Downline Building Network Reviews

Downline Building Network is one of the best OFFline programs around.

We have been online and we all know online marketing is not what it used to be.

Downline Building Network offered by Gerald Peters is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the crazy (lack of good) marketing we see in the online world.

In the review we will offer our experience after now about 13 weeks in the Downline Building Network program and why we see it getting better every day.

Why Downline Building Network Rocks!

1. Downline Building Network has been in business 9+ years. Most new programs will fail in 1-3 years.They passed the test if time due to a successful business design.

2. Gerald Peters, the owner of Downline Building Network will talk to you, yes he answers the phone!

Downline Building Network

3. ALL of the marketing with Downline Building Network works. This includes the post cards, many coops, followup systems and much more!

Check this out to see what Gerald has to say: Downline Building Network

4. TOO BUSY?  You can run your business hands off by having Downline Building Network send the cards out for you for a very minimal fee, and also the followups to pre enrollees can be all done for you. You literally can have a business running for you in the background and not do anything but collect the pay checks and manage how the company advertises for you.

5. Very easy to work with office staff.

6. Our team is fast growing and we have a Facebook group page to help newbies learn marketing or anything they may need to know. You do NOT need to do anything but place a stamp on your cards then followup with pre enrollees but some want to learn as much as they can about marketing and we have the personnel to help…all for free.

GET MORE FREE info here: DBN- Downline Building Network

7. The compensation plan for Downline Building Network is designed to help your downline. You make the most money from the matrix from your 1st level members downline. This then created a situation where you are helping your 1st level, and they do the same to theirs. It assures people are successful and it works!

8. SPILLOVER!  Yes you will see sign ups from spillover that comes from your upline or from the companies many advertising methods. Many of our new sign ups see 1-2 paid members when they just joined!

9. Three starting levels to meet your budget. $30, $50 and $100 levels. You cannot earn more than the commissions at your paid level. You will most likely see more growth from the $100 level than the $50 or $30 levels. This is a numbers game where the more we advertise the more we earn.

10. We tried other post card direct mail programs but we found Downline Building Network aka DBN to be the best. The team synergy is over the top and its just a nice system to be part of.

GET MORE FREE info here: DBN- Downline Building Network

Here’s an update of my status after about 11 weeks…each week I see growth with new members joining and those people getting new members. That’s the secret to downline building, if you see growth and people staying on because they see sign ups….then no one will feel like this isn’t working!

Downline Building Network flat out WORKS!  We all can’t wait until a year or so in this business where we will be financially and then beyond in Downline Building Network !




Online Business Traffic Systems My Personal Recommendations From Testing And Experience

Online Business Traffic

Free Website Traffic – Click Here

Online Business Traffic SystemsHere are the traffic resources myself and my team use. We test many traffic sources and share the results with the team. Very few traffic sources work and many work ok with certain offers for a good ROI (return on investment.

I will try to keep this up to date so you can copy us and profit from our Online Business Traffic Systems.

Online Business Traffic Systems- List Builders (NOT safelists):

These are in order of best performing.
Viral Url

Viral Host:

Backpage- use the solo ad and the autorepost:


buffalo, ny Business Opportunities

How To Use List Builders

Classified Ads for Online Business Traffic Systems:

We stumbled on this service and highly recommend it:

Backpage Ad Posting Service

 Online Business Traffic Systems- Blogs

This website you are on now is a blog format. Email me and I can connect you with my blog guy, and tell you the basics of how this site works and how much traffic to expect from such a site.

