How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing-19000+ Members

This is a true story backed with pure fact of my experience in How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing.

Let me make a few things very clear so you take away from this How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing article the tools you need to do the same!

1. I am not a guru.

2. I joined a program that had so much value, people shared it with others even without a so called marketing system.

3. This is EASY to COPY or duplicate as they say in many How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing trainings.

4. My simple success take away in this How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing article is to never stop or quit.

First lets look at my video where I show you my Truth About Downline Building. Yes those are real numbers, 19000+ total active and inactive in my 5 levels of downline. Many more well past my 11th level but we only earn on 5 levels….until we hit the infinity bonus.

How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing

I discuss this with my team and sponsors a lot as far as why did I/we see these results but moreso how to teach new people that this is so easy and simple. they just need to trust that it can work for anyone then learn to make just a few sales then show those people how to do the same (COPY or DUPLICATE).

Some reasons I feel GDI, Global Domains International simply just grows, includes:

1. The product at $10 is never questioned. It is a solid offer, tons of value for very little cost.

2. People share the program with others even if they are not selling it in a large way. Everyone needs a domain name!

3. The team system we use definitely works and new people see sales fast ( 1 in 15 opt ins) due to the cost so it is easier to get sales.

Think of this; Yes, I recruited 1900+ people. But I have 19000+ total downline. That means some 17000 people joined WITHOUT me doing anything. That says it is somewhat VIRAL.

Think of this: I have several top online marketers that joined me. They were either in other teams where they never made a sale, or they were past GDI members, who now look around the internet for something LEGIT and LONG TERM to promote and meets what most can afford in today’s economy. and they do not see much but GDI!  14 years in business and one of the most solid residual income builders around.

Think of this: what if you never quit GDI if you were a member. I teach how to make sale #1 online. Then ideally all you need is 5 more to then grow 6 getting 6 to earn $9330 a month residual. Let’s say that people will still quit, and you only grow that to $3000 a month. Would that make a difference in your life?

Think of this: what program out there will be around for the next 10-? years? Where to focus your efforts to be successful in How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing. Most new  online programs last 1-2 years at best. Focus on the long term surviving programs.

Many come back to GDI when they see all the latest and greatest “shiny objects” fizzle out in 1-3 years. That’s the usual lifespan of an online program.

For those of you looking to learn How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing, how many programs have you joined since you came online?  What if yo FOCUSED on just this one program, might you have recruited some good downline?

I am 100% convinced that if all we /you did was not quit, learn how to make a few sales, then teach your people the same and mostly we all stop searching for that one best shiny object (which does not exist) many many more people could be having additional income today.

My 19000 people could have dozens of groups earning some serious extra cash….but we can’t earn anything if we quit.

I truly hope this How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing information was helpful and you realize you too can be in the same place, just learn our simple program, and don’t ever stop until you get there.