Income

The definition by wiki is Passive Income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Sounds pretty simple but is it that easy?

Since you are reading this on the internet we would assume you are online looking for a way to make extra money or even a full time income, so we will tailor this article towards “online” type of Passive Income ideas.

Keep in mind that there are many passive income methods that have nothing to do with working online or starting an online business that may be as lucrative or even more so.

Some offline examples of passive income are interest from a bank account, royalties from a book published, rent from owning real estate properties, pensions, dividends and interest from various stocks or other accounts.

As you can see many of these ideas likely required someone to have invested their time and money to build up enough of an account or property or stocks to develop an interest or income that can be taken passively from these sources.

However once built up, one can set back and relax and enjoy life.

Getting back to online ways to create passive income, here are a few top ways to grow an online business that can earn you a passive income:

1. Blogging- blogging is about creating a blog about a certain topic, then creating quality content posts to that blog which tends to draw traffic to the blog and in turn in time, that traffic could buy items displayed at the blog, thus creating a passive income level. This can take some time to build enough content and to select the best niche to blog about and of course you should have some knowledge of the topic if you plan to be the writer.

2. Affiliate Marketing- This is where you as the online marketer sells other peoples services or products or your own items and you earn a percentage of the sales. Whether you own the items sold or you are an affiliate selling other items you earn a piece of the total selling price. If you set this up on autopilot where you keep advertising, and making sales, you will have a Passive Income. The same will happen if you create the product or service and many other affiliates sell your stuff. Which do you think is more of a Passive Income?

3. Email marketing- similar to the affiliate marketing, you can grow a list of subscribers to your list, and as you develop a relationship with this list you can sell items to them that may help them in their tasks online, depending on your list originally came from.

4. Niche Websites- as like a blog you can create niche websites, perform SEO (search engine optimization) to get free organic traffic and again sell items to that niche. You can also set up  paid traffic if the return on cost is profitable.

5. Website services- every website needs as lot of efforts to keep it with traffic and sales. If you had the skills you can develop a list of customers who need domains, hosting, SEO, content writing, website changes and updates, all of which can create a Passive Income for you.

The bigger you grow your traffic or customer base, the more Passive Income in your wallet.

As you can see, there is an enormous list of things one can do to create lifetime  Passive Income if you are willing to put in the efforts to build it.

We suggest you consider joining a $10 passive income opportunity that comes with free training and a free advertising system:

Passive Income

How to Make an Extra $1,000 or More per Month Online With 5 Figure Day

How to Make an Extra $1,000 or More per Month Online 5 Figure Day.

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For most people, an extra $1,000 or so per month could really make a big difference. What would $1,000 extra do for your lifestyle?

Would knowing How to Make an Extra $1,000 or More per Month Online 5 Figure Day make your life easier?

Could you payoff some credit card bills, drive a nicer car, upgrade your home, or take a great trip here and there?

Let’s see How to Make an Extra $1,000 or More per Month Online 5 Figure Day!

Regardless of how you’d spend it, focusing on making an extra $1,000 per month is a great way to get started online. Sure, you may want to quit your day job, but you have to start somewhere.

How to Make an Extra $1,000 or More per Month Online 5 Figure Day

What’s the old phrase? You have to walk before you can run, right?

Where to Start

I recently stumbled across a program that’s made exactly for someone that’s looking to make $1,000 or more per month and scale things up from there.

It’s called 5 Figure Day.

Here’s a link if you want to check it out:

5 Figure Day
The really great thing about this program is that it takes failure out of the equation completely.

You Can’t Fail…

Most people that decide to promote Clickbank affiliate programs fail because they’re looking for a magic button.

Let me tell you right now…5 Figure Day is NOT a magic button. You will not get rich overnight. Most of the “gurus” promoting those get rich overnight type of programs are lying to you. They’re either leaving something out, or they’re blowing smoke.

Big money can be made online, but it takes work to find a successful campaign. This How to Make an Extra $1,000 or More per Month Online With 5 Figure Day can be your ticket to paradise.

That’s where 5 Figure Day comes in. They’ve spent countless hours testing and tweaking to come up with campaigns that are proven to convert. Instead of just teaching you how to do  it, they give you a business in a box with all of the tested and proven campaigns, squeeze pages, and giveaway reports they’ve used to make money.