If you want to use blogs to build traffic, my easy money online opportunity offers 5 free WordPress blogs with each complete $10 build-it-yourself website opportunity.  You get a website that can be set up as a website or a Wordpress blog, 5 additional WordPress blog sub-domains, hosting, a website builder, 10 emails, your own private domain name for your main site, and the ability to have a substantial presence on the Internet.  In addition, for no additional charge, you get free affiliate videos that do the selling for you plus my instruction on how to market online.  Learn more here:  Easy Money Online

Online Business Traffic Systems- PPC-Pay Per Click on Bing

I have run a PPC ad campaign for over 44 months straight to get traffic to my main website and make GDI sales. I can teach you how I get $0.17 per click cost.Many do PPC incorrectly, or not how I learned it. This may run in a deficit as far as ROI (return on investment) but I am covered by many other income streams and I am building my downline and residual income so the deficit is in the long run a positive.

Check out online business traffic systems today!




The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get

The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get- Do you understand this or believe it?

Free Website Traffic – Click Here

Whether you do or not can affect your chances at having success online or in anything you attempt that is maybe taking you out of your comfort zone.

Let’s explore this idea of The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get and see what the truth is.

When I was a kid my Dad often would tell me stories about this guy or that guy that started some small business in their garage,and now they were multi millionaires. Sometimes he would say they were lucky to achieve that status.

Is it luck or is it The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get?

The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get

Maybe a little of both?

In the online marketing world I used to also think I either need to hit some lucky program that will snowball and make me a ton of money fast, just like all the ads I read and trusted, believed, thought were possible.

In fact is IS possible to see fast and large success online.

Let me give two examples from my personal and a friends experience and we will see the truth to The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get

1. About 4 years ago there was a program called “Passport To Wealth” that sold for $997. I was just getting into online sales, using aweber as a followup, getting opt ins and wondering how much will I need to advertise (I used PPC then) before a sale would come through. Well in about 3weeks I made 13 sales. Yes, 13 x $997 = $12961.

Was I lucky or did I learn some skills and plan and prepare so I knew how to make those sales. That program soon failed for many reasons, and had I known what I learned since then, and planned and prepared more, I might be even further ahead than I am now in my top rated program. Read on.

2. A buddy, who I met online a few years ago was killing it selling a great product that gave him $1K -$7k commissions. He was spending maybe $500 a day in PPC to get some $50k + in monthly sales. WOW. That was in the online heyday, it’s way different now. But the point is was he lucky or was he using skills and did he prepare and plan to make his “lucky” times happen.

To a degree both stories above we were “lucky” to be in the right place at the right time to hit those sales, but we would not have been so lucky if we did not do out homework, buy a course to learn, pay mentors to teach us, share information with each other that all led to our success (luck?).

The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get?

Many times I get emails from prospects who ask me if my program is a scam, a pyramid scheme, and am I really making any income.

Well, I used to think the same of other supposed marketers. I used to study their websites to see what “tricks” they were doing to make sales. How were they getting traffic and how much traffic were they really getting?

I kept opting into many sites, asking questions, and soon I found some that knew at least what I learned, and maybe a bit more or some new idea I did not know. There is a good example of The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get. If I did not do that, I may still be setting on the sidelines thinking, only the lucky ones become successful.

I am sure many of us know some lucky people as far as business sense and success but ultimately most of them made a lot of mistakes along the way as they learned and refined their business so the planning and preparation assured their so called luck.

Conclusion- The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get

My strong suggestion to anyone still searching online for the magic answer, is focus on one program, learn one way to get traffic and work hard to make sales, then keep building as the sales allow you to reinvest and grow your traffic and sales.

Also have an open mind and be willing to learn what you do not know even if it takes you weeks or months.

In my 42 months in my top program, I recruit amazing people now that will keep growing my business and residual income. Had I quit, or never learned this business or sought out people that could help me, that would not have happened.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

Also please help us and click the various social buttons on this site and for sure subscribe to our site. Thanks much!

EASY To Use System

You can do this too!

I think we know the answer to The More You Plan And Prepare The Luckier You Get?




GDI Online| GDI Leaderboard Strategies

What is GDI Online all about?

Free Website Traffic for GDI – Click Here

What are the strategies to get on the GDI Leaderboards?

If you are willing to give me 3 minutes here, you will unlock the secret to success in most all online programs.

