Direct Mail Post Card Marketing VS. Online Marketing

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing VS. Online Marketing.

Which would you choose?

Everyone flocks to the internet to try to make money at home in some online business, but the fact is 98% still fail.

Can we somehow improve the stats using a Direct Mail Post Card Marketing business?

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Let’s first watch this brief video on Direct Mail Post Card Marketing and let me know what your thoughts are.

Well, what are you thinking?

If you are a past failure in an online program, or maybe you failed in several online marketing programs, you are not alone.

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing

It is not easy to learn all the things we need to know and do to run an online business not to mention if your product or program may need to have you call your prospects to make a sale. Not many of us can close a sale!

One thing we looked for when we found this Direct Mail Post Card Marketing  business was:

1. It had to be easy so anyone can run it.

2. It had to show growth quickly so new members could get into profit fast.

3. It had to sustain members so growth of our downline would indeed happen.

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The program is called Downline Building Network aka DBN , run by Gerald Peters for over 9 years…no worries of DBN suddenly disappearing leaving you with no business and a lot of work for nothing.

IF you are excited and want to get started ASAP, the FIRST step to joining is to get a FR.EE business kit from the is totally with no obligation to do anything more. Simply Call: 1-866-722-5363 for a FREE business kit use ID# 60339 and leave your name and address…this is absolutely free…it’s how DBN explains the business to serious inquiries.Let me know when you have the kit and your next questions…

So getting back to our Direct Mail Post Card Marketing review here, we really don’t see that many people finding fast success in any online program we were in, no mater how much we worked to teach them. However in offline post card programs all you really need to do is:

1. place a stamp on a post card.

2. place the pre typed address label on the post card.

3. mail the post card

4. join other company sponsored coop’s to get additional post cards out or more leads. The more leads we get the faster we see growth.

5. MOST important. Do NOT expect a get rich quick result NOTHING online is get rich quick. Many programs have ads that suggest we will get rich quick but that is mostly HYPE. Yes if you have a large list of followers and traffic you can make bigger sales faster. But think this way….it takes time for any downline to form. To get say 200 members in your downline where they all may take a few days or weeks to make a decision to join, you can see it may take some time to see your downline form.

Once it does form, you have a solid residual income for life.

Direct Mail Post Card Marketing is the easiest way for anyone to get started growing a nice downline that can pay you for many years and once you build it, it can keep paying when when you don’t work it.


Make Money With Post Cards

Make Money With Post Cards may be the solution to your families financial woes.

It is a fact that most people on the internet are making zero income.

Make Money With Post Cards is an OFFline way to earn income.

There are many reasons OFFline is working better than Online nowadays.

One big reason is the simplicity of sending a post and how Make Money With Post Cards can grow to a nice full time income.

Our experience is at least 8 years of trying to find a work from home program that actually grew to a full time income and’ offered a rea business income and long term potential.

Make Money With Post Cards

We did very well with a company called GDI which we are still a member and still collect residual income checks, BUT that program for some reason started to convert less and many members quit.

We looked everything Online for something that was similar but we saw just a lot of BS and hype which we knew was not factual income possibilities so we turned to OFFline. Make Money With Post Cards was the solution for us.

You see in Make Money With Post Cards all you really need to learn or do is put s stamp on some post cards and send them out. A percentage of those will respond and they will join your team. Our team is also on Facebook so we have great support there to help any level marketer.

Make Money With Post Cards does not require Facebook or any other marketing skills but to send post cards.

The key to ANY business growth is to stay a member long enough so your income becomes profitable. It is rare to join any business and in the first ad become very profitable. I usually hope for break even, bit sometimes it can be less than break even the first few ads sent.

In the Make Money With Post Cards program we chose many are seeing at least break even on the 1st or 1st few mailings of cards

We are also seeing great retention meaning people don’t quit. This usually happens when people are happy with the results.

The program we are currently promoting is called Downline Building Network aka DBN.

It was created by Gerald Peters a past online marketer who saw big success there but also realized the Make Money With Post Cards arena was way more lucrative. It has been around for about 9 years as this is written.

This is a unique program because it offers a lead source as you get leads from your post card mailings. These leads can be offered any program including DBN. I have several members using the finely tuned DBN program as a lead source for their other programs. EVERYONE needs leads so this program and product are for sure long term.

Compensation plan/Levels to join:

MOST IMPORTANT SECRET TO UNDERSTAND- many people want to know the comp plan. My answer always is this: if the program is difficult to sell, and the members do not see a reason to remain active, then the comp plan is irrelevant. You MUST find a program with a system that converts sales EASILY so you don’t need to learn all sorts of skills or be a sales closer to make a sale. In DBN the sales come from the mailing of the post cards, and we followup with our pre enrollees with a thank you card which converts many more resulting in a very fast growing downline and income.

There are three levels you can join and you earn differently depending on the level you choose.


$30- earn up to $588 a month from a full matrix with only 84 downline.

$50- earn up to $980 a month from a full matrix with only 84 downline.

$100- earn up to $1960 a month from a full matrix with only 84 downline.

The above assumes your downline are all at the same level, $30,$50 or $100. Reality says they will be a mix of all three.

You can also keep adding full matrices with no limit. Imagine the potential!

You can only earn up to the level YOU are at. So if you are a $50 member, and recruit a $100 member you earn as if they were a $50 member.


I will only briefly cover this here as it is pretty involved and a future video will explain or give us a call.

DBN is a 4 x 3 matrix. Your 1st level is 4 people. 2nd level is 16 and 3rd level 64 for a total of 84.

It fills top down left to right.

So, in this Make Money With Post Cards offer, your efforts will fill your downlines matrix causing spill over. This helps with sponsors working to help their downline.


While this blog review is ONline advertising, it is NOT necessary to work the Downline Building Network system. It can be totally run with offline advertising.


The DBN company will also send out post cards on your behalf so you can just set back and repa the results. Hand off for the busy day job worker.

Downline Building Network aka DBN.

There is much more to explain but if interested the best way to get more details is to call the DBN office Call: 1-866-722-5363, give them your name and address so they can send you their business kit for FREE, then use my ID # 60339.

Once you get the kit and review it, call us if you need more info and to get started.

Make Money With Post Cards is easy when you join the right company.