You don’t have to write a single word. All you have to do is send traffic to the squeeze pages using the exact methods they teach.
Many of the methods to generate traffic are free and can have you making money in as little as a few minutes.

No Technical Skills Required

If you’re relatively new to internet marketing, you’re probably nervous about putting a website online. One of the best things I discovered about 5 Figure Day is that they offer everything.

After you get started, you get access to a unique member’s only area that has all of your tools. You simply click a few buttons, utilize the free traffic resources they provide, and you can literally be earning money in as little as 15 minutes.

5 Figure Day is, by far, one of the easiest to use programs I’ve seen to start generating money right away.

On top of getting multiple proven campaigns and everything you need to start making money, we help too with our proven free and paid traffic systems.

Go check out the reviews and learn more about 5 Figure Day before they close the doors.

Here’s a link:
5 Figure Day
If you aren’t earning at least $1,000 per month online, I highly recommend that you check it out today.

Just a little effort to get some traffic to this program and you will have the secret to How to Make an Extra $1,000 or More per Month Online With 5 Figure Day.

Cash Break Reviews

Cash Break Reviews.

Cash Break is a website with the attraction of giving you the option for internet business owners to place their own advertising on the cash website.

Can Cash Break help your traffic generation needs?

Many people are looking for a website where you can play slots,keno, poker, bingo,solitaire, and lotteries, plus are looking for traffic to their websites-traffic is king. According to cash, after placing either a banner or an ad on their website, you are guaranteed visits to your website within 24 hours which again is the key to online sales. Zero traffic means zero sales no matter how good your offer is.

cash break

There are mixed opinions from people that played and won certain games on the cash site and other people seemed to have trouble winning any games at all.

Combining a gaming site with traffic generation seems interesting, but I haven’t found any people that said they indeed saw traffic to their websites. Often that is because people don’t follow the sites directions or they don’t put in enough effort to see results or the program they are promoting simply doesn’t work with that traffic.

If you look at my contact info you can see I live just a few miles from Niagara Falls in a small village called Lewiston,NY. Yes the 7th wonder of the world and it is a cool place and you should visit some day. Anyways, we have a casino there now. Guess what is happening?

There are a large amount of people going to lawyers because they lost a lot of their money and now are bankrupt.

Something about online gaming and then combining that with traffic generation just doesn’t seem like a best mix for an online business but it could work.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

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I’ll post more as I find out the facts, but in the meantime, you might want to read about our system that may give you your first cash break online.

Robert Kiyosaki Review; Rich Dad Poor Dad

In this Robert Kiyosaki Review we will see if you can become rich and successful using his Rich Dad Poor Dad ideas.

This Robert Kiyosaki Review would not be complete without mentioning his acclaimed book: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

I liked Robert Kiyosaki the first time I heard him speak.

Aside from reading Robert Kiyosaki Review report, he’s been on all sorts of TV programs promoting his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book and philosophies.

Robert Kiyosaki Review

I think his use of his Dad really hit home for me just thinking of how my Dad worked hard to provide for his family, and always wanted his own business and do better for himself. However for whatever reasons, maybe mostly due to not having that precise plan to success, we often tend to lose hope and settle in to our day job grind.  Then we never possibly achieve what we all could have been in terms of financial success.

Robert Kiyosali used his Rich Dad to describe his ideas to invest in knowledge and assets that generate income, such as real estate. His poor Dad was his real Dad who taught him to get an education, save his money and follow the usual route many start off on after high school or collage.

Which were you? The Rich or Poor Dad?

The simple outcome of this  Robert Kiyosaki review and his teachings on money, real estate, and just plain focus, determination and maybe giving you the shove needed to go for it is totally positive. It surely helped me.

We used this to find our Rich Dad:I was fortunate enough to find a marketing system that I put to work here. You can too!

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Starting a home business, especially in these times of so many lies,  hoaxes, and scams you need to find a vehicle that truly works as I was fortunate enough to. Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Poor Dad may help you get there…..Here’s to you Dad!

We Hope this Robert Kiyosaki Review was helpful.

John Commuta Transforming Debt Into Wealth

John Commuta Transforming Debt Into Wealth  is also  the “Debt Specialist”, a guide you to get rid of all your debts within a particular timeframe.

