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Driving Traffic To Your Website – Can Free Internet Traffic Really Work?

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This article will cover the reasons many don’t see best results when starting a home based business and their website isn’t getting much free website traffic.

Build it and they will come does not work to Driving Traffic to your website… free website traffic!

We feel people make these two main errors in Driving Traffic to their website:

1. They don’t do anything to get free website traffic to their site; they think placing the website online will then generate tons of traffic. Well, yes and no and maybe…

Driving Traffic

2. The domain name they pick, isn’t anything anyone would search for so no one finds that website from a pure “google,yahoo,bing” search perspective. If your website domain is “John Doe Enterprises”, and no one knows to search for “John Doe Enterprises” to find YOUR product or services, then your website won’t get found this way. hmm, I guess some may search for “John Doe” and that could bring you some free website traffic but is “John Doe” related to your niche? Targeted traffic is key.

3. Ok, there is one more: if we do create a website that is properly designed, we don’t realize the efforts needed to get a decent flow of free website traffic.

Here are a few mistakes we have seen people make when creating a website which can affect Driving Traffic to the site:

1. Select a domain name that is a keyword you feel someone will search for to find your product or service. This is not easy to find sometimes, so do some good research. Remember if it isn’t searched for, it won’t be found!

2. If you name your website after you, then dont expect everyone to know your websites name to find you. It can take time to build a brand online and it may become impossible to build if too competitive of a keyword.

3. If you plan to use paid traffic, then be sure there is a good ROI- return on investment. This may be PPC-pay per click where you pay for traffic/clicks based on the keywords you expect others to find your site with.

4. SEO- best to have your site properly designed for search engine optimization so you may get free website traffic from people searching for your product or service. Free website traffic is always good in Driving Traffic and can offset any paid ad losses from poor ROI.

5. Articles- writing articles can bring traffic to your website. The article ideally is SEO’d but you could have the articles be related to your niche and bring that traffic to your site.

6. Blogs- can bring traffic to your main site.

7. Social marketing- many ways now for Driving Traffic using many social sites. Facebook we all know can make your brand more known.

8. YouTube- as like Facebook this is another good way for Driving Traffic to a website. Try to learn how to optimize your YouTube video so it gets good ranking/views so you get good free website traffic.

9. FOCUS- do not do all of the above at one time for Driving Traffic. You will spin your wheels and feel like you are making no progress. Try to learn one good way for  Driving Traffic then once you see that working, add another.

10. FREE-there are many types of free website traffic; SEO, article marketing, list builders, press releases, blogging, and many more.

Ok, this is a hard part to tell you and where we feel many don’t see best results.

Are you ready for the secret to Driving Traffic?

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All of the above takes time to grow. Not much happens online fast unless you may BUY PPC traffic where the ads are live withing minutes and traffic can start to flow to your website. So, our suggestion is to think in terms of 1-3 month success goals. You will look back every 1-3 months and see your Driving Traffic efforts have paid off and you’re now getting free website traffic!






How To Get Free Traffic To Your Websites

So you want, or better said NEED to know how to get free traffic to your website(s)? I often thought using totally free traffic was not possible to see results, but I have had some of my Global Domains International members start with only this type of traffic and actually make it to the leaderboards.

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Free TrafficThe leaderboards with GDI is where you get at least 5 sales in a week. This is actually a more detailed review on How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website that is a work in progress, that you can read in detail.

Free traffic can work as long as the traffic type is well matched to your offer, usually a capture page in some business opportunity or online program.

Not all traffic works for all capture pages. The only way to really know is to test the traffic with your webpages.

On our GDI team we share all this knowledge so no ONE person is spending all the testing money! Team work online sure works well.

One source of free website traffic we use is list builders. You can learn more here: List Building Review

Keep in mind using free traffic resources will take some effort on your part. It all depends on the amount of website traffic you wish to generate. Or how many opt ins and then sales you are searching for. Usually a program capture page will convert at some known level for a given quality of traffic, so you can then gauge your efforts, to get enough opt ins.

It is all a numbers game once you have the right traffic matched to your capture page and business offer; the trick or challenge for you is to grow your traffic to see sales!

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How to generate free traffic to your website is very possible if you have the right tools, training, mindset, work ethic, and system that converts sales quickly.