BUT, we cautioned, we have been with GDI online for 3 years and we are not going anywhere else.

This article will not get into the compensation plans and GDI online business presentation.

You can watch that much better here: CLICK HERE==>>      Stantomasgdi  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

gdi online

This article is to tell you the truth about how to make sales with GDI online and why most that join ANY online programs will fail and call everything a scam.

Why do you think some are on the GDI online leaderboards and others are not?

Simple answer: we learned how to get enough traffic to the system that we use to make GDI online sales.

Problem is many of you that are newer to all this or have been “trying programs” don’t realize the work needed to even get ONE opt in…one person to fill out your form to possibly become a paying member.

Watch this and if you still want to consider joining our successful team, then please come back to this page and opt in below. CLICK HERE==>>      Ways To Make Money At Home Online

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

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CLICK HERE==>>      EASY To Use System  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

This week, May 12, 2013 we have 4 members of my downline on the GDI online leaderboards.


That’s a pretty good success rate.

Most of them started with near zero skills and NO traffic. They all COPIED the system I use and they followed my directions exactly to join many FREE traffic sources to get some initial traffic.

We gave them the exact email ads to COPY. They did the WORK.

Now when we say join FREE traffic sites to post email ads, we are not saying join 1 or 2. We are saying join as many as you can and up to 20-30 of them. THIS is the volume of traffic we need to see even a minimal weekly sales level. You can’t go to Craigs list for example and post 3 ads and expect to get rich overnight (we don’t use Craigs list by the way).

Do not get discouraged because as you grow your traffic, your sales will grow and soon you will have downline and income also growing.

Right now, for me after 3 years of building my GDI online business, I can take a few weeks off and still receive a nice commission check from my many sales below me from my downline.

If you truly wan to see success online, there is ONE secret we can share.

NEVER QUIT, and keep asking questions until you have your own super cool GDI online work from home residual income business.

Global Domains International Top Leader Speaks|Secrets To The Leaderboards Revealed

Global Domains International

Global Domains International – The Complete $10 WebSite and Blog that Pays YOU Unlimited $100 Bonuses Plus Residual Income for Life!

Today I will offer you the exact blueprint to become a Global Domains International Top Leader.

This is very simple yet many will never accomplish this and it is sad as GDI is a top program affordable to nearly anyone at $10/month.

Sadly, many will never see success in ANY online program because they do not understand TWO simple concepts:

1. TRAFFIC: you must understand how SLOWLY traffic really will build to become a Global Domains International Top Leader.

2. SYSTEM: nearly all leaders of any program sell the program by using some system (capture page and followup emails) to back sell the program. Few programs are sold by using the programs webpages straight out. You need some system that explains the program and educates the prospect before they will buy.

If you learn these two simple ideas, you will have the secrets to how to be a Global Domains International Top Leader.

GDI is one of the best programs to get started in due to the LOW $10/month cost and free 7 day trial. It makes sales happen faster ( we see 1 in 12-15 opt ins is a sale) so your 1st sale comes faster and you will see the light to become a Global Domains International Top Leader

Global Domains International Top Leader

These are things that will NOT get you to be a Global Domains International Top Leader quickly:

1. Trying to make your own website to get sales: it takes skills to create a website and SYSTEM that actually works to make sales.

2. Trying to use ONLY the GDI replicated business presentation pages. They work but maybe 10 times less than a sales system does so you will wait 10 times as long to see a sale.

3. Quitting in your first 7 day trial, week or even month. If you are brand new to online marketing you will need time to generate TRAFFIC. WE MUST have a long term mindset to see results in any program.

4. Using lower quality traffic like free classifieds, safelists. We start all with list builders and we see people get to the leaderboards, but it does take work.

5. Expecting to get your “6” sales asap, then those 6 copying what you did to get your 6. People in general work at their own pace and many don’t follow directions so it takes longer to see them copy us.

These are things to do to COPY successful people and get your 1st sale online.