Notable books of John Commuta include Transforming Debt into Wealth System,  The Power of Perpetual Income, Debt-FREE and Prosperous Living Basic Course, Wealth Machine: How to Start, Build, and Market a Debt-Free Business That Fits Your Life.

Here’s some  History about John Commuta Transforming Debt Into Wealth :

About a decade back, John Commuta was living a full life, earning more than $23,000 per monthHe was living in a five bedrooms apartment in Chicago. He had leased an airplane and few luxury cars. Suddenly he lost everything as his business closed down. He  had a ton of credit bills and debt; he had not saved any money at all !

John Commuta Transforming Debt Into Wealth

However, within less than a decadeJohn is now fully debt-free using his  John Commuta Transforming Debt Into Wealth ideas. He earns from his investments and leads a peaceful life.

His Latest Book:

John Cummuta Transforming Debt into Wealth” teaches you methods of repaying your debts, becoming free of debts and continuing with such a status without giving up anything.  John Commuta advertises his course, Transforming Debt into Wealth, online and through various radio commercials.

He touches on how to build Wealth. John Commuta offers some information on getting started in real estate however I feel that there isn’t enough material needed to get started. However real estate is truly one of the age old sound business investments and businesses.

He also covers getting Into affiliate marketing. I have written in various reviews that affiliate marketing is not as easy as many claim but his info may be the steps you need to get that business going.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
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I like John Commuta Transforming Debt Into Wealth as in today’s job/workplace we all need to live as debt free as we can just in case we suddenly have zero income.

Multiple Income Streams- Legit Or Scam?

Multiple Income Streams are discussed all over the internet and many programs use various ways to generate them, but is this really necessary and more importantly, how do we create this cash flow online?

multiple income streams

The purpose of this Multiple Income Streams Review is to show you what we do to earn, and bit on how that evolved.

When we started our online business, we created our first review website at and did not yet have multiple income streams. We were lucky to have found a good guy Jason Ryan Isaksen who told us the truth about what to do to get started. His teaching was spot on, but also until you get good at knowing how all this works, even though we had traffic, we were not immediately into profit.

My take is, like any business, until you get enough money coming in, and greater than what you are spending by a decent profit margin, you may not be safely in business.

Our 1st month running PPC and getting sales wads cool, and we broke even. Hmmm, it was very close to a profit. Would I go another month running PPC ( spending advertising money) with the hope that enough sales came in to make it a profitable venture.

Are you seeing how this all works? You do need some skills to manage this business start up.

Anyways we did stick with it, and soon found various programs that started to add up to our multiple income streams.

Our income streams right now include (I hope I don’t forget any): Global Domains International (GDI), aweber affiliate income, My Home Biz Builder (MHBB), Traffic Swarm, various List Builder sales, GVO/HostThenProfit, and several passive income systems such as Profitable Sunrise, Felmina. OH…we are also members of BannersBroker, JustBeenPaid/ProfitClicking, UPP (UltimatePowerProfits),WCA (Wealth Creation Alliance). I think that’s all of them. Some are in start up mode so we are waiting to see how they fair.

Being a member of an active team is good so you get the “inside” scoop on newer multiple income streams programs, and may get in on the ground floor.

Also, we are lifetime members of Global Resorts Network, a fantastic product to sell and with only a few monthly sales you can have a “full time” income.

As you can see our multiple streams of income are partly support items we need to run our main program , GDI, the we added the passive items since, if you put in some money, you are quite likely to see some return (maybe 60% a month). ADD that to your other multiple income streams and you can have a nice full time income level.

I think it is important to realize that:

1. You really don’t want just one income stream. If that program fails, so does all your hard work. Then

2. As you earn in one program, you may use that to feed others.

3. This all doesn’t happen overnight. And often we fall into what suits us.

We may have a program that is working great, but it doesn’t suit our personality, so we look for something that suits us. For example my GDI program will make sales direct from the website- I rarely need to close any sales. This works for me as a nice passive type of sale. I don’t have the time or desire to track people down or try to “sell” them.

Other programs do need us to make calls. So this is what it may take is a few years to find our mix of multiple streams of income.

If you have interest in any of the multiple income streams programs we are in, please leave us a comment or email us.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual income streams and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
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Easy To Do Income Programs

Having Multiple Income Streams is a must online, just like your investment portfolio.


Assemble Product at Home; Legit or Scam?

