Infinity Downline Review| Join Four 2 Infinity Team Express

This Infinity Downline Review will show you how to add a hand’s free residual income to your online business portfolio.

As you know from our reviews, we TEST all programs, then once we see them work, we advise you so you can simply COPY what we do to make sales.

This Infinity Downline Review will show you how to build a $125/member residual income.

Our testing for this Infinity Downline Review  showed a $1200+ per month residual income in about 6 weeks using the strategies outlines in the Four 2 Infinity Team Express system. This does not mean you will see the same results as anyone’s results depend on the volume of leads they send to the system and how diligent they are at following up with their prospects, and simply who will join and when.

However this is a good gauge for what to expect from this Infinity Downline Review if you put the training into effect.

Too busy to start a home based business?

Imagine a telemarketer calling your leads and making the sales for you! Read on, my friend!

The heart of this program is the Infinity Downline Review and program which has been around for some 11 or more years.

Infinity Downline Review

We always recommend joining only programs that have passed the test of time; anything less than 2 years can disappear without warning.

The basic Infinity Downline system will create a $25 residual income for each member you sign up. Our system link is here to take a look: CLICK HERE==>>      Infinity Downline  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

Once you join us we then introduce you to the team system which “requires” all to be a member of CLICK HERE==>>      Infinity 100  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

The key to the success of this system is in the superb training and support offered by the team system. You can take a look at it here: CLICK HERE==>>      Four 2 Infinity  also, feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

So as you see the basic idea is to recruit members who will pay $125 a month, then show them how to do the same and this is all done by using the systems leads and telemarketers to do the “work” for you.

The main reason we recommend this Infinity Downline Review is due to the price point of $125 which is affordable by most, especially when they can get their money back on their first sale. The 2nd and 4th sales pass up to your sponsor. This becomes powerful when you have downline passing up their sales.

The other reason we like this system is it is very well designed; after many years of fine tuning the programs they work quite well if you follow the steps as laid out in the back office. We also know that residual income is the ONLY way to build online.

A good friend recently had some family issues and could not work their business much and guess what?  Their income kept coming even while they could not work their business.

If you have not listened to my latest youtube video on the CLICK HERE==>>      TRUTH ABOUT TRAFFIC and online sales, please take a listen to it here and then if you feel I can offer you the truth to earning income online, then this is a great program to start with.

We hope this Infinity Downline Review offered you some sound information so you can get your work from home business started the right way.


Global Domains International Review|GDI Leaderboard 2012|Cancel Global Domains International Account|Global Domains International Scam|Global Domains International Compensation Plan

Global Domains International Review

“My Global Domains International Review Says Yes – Go For It!”

This Global Domains International Review will tell you the exact reasons why I am a member since March 2010, and work hard each day to keep growing my Global Domains International Business and will let you in on a couple secrets to why GDI!

Many a Global Domains International Review does not tell the truth. I know, because I am on the GDI Leaderboard 2010, GDI Leaderboard 2011, GDI Leaderboard 2012, and GDI Leaderboard 2013 nearly every week since I joined. No secrets there, just a TIP for you as we develop this review.

Sadly we do get people that will say they want to Cancel Global Domains International Account. Sometimes online marketing is not what people think it is so they decide to quit. We hope this Global Domains International Review will change your thinking if you feel the same because this is a SIMPLE program, everyone should have a GDI business.

Are you a quitter?

Global Domains International Review

I’m not. Once I saw my Global Domains International Compensation Plan bring me FOUR figure monthly incomes I knew it was only a matter of time to see FIVE figures.

Ok, enough jibber jabber let’s get you understanding why GDI in 2013 and get you the facts in this Global Domains International Review:

1. A LOW cost program like $10/month is easier to sell. It takes far less people online to opt into your low cost offer to see a sale. This gets newbies into a sale fast so they get excited and don’t think to quit.

2. The 7 day free trial is a marketing thing that helps make the initial sale happen faster. Again this gets new people seeing their first online sales much faster.