1. Use a system that back sells GDI.

2. Learn ONE traffic method and FOCUS on that until you get your 1st sale. Then YOU will know most programs DO work, you just never developed enough TRAFFIC to them.

3. Work daily – as many hours as you can initially. This is a business to get started.  Imagine it is a restaurant and you need to work 12 hour days to get things going. You don’t need 12 hrs but you see the point?

4. Ask your sponsor questions. We love questions. But as a Global Domains International Top Leader we cannot always support by phone. We get way too many bogus calls and with 16 sales a week, at an hour minimum per call, time becomes minimal fast. Email works well for ALL online businesses. Get used to sending and receiving emails; it’s how online marketing is done fastest and best.


Send large amounts of targeted niche traffic to a high converting sales system to back sell most any online program will get you to be a Global Domains International Top Leader.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

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CLICK HERE==>>      EASY To Use System  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

You too can be a Global Domains International Top Leader if you will exactly follow our system and guidance.




GBG Business Opportunity Review

GBG Business Opportunity

GBG Business Opportunity Review – GBG is a low cost, high paying, 2X30 forced matrix with life altering products.

Our GBG Business Opportunity Review

We were told of the phenomenal results some are seeing with the MA+IGP product so we checked it out.

As we do with many of our reviews, we test the product to see if it “works”.

What we hoped was our GBG business opportunity review would show success, show us some improved health and then we would be more inclined to promote the products.   More importantly IF the products really offer some health benefits, then our GBG business opportunity review would be totally worth it because the products may sell just by word of mouth… still the very best way to make a sale, even online.

Well, we were more than surprised at the changes our body started going through during our GBG Business Opportunity Review.

 I am almost 54, and have the usual back aches, lower energy, poor vision, added weight, GREY (white) hair, etc.

If you are younger, get ready, your time is coming.

The ads said the results would be “immediate”.

Well, that was not fooling.

GBG Business Opportunity Review

The first morning after taking the 1st dose, I awoke earlier than the alarm and was very energetic to get up (that was unusual), Then on the drive to my various stops, I noticed I could see better ( I had Lasik done  12 years ago and was like 20/600 prior). I play in a band on weekends and I am often struggling to make it through three sets without needing “red bull” to give me the boost. Plus my hands and legs often get cramped and I can barely hold the sticks by the middle of the 2nd set ( I am a drummer).

So this 1st night with the band and only my second dose of MA+IGP, I had energy all night, my hands and legs kept working and I woke up the next morning after only four hours of sleep!  Something strange was going on.

I attribute this to the results of the GBG product and I am now waiting to see if my “white” hair starts to darken up. LOL

These super antioxidant products are what keep us from aging. It is very simple concept as we found during this GBG Business Opportunity Review, that if we don’t have enough of this antioxidant (glutathione considered the mother of all anitoxidants), we will AGE!   After like our 30’s we start to produce less of this and we age faster. This MA+IGP stuff replaces what we cannot produce and WOW does it work.

I am not here to explain business plans and all that stuff. My view in this GBG Business Opportunity Review is that you simply need to try the product. When YOU see the immediate results, you will be telling everyone you know and you will see sales.

All we need are two to start our downlines and we get spill over from upline.

Check the SIMPLE THREE STEP process to get started into making an income w/ GBG’s great products:

 $8k Per Month Club 

You can see my business/retail sales sight here:   GBG Business/Retail 

The prices included these websites so all you need to do is share the product and grow your customer base.

GBG Business Opportunity Review has been highly recommended to me personally by some real top notch online marketers. GBG is  offered at  kind of no brainer price point where it is affordable by most in this crummy economy. This makes it a lot easier to get sign ups, and with a serious look at this compensation plan, one can see how with spill over from your up line, you can make a nice residual income, with only a handful of your own sign ups.

Like I said, TEST the product yourself. Then think of all the people you know what are over stressed, over worked, have various illnesses, aches and pains, and are over say 35 years old….they ALL can benefit from this anti aging miracle.