Is an Assemble Product At Home work at home program really going to make you any money?

assemble product at home

I would like to find a legitimate company that really will pay someone to assemble product at home and make you a decent wage, so I can offer it to my many readers.

With my technical background I looked for this type of home business because I thought it might be one way to make extra cash, and if I or my family worked hard at it, it might even make us a full time income. A perfect family business and legitimate for sure. Definitely not a scam.

What we found in assemble product at home business opportunities were programs where you buy their introductory package of information that may cost $19.95, $29.95,$39.95 or more. This was for wooden chairs,jewelry, all kinds of different and crazy things.

If anyone out there has found a legitimate way to make money with an assemble product at home opportunity, please let me know and I will gladly list a revised opinion on this. The concept sounds so good, there has to be something out there for those that are good with assembly and tools that could offer such a service to companies and assemble their items at home. We would love to add your info to this review!

After a good review and research effort, all I saw was companies selling their “informational packages”.

The products weren’t that great, and it was up to you to market them. Marketing with little or no support can be tough to learn and costly too whether on or offline.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
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Easy To Do Income Programs

Assemble product at home for now gets a thumbs down until we find a real way to actually build items at home and sell them for a decent “full time income” possibility.

How To Get Started Making Money Online

This Is The Million Dollar Question: How To Get Started Making Money Online?

Making Money OnlineWe will try to explain some basics of making money online..  you will need to get your start and it’s really not that technical like many think. You don’t need special computer skills other than knowing how to COPY and PASTE and then how to log into various websites. What we advise new people is to try to no think about the “millions” of dollars they hope to earn online but set a goal to learn to make ONE sale online. If you see with your own eyes how to make ONE sale, then you have the knowledge to start making money online. Then you will never need to ask, “does this program work”?

I was fortunate to in my first online program find the guy that showed me some pay per click (ppc) techniques using this exact website. It was one of the best traffic methods I have learned in my 4 years online.

One problem I had at the beginning of my quest to start making money online was when I would sell ANY online program to a customer, they were rarely ever able to develop their own traffic, and most would fail.

This is not because I could not teach them, but because many traffic methods are NOT immediate, NOT easy to DUPLICATE, and take time to build up. Examples: article writing, youtube videos,pay per click using this review website, forum posting, facebook, and other social methods. NONE of these are instant traffic-and for surenot enough traffic to quit your day job in a couple weeks!

I was determined to find the perfect program that anyone could just plug into, COPY some simple DUPLICATEABLE traffic method and make sales without doing all that phone calling, cold calling, lead calling , and all those things that many of us (my self included) do not like to do or just don’t have the time to do or the “sales” personality to do. <

To become an engineer and master the art of making money online I had to go to school to learn the right skills. And even now, I have to attend continuing education to maintain my Engineering license.  I know welders, electricians, nurses,  and other tradespeople that also keep up with their craft by attending skills training.

So It is no different with making money online.There are no short cuts in life.That is why I developed this online business Review website to help you sort through the different business opportunities online , and to teach you what it takes to be successful.

So heres what I came up with:

Your Success Online To Making Money Online = Your Skills x Your Action.

Let’s Say You Have Zero Skill ===> Your Success= 0 x Action =0

What if you Have Lots Of Skills and Put no action to it .From our simple equation your success =0

Forget about all the hype and Lies on the internet. You are Told to do Nothing , Push the button , Retire in 10

These are all Unrealistic claims that has left many frustrated and disappointed.

If you are ready to go to work, then you will achieve success. Remember Your Success=Your Skills x Your Action.

These are the 6 Simple steps we use :

1. You will need a capture page. This is the page we advertise to get people to “opt into” our offer.My current example is:

2. You will need an autoresponder that will automatically send our your followup emails to slowly educate your prospect about your program. We use aweber:
Click Here
3. Learn to Get Traffic To your Site-Learn how to use List Builders , You-tube , SEO-Search Engines and Traffic swarm, Video-marketing, PPC, etc Click here for my
recommended list builders- these are very DUPLICATEABLE- just COPY and PASTE. This is simple to learn starter traffic, that if you work at it, you can see a sale within a week or less.
4. Must Have a Solid System to Duplicate-
My Home Biz Builder. This system will Increase your marketing
Skills.-This is for both Newbies and Advance Marketers.
5. Here’s a taste of the training I will provide;one on one:
Online Marketing Free Training.
6. This shows how the sales process works when using a professional marketing system:
Online Marketing Free Training