3. Many join GDI not to sell the business. Many keep the domain name whether they are actively selling the business opportunity or not so we see RETAIL as well as BIZ OP customers. This means you will see better retention of your sales. This means your income grows readily.

GDI Leaderboard 2012

4. Some still will say Global Domains International Scam. Folks if you don’t take this seriously, LEARN some ways to get initial traffic to your system, you will forever keep searching for the program that will work for you and never find it. You MUST learn traffic generation and that my friends takes time and efforts. Traffic does not happen immediately unless you may know PPC- pay per click.

Now for a TIP or two:

1. The weekly BONUS of $100 for every 5 sales can cover your advertising cost. Then you can recruit on GDI’s dollar for a very long time, like on autopilot.

2. It takes about 12-15 opt ins to see a sale with our system. We NEVER call our leads. They join from the website. Very hands off, for the BUSY home worker that has little time to start a home based business.

3. We are not aware of many that sell GDI in a large way using ONLY the GDI webpages. We all use some front end system that back sells GDI. This is how most programs are sold online. It is called consultative selling where you are educated about the business by the system, then you join when you have had your questions answered. There is no cold calls or selling of any kind.

Watch this, it may help:   How Sales Funnels Work .

Our Global Domains International Review program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

Also please help us and click the various social buttons on this site and for sure subscribe to our site. Thanks much!

CLICK HERE==>>      EASY To Use System  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

We hope this Global Domains International Review explained a bit so you know how this can build your families life long residual income.






Multi Level Marketing Tips

Multi Level Marketing Tips.

Having been a past failure of MLM’s and then found our secret to success we can definitely offer you some Multi Level Marketing Tips so you see results and success much faster than we did.

Notice we said we did not achieve immediate success?

Don’t be discouraged when you may join the wrong program for you. These are all learning situations that bring you to the right solution.

Multi Level Marketing Tips can help speed up the process.

One of the first things to do when selecting a MLM is to decide of you wish to need to call people or talk to people on the phone or by skype to sell them your product or service.

There are basically two types of MLM programs, those that sell from a website, and those that need MORE selling effort.

This is due to the product type and the cost.

Multi Level Marketing Tips

Usually anything over $50 nowadays seems to need personal “selling” contact before people will buy.

However, that also depends on the item you are selling.

If the item is tangible, or something you can wear, or consume, then often we need to put our sales hats on and make calls to our prospects to get them to buy.

If the cost of the item is way up there, like $100, $200, $1000 or more, then those almost always need you to make the sale. There are some exceptions, like where the product is more of a downloadable item; those may sell without your sales efforts.

If that sounds like something you don’t want to do, then you need to find a work at home business program that sells totally from the prospect seeing your website, then buying.

We have found that the lotions, potions, food, coffee and items like this do not sell well online. The reason we feel is they need more explanation than some other program where maybe you just join, pay a fee and earn from some daily tasks required.


One of the most important parts of Multi Level Marketing Success is learning to develop traffic.

Multi Level Marketing Tips will say very clearly, if you don’t learn or understand how traffic flows, you will fail. This isn’t because the program does not work, but because you did not get enough traffic to your system to get a sale.

A very rough rule of thumb is 1 in 100 people will either buy or opt into your offer. Yes ONE HUNDRED!

So if you joined a program, posted 2 ads and set back waiting for the money to roll in, it simply will not happen.

Also, as a Multi Level Marketing Tips not all traffic is equal. Many program suggest to start with free classified ads. That is fine but they are often the least quality. List builders are better. Safelists we avoid as they take too much time. Traffic exchanges- work very slow if at all. Blogs and review sites or PPC (pay per click) are some of the best quality niche traffic.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see our Multi Level Marketing Tips or click the YELLOW links below:

Top Residual Income Programs

We hope our Multi Level Marketing Tips are helpful and we have many more once we see you as a team member.


GDI Pyramid Scheme; Legit or Scam?