Keep in mind you do need to so some work to get your business started. No business makes money without some efforts!

If  the info in this GBG Business Opportunity Review does not grab you, you can look at our top recommended program here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

Also please help us and click the various social buttons on this site and for sure subscribe to our site. Thanks much!

CLICK HERE==>>      EASY To Use System  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

This is a fairly new program as we reviewed it, so we think it is a little too soon, at least for me to say for sure how it will pan out and we never even got into all the plus points we have found about the product itself but people believe in this stuff and that in itself can make something work well.

Our GBG Business Opportunity Review  added another addition to our many income streams that simply work because the product offers so much value.

Continue reading GBG Business Opportunity Review

What To Do To Be Successful In Business And What Not To Do

What To Do To Be Successful In Business And What Not To Do

Listen to Jim Rohn explain some simple ideas on how to COPY your way to success!

Success always leaves behind clues as to how success got there.

What To Do To Be Successful In Business is easy if you don’t complicate it.

If you like what you see and hear please like and comment!  We love to share your opinions.

What To Do To Be Successful In Business







Click here if you want to work with me and learn how I generate $300+ a day.  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.







Internet Payday System Reviews; Legit or Scam?

Internet Payday System Reviews.

We see this system used to sell GDI (Global Domains International), ZNZ (Zip Nada Zilch), and recently added EN (Empower Network).

We see some doing very well with this system. Others not as good, but there is a reason when programs “don’t work” online that we will explain in this Internet Payday System Reviews.

So what’s this Internet Payday System all about?

From one system capture page we see this offer:

– Zero cost

– Paid Daily

– Multiple Daily $80-$100 payements

– Not MLM or Network Marketing

– NO Selling – Ever!

– No Catches, No Gotchya’s

Hmmm, seems like a winner to me.

Internet Payday System

Most that look online for a solid legit work from home business have little money to get started, are not sales people and don’t have the time to sell things; they need the website to make the sales.

What we found when reviewing Internet Payday System is the system DOES work, but you need to know the TRICK.

The TRICK is, you need to put in the efforts to generate TRAFFIC to this system. This effort must be large enough so you see these daily payments as described.

Most systems like Internet Payday System start new people off with free advertising, such as classified ads, and even things like free press releases, or list builders too.

All of these can work, but they are not equal in the amount of traffic and more importantly the QUALITY of the traffic.

The higher the quality the less traffic we need to make a sale. By quality we mean are the people ready to buy, or just kicking the tires, or worse- they could be other marketers not making any real money online and they are wondering if you are and if they should join you in your business.

Fact is, in our opinion 90% or better of all people “working from home” are not making a full time income.

So, YES the Internet Payday System is genious and will work, but be prepared to build and grow some traffic or nothing you join online will work. Oh, and for sure please don’t buy leads. These generally never work, unless you may have tested a source and found them to work well MATCHED up to your offer.  Notice we said if the traffic may be well matched to your traffic, some leads may work. The only way to know is to TEST the leads source.

That is a good reason to join a good team that shares information. We test traffic and programs all day on my team. We join only what we have tested to work.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn Internet Payday System type  incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

Also please help us and click the various social buttons on this site and for sure subscribe to our site. Thanks much!

==>>     Easy To Earn Income Programs

Some are making huge daily profits with Internet Payday System and so can you with the right TEAM and sharing of knowledge.




Free Traffic Exchange System Review

You hear a lot about Free Traffic Exchange System programs or offers.

Free Website Traffic – Click Here

Do Free Traffic Exchange System methods really work?

Are you wondering How To Get A Swarm Of Free Traffic To Your Website?

This page will be a work in progress as we ADD traffic sources that we use and have tested to find they DO provide quality (BUYING) prospects to our webpages. So be sure to stop by now and then to see what we may have added.

So, what can a free traffic exchange system do and can it really work?