If you do not grow You will die . This applies to everything in life.
Here is My Philosophy in Life:
Help Other People to get What they want in Life And you will get yours.
Be Patient and Persistent and You will Be successful.
There are no shortcuts in life .
To Our Ultimate Success,
Stan Tomaszewski
“If you want to start making money online and be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want And copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” — Anthony Robbins

Please Help I Need A Job Now ; Help Me I Need A Job

Please Help I Need A Job Now or Help Me I Need A Job is a common theme we hear with our subscribers.

I Need A JobSearching online for a solution may be what can help many of us find a way to beat this crazy economy and develop a solid work from home residual income that will leave you without the need to be forever searching or worry how you will pay your bills. We hope in the near future people who visit our site will no longer wake every morning with that stressful thought “I Need A Job“!

Our programs all work if we learn the skills to make a sale online.

What we like about our TOP offer since march 2010 is it is ONLY $10/month and it can build to a 3,4,or 5 figure income in time.

Please DO NOT read further if you expect to make thousands of dollars over night…NOTHING online works that way unless you may be a seasoned marketer and have a LOT of traffic.

We suggest all new people searching online for a way to not need a job, read this as it puts the key things necessary in perspective so you can see results:

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

The trick to getting sales online is simple:

– Learn how to get traffic and understand the need to work hard initially to build traffic.
– Have a system that is proven to convert prospects to sales w/o you needing to cold call and try to close sales; let the website do that for you.
– Have a good mentor to help you until you have the basics down and YOU can lead others to do the same as you.
– Lastly- we recommend joining a low ticket program, as they are easier to get that 1st sale. It usually is faster and takes less opt ins to make a $10 sale than a $1000 sale…so you will see faster results.

Folks, there is no reason you or anyone could not find a few people to join our top rated program, then just have them do the same. It may take time to find the serious people but once you do, the income will grow passively and you won’t need to ever search with these terms: Please Help I Need A Job Now or Help Me I Need A Job.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below:

==>>     Easy To Do Income Programs

Being your own boss can be a very nice solution to the world economic crisis. Imagine all the people you can help and no more “Help I Need A Job!

Fabulous Passive Residual Income Opportunities! How To Generate Residual Income Businesses And Profits

Fabulous Passive Residual Income Opportunities! How To Generate Residual Income Businesses And Profits.

Residual IncomeGreat headline, BUT what exactly does true residual income mean? How can you earn money online w/ this information and where can you find the right programs?

Well, after nearly 5 years working online looking for the perfect program, I learned one super key important TIP.

Passive Income



Because, plain and simple, no matter who you are online, it is not the easiest thing to keep working an online business every day, every week. You need a way to BUILD income, so that when you make ONE sale, it stays with you (retention) for a long time. This way you get paid over and over for that ONE advertising effort, whether it was time spent or money spent advertising.

The problem I had was finding a program that truly duplicated- meaning people that joined me could indeed get started with minimal cost and effort and see their first online sale.

Well,I found exactly that.

It’s actually pretty simple to make this all work.

You need only a few key components:

– High converting capture page like this: RecruitLikeStan
– Marketing system that offers huge value to the user like this: My Home Business Builder
– TRAFFIC- preferrable free ( we show you how to do this in MHBB; many have duplicated this approach).

Once you have this sales funnel set up, you need this to happen to generate residual income profits for your business:

– RETENTION of members- by offering low cost, high value, multiple use products.
– DUPLICATION- ability for the average person to do what you do to make sales.

When you put this together, you will see your passive residual income business turn to a nice recurring monthly income that will keep growing.

There is a catch though!

You do need to put some effort into this.

Money is not made anywhere we know about, without some hard work and effort put into it.

We can show anyone willing to COPY our system, and stay focused until YOU see your first sale happen, how to earn a residual online income.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below:

==>>     Easy To Earn Income Programs

Remember, once those 1st few sales come in, as you keep working the same amount, your income will grow from your retention of members and sales.

Of course, YOU will need to assist them, but when the system is pretty straightforward….just adding targeted traffic will keep your sales coming and residual income profits growing.

Hope this helps explain the importance of growing a residual income so you can see passive income growth.