Let’s discuss this GDI Pyramid Scheme and see if you still wonder about GDI after we explain a few things.

If we had a GDI Pyramid Scheme I would say it is the best kept secret online since they been in existance since 1999.

That would be about 13 years of running a “pyramid scheme”.

Do you really think that is possible?

There are many laws that govern companies and they especially are looked at closely when they first start out to be sure they are not a pyramid.

For those of you not sure we mean by GDI Pyramid Scheme, this is where the person on the top of the pyramid makes all the money, and those below don’t make much and you need to be on the top to make an decent money.

Well that is totally not what GDI is all about.

GDI Pyramid Scheme

Let me explain why, and YES I am a member since March 2010.

Why GDI Pyramid Scheme is not TRUE:

1. We earn FIVE levels only. So there are people way about me, that cannot earn from the business or sales that I create.

2. There are many levels BELOW my FIVE that are making someone below money, and until I earn the infinity bonus ( where I can earn on all levels below me) I cannot make a penny from them.

3. There could be someone on my 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th level that will grow a downline/team way bigger than mine and earn more.

4. Simplest answer: they would have been caught and shut down long ago if they truly had a GDI Pyramid Scheme .

Many people misunderstand what mlm’s are (multi level marketing).  They think they are pyramids.

Any reputable company would not try any pyramid schemes. What’s the point….they would only get in trouble and shut down.

What most think when we say GDI Pyramid Scheme is they don’t believe there are people that actually build downlines and teams.

Well, I have some 14000 members below me. I have many below me that are building nice downlines/incomes.

The key to that success is a system that teaches to get traffic and then that traffic converts to sales.

I use this for all my marketing needs:

==>> My Home Biz Builder.

I use this to explain the GDI opportunity: GDI Opportunity
It has our team capture page, simple TRAFFIC ideas and full lifetime support. It has built my GDI residual income these past 2.5 years.

I will never stop building GDI.

We hope you join our team and find this GDI Pyramid Scheme article helpful.

Numis Network Review- What is Numis Network?

The Numis Network has gained interest among coin collectors and those looking for a home based business opportunity.

The current economic situation has ignited an interest in gold and silver coins.

I learned a lot about Silver and Gold at Mike Maloney . Prior to Mike’s info I was clueless about where precious metals fit into the worlds financial system.

Mike has nothing to do w/ this review or Numis Network, but we are offering his info for another perspective on whether this home business may be a good one for you…PLUS, you may want to rethink some of your investment strategies.

Numis NetworkCoin collecting is a popular hobby and now many people are turning to this hobby as a method of accumulating gold and silver coins as an investment. Just take a look on eBay; a friend sells coins on eBay every day! Also, the TV program “Pawn Stars” commented that gold/silver is one of the top moving items in their store.

The Numis Network is an affordable way for people to buy gold and silver coins and has brilliantly combined coin collecting with an amazing MLM business opportunity.

You can join the Numis Network as an associate member which will provide you with business and marketing tools and you will earn retail commissions and sales bonuses.

Once you achieve specific goals, you can then advance to the Executive level.

At this point, you can build a network of sales representatives. As you grow your team and sales increase, you will receive commissions and residual downline income. This opportunity provides Fast Track Collector’s Kit Sales Bonuses and Rank Advancement Bonuses, and much more.

The Numis Network offers a great support system as well.

The only potential downside of this business in our opinion is 1. What happens if/when gold or silver coins are not as hot as they are now, 2. You may need to have a passion for selling coins to really dig into this, 3. be sure your prices are competitive as the “spot price” is what people looking for gold or silver are watching to get the best pricing.

Any way you look at it, investing in gold or silver has been happening for a long time, and those in the know realize the potential wealth building precious metals can bring in; just look at some gold growth charts over the last 10 years and see if any of your other “paper” investments performed as well. Folks- this is a huge secret of the wealthy.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below:

==>>     Easy To Earn Income Programs

Numis Network offers a very nice way to build a business at home and your product will for sure retain its value.