Everyone is looking to get quality visitors to their websites, and many want some form of a Free Traffic Exchange System.

free traffic  exchange system

The truth is, it is not easy to get started in any online program when we are brand new…it seems every way we look there are reasons to buy more things to make our programs really sell.

Well, we will show you here how some of our top leaders got started, all with FREE Traffic Exchange System ideas.

Then once they saw that work, they had the inner confidence to buy paid traffic and build their online businesses. COOL.

Also, before we get too far, we don’t necessarily feel traffic exchanges are the best quality traffic, but we have a few that do seem to get opt ins and some decent return on our efforts, whether it is out time on the sites or cost.


Back to How To Get A Swarm Of Free Traffic To Your Website:

What we advise our new members to do is the following:

1. Get a good high converting capture page. Our top program is:

==>> RecruitLikeStan


2. Join a “list builder”. Now these are not the “safelists” where we can send millions of emails a day. These are the sites that you can send like 3000 emails to the sites random list of members every 3 days. We suggest list builders that are at least  5000 or so in membership and 10,000 is a ideal number. Enough people to not flood YOUR ads.

We actually do not suggest using free traffic exchange system type traffic, although many people use them a lot and do a lot of surfing.

A few  examples of sites we use are- we ONLY use the emailing function-IN THE ORDER WE FEEL THEY GET BEST RESULTS.

ViralUrl and ViralHost you cannot join as FR.EE last time we updated this. If you decide to join as paid take the OTO (one time offer).

a. ViralHost

b. ViralUrl

c. TrafficSwarm;this is a traffic exchange but it does get op tins…few but it works. You need to build up to at least 15000 credits to see if work. Ideally 20,000.

d. ListEffect

e. UltimateListGenerator

f. TheLeadMagnet

g. MyInstantList

h. List-N-Profits

i. Easyhits4u


This is how we place the ads:

==>> Watch TWO of our teams EXACT ways to advertise- no secrets on our team:

List Effects:

Viral Url:

This is an example email ad we use on various Free Traffic exchange System or list builders-NOTICE How To Track Your Ad With Tracking Codes, SO WE KNOW WHERE THE TRAFFIC IS COMING FROM!

Subject: ==>>Congratulations, Here is Your Own Free Branded WebsiteYOU Need a SYSTEM and our…

Hi ,

Stan T. Here,

I have marketed online for 4 years, I am a full time
Engineer and manager in a paper mill, who will only tell other
people to invest their money in programs that work.

After spending my hard earned life savings on strange little
programs all over the internet, I finally struck gold with a
little thing called MHBB.

I am building my lifetime residual retirement income 🙂

I am now a Top Leader and an affiliate using this SY*STEM!

This SYSTE*M will expand your downline and build you a list.

All I did was spend 30 minutes a day and on top of weekly
bonuses my residual monthly income is growing.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved
the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll
achieve the same results.” — Anthony Robbins

YOU Need a SYSTEM and Your OWN W*EBSITE to be successful online!

OUR MHBB Recruiting SYSTEM is Your SOLUTION:-)

Together We Will Succeed!

Stan Tomaszewski
Top Recruiter
Questions? Email me with your questions I WILL email you
and do all I can to help you succeed(please do not contact
me with other opportunities)

P.S…This is a Simple SYSTEM for You to Build a perpetual,
growing residual MONTHLY Income with Any Online Biz.

===> YOU Need a SYSTEM and our…


Last but not least for now is how sales funnels work online:

==>> Sales Funnels Explained; How ALL Professional
Online Marketing Systems Work-IMPORTANT-WATCH THIS FIRST

That may help you understand the sales process of how all professionally run online sales systems work.

You DO need to work at it- a few ads won’t cut it….you need to keep joining and posting until you see enough opt ins to get that 1st sale online.

Of course at some point we all need to build our own long term traffic to replace this free traffic exchange system approach.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below:

Easy To Do Income Programs

Free traffic exchange system ideas  have allowed many to get to our top programs leaderboards with 5 or more sales in a week.