Free Traffic Exchange System Review

You hear a lot about Free Traffic Exchange System programs or offers.

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Do Free Traffic Exchange System methods really work?

Are you wondering How To Get A Swarm Of Free Traffic To Your Website?

This page will be a work in progress as we ADD traffic sources that we use and have tested to find they DO provide quality (BUYING) prospects to our webpages. So be sure to stop by now and then to see what we may have added.

So, what can a free traffic exchange system do and can it really work?

Everyone is looking to get quality visitors to their websites, and many want some form of a Free Traffic Exchange System.

free traffic  exchange system

The truth is, it is not easy to get started in any online program when we are brand new…it seems every way we look there are reasons to buy more things to make our programs really sell.

Well, we will show you here how some of our top leaders got started, all with FREE Traffic Exchange System ideas.

Then once they saw that work, they had the inner confidence to buy paid traffic and build their online businesses. COOL.

Also, before we get too far, we don’t necessarily feel traffic exchanges are the best quality traffic, but we have a few that do seem to get opt ins and some decent return on our efforts, whether it is out time on the sites or cost.


Back to How To Get A Swarm Of Free Traffic To Your Website:

What we advise our new members to do is the following:

1. Get a good high converting capture page. Our top program is:

==>> RecruitLikeStan


2. Join a “list builder”. Now these are not the “safelists” where we can send millions of emails a day. These are the sites that you can send like 3000 emails to the sites random list of members every 3 days. We suggest list builders that are at least  5000 or so in membership and 10,000 is a ideal number. Enough people to not flood YOUR ads.

We actually do not suggest using free traffic exchange system type traffic, although many people use them a lot and do a lot of surfing.

A few  examples of sites we use are- we ONLY use the emailing function-IN THE ORDER WE FEEL THEY GET BEST RESULTS.

ViralUrl and ViralHost you cannot join as FR.EE last time we updated this. If you decide to join as paid take the OTO (one time offer).

a. ViralHost

b. ViralUrl

c. TrafficSwarm;this is a traffic exchange but it does get op tins…few but it works. You need to build up to at least 15000 credits to see if work. Ideally 20,000.

d. ListEffect

e. UltimateListGenerator

f. TheLeadMagnet

g. MyInstantList

h. List-N-Profits

i. Easyhits4u


This is how we place the ads:

==>> Watch TWO of our teams EXACT ways to advertise- no secrets on our team:

List Effects:

Viral Url:

This is an example email ad we use on various Free Traffic exchange System or list builders-NOTICE How To Track Your Ad With Tracking Codes, SO WE KNOW WHERE THE TRAFFIC IS COMING FROM!

Subject: ==>>Congratulations, Here is Your Own Free Branded WebsiteYOU Need a SYSTEM and our…

Hi ,

Stan T. Here,

I have marketed online for 4 years, I am a full time
Engineer and manager in a paper mill, who will only tell other
people to invest their money in programs that work.

After spending my hard earned life savings on strange little
programs all over the internet, I finally struck gold with a
little thing called MHBB.

I am building my lifetime residual retirement income 🙂

I am now a Top Leader and an affiliate using this SY*STEM!

This SYSTE*M will expand your downline and build you a list.

All I did was spend 30 minutes a day and on top of weekly
bonuses my residual monthly income is growing.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved
the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll
achieve the same results.” — Anthony Robbins

YOU Need a SYSTEM and Your OWN W*EBSITE to be successful online!

OUR MHBB Recruiting SYSTEM is Your SOLUTION:-)

Together We Will Succeed!

Stan Tomaszewski
Top Recruiter
Questions? Email me with your questions I WILL email you
and do all I can to help you succeed(please do not contact
me with other opportunities)

P.S…This is a Simple SYSTEM for You to Build a perpetual,
growing residual MONTHLY Income with Any Online Biz.

===> YOU Need a SYSTEM and our…


Last but not least for now is how sales funnels work online:

==>> Sales Funnels Explained; How ALL Professional
Online Marketing Systems Work-IMPORTANT-WATCH THIS FIRST

That may help you understand the sales process of how all professionally run online sales systems work.

You DO need to work at it- a few ads won’t cut it….you need to keep joining and posting until you see enough opt ins to get that 1st sale online.

Of course at some point we all need to build our own long term traffic to replace this free traffic exchange system approach.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
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Free traffic exchange system ideas  have allowed many to get to our top programs leaderboards with 5 or more sales in a week.

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Websites

So you want, or better said NEED to know how to get free traffic to your website(s)? I often thought using totally free traffic was not possible to see results, but I have had some of my Global Domains International members start with only this type of traffic and actually make it to the leaderboards.

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Free TrafficThe leaderboards with GDI is where you get at least 5 sales in a week. This is actually a more detailed review on How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website that is a work in progress, that you can read in detail.

Free traffic can work as long as the traffic type is well matched to your offer, usually a capture page in some business opportunity or online program.

Not all traffic works for all capture pages. The only way to really know is to test the traffic with your webpages.

On our GDI team we share all this knowledge so no ONE person is spending all the testing money! Team work online sure works well.

One source of free website traffic we use is list builders. You can learn more here: List Building Review

Keep in mind using free traffic resources will take some effort on your part. It all depends on the amount of website traffic you wish to generate. Or how many opt ins and then sales you are searching for. Usually a program capture page will convert at some known level for a given quality of traffic, so you can then gauge your efforts, to get enough opt ins.

It is all a numbers game once you have the right traffic matched to your capture page and business offer; the trick or challenge for you is to grow your traffic to see sales!

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below:

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How to generate free traffic to your website is very possible if you have the right tools, training, mindset, work ethic, and system that converts sales quickly.