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Our Best Money Makers Can Be Worked Online…

Are searching online for true money makers something that can grow into a nice additional income or even a full time income?

Then you are at the right place at the exact right time.

There are many so called Money Makers and business opportunities online but few that actually work.

Let me clarify what I mean by “actually work” and how to select a business or program that does create income.

One example of a Money Makers business that works and can be run right from the comfort of your home is GBG Business Opportunity. They are a health and wellness product business and offer a work from home opportunity that is second to none in the nutrition business industry.

Stuart Finger is the CEO of GBG and is a great guy with a great vision to help people earn from home.

He knows why people do not succeed and he has incorporated that into his business model to help anyone build an $8k a month income if they follow his plan.

Would $8000 a month solve your families financial woes?  I  know it would solve my needs.

Let’s take a closer look at GBG and see why it may be the right Money Maker program for you.

Here are 4 key things  to look at in any Money Makers program:

1. Residual income: be sure the program is a residual income producer. GBG offers a residual income compensation plan. What’s great is the products work, so the need for them becomes a residual income to you as you grow your customer base and sales.

2. Reasonable price point. GBG requires a monthly autoship that in my case runs around $74.94. This is a very good price point for today’s economy and to allow a nice commission.

3. Training and support: GBG offers a simple training system and methods to grow your business.

4. Products with value: If you do not sell products that offer true value, then you will not retail customers. It’s that simple. The MA+ IGP product is high results product that many try and see immediate results. Many refer to it as an anti aging product because of the anti oxidant ingredients.

This is a brief overview of MA+IGP that can create your families Money Maker:

 MA+IGP stands for Master Antioxidant plus Intracellular Glutathione Precursor, which  means MA+IGP helps your body to heal itself and stay healthy! It does this by 1)balancing your immune system, 2) increasing your body’s Master Antioxidant, Glutathione,   3) defending against pollutants by detoxifying at the cellular level, and 4) protecting you against the effects of radiation. For about $2 a day, you can insure optimal health! You get about  300 grams of protein per container; take 1-3 scoops per day depending on the results you’re working towards!

The simplicity of the GBG Money maker program is what makes many succeed so easily. All you need is two people as your recruits and that’s it. Once you show them the product and they try it, they will see usually an immediate boost in energy and will feel better.

That alone gets and keep your customers coming back each month and this will keep your commissions growing soon to that $8k a month goal.

Folks, now is the time to start a work from home money maker business so take a close look at the GBG Business Opportunity now.

Or take a closer look at our best money makers program!

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Can You Imagine a Money Makers Blog that Produces  New Income Every Time You Use It…

Money Makers Blog

Money Makers BlogI know you are asking yourself if it is it really possible to create a Money Makers Blog that pulls in cash or sales on automatic pilot while you are enjoying your day?

This blog post is  about the concept of a Money Makers Blog that will help you get a good start in blogging and how to monetize (turn it into an automatic pilot money machine) that blog.

My Secret Money Makers Blog Tips:

1. Select a topic that you have a real interest in such as home based businesses like this blog or drumming, a passion of mine.  You will need to keep the content fresh so it should ideally be on a topic you just simply love to write about or do every day.

2. Select a keyword rich domain name, something related to your blog topic. Do your research to find a keyword related to your topic/niche, then be sure it gets some fr^ee organic traffic. If you do this,  the keyword (rich) domain name itself will bring very targeted traffic to your blog IF you also do some SEO (search engine optimization). Your domain can also be your “brand” name if you feel that in time many will be searching for YOUR brand name.

3. Design the blog  so it is clear and easy to navigate. When someone lands on a website or  blog, people do not want to waste time looking for what they searched for. You have only a few seconds to grab their attention. Cluttered, flashing ,too  busy blogs  ,  in my opinion make most readers dizzy and they will click fast away to another more content rich Money Makers Blog.

4. Usually your prospects eyes will scan your blog from upper left to lower right. Then they scan also from top down. You should try to have your “call to action” type buttons in that eye scanning path. Another key point is to not place important links below the crease. This is below the visible area of the blog when you first land on the blog pages.  If you need to scroll down to get below the crease, then people may not click to your call to action button or link. You would be surprised how much a slight change to this can increase clicks.

5. Be sure to not get discouraged, it may take some time to get enough posts to your Money Makers Blog to see a good level of traffic to turn that into sales. Simple plan: keep posting until you see your first sale. Then post some more!

6. Be personable, friendly,lively, honest,helpful, real, humorous in your posts. People like to be entertained and realize that  you are a real person, earning an income from your Money Makers Blog so try to connect with them.

7. Do not ever “sell” people. Keep in mind they came to your site from your post or domain name and they are looking for that information. When  you offer them the information they exactly searched for, they will see your Money Makers Blog site as a place to get answers and help. They may come back often or tell others, which will grow your traffic and sales.

Once you have gained their trust, they may see your “buy” link and purchase whatever your offer is. You could also use google adsense to get even more monetization of the traffic. Some sites have so much traffic and return visitors that just the ads sold on the site earn a lot of income.

8. Find ways to have your readers or prospects  want to return to your site often. This is how you could get repeat sales to your Money Makers Blog.

The above is very possible and sometimes we need to experiment with what may work best with this as a starting guide. Just changing a banner size or design to click to buy your offer could make a difference in how well it converts your traffic to sales. Changing the sites colors or overall look can also make a difference and some colors are said to be more appealing to the eye, making people want to purchase.

We hope this article offers  you some good key points for creating your own personal Money Makers Blog.  Visit our Money Makers blog opportunity  to learn more.

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Money Makers

Are there any real work from home money makers online?  Well, there are a  few  good money makers we know of…

Money Makers Blog


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Why some who attempt to become money makers, fail

For the 98%+ that fail in many programs they would say absolutely not.

For the few % who earn money in these Money Makers they would say, SURE!

Why do some fail and some succeed in online programs?

Keep in mind many that failed in some programs then became a success in another online work from home program.

Let us tell you a couple tips that may help this mystery become your path to success.

I wish i had this information when I was struggling to find a true Money Makers program.


Nowadays with the global economy as it is, it is not easy to make a sale online. It may take more prospects to make one sale. A few years ago you could sell a $997 offer and people would buy it without you ever needing to talk to them. Now, anything more than $50 often takes you to call and close these sales.

How many of you in programs you tried, made these calls and were you able to close the sale?

Read on…

TIP #2:

It takes less prospects to make a sale at $10 than $50 or more so you need to generate less traffic. Now to get even one $10 Money Makers sale you may need to get 15-20 opt ins. And to get those opt ins you may need 150-200 prospects.

So getting this traffic is where may fail. They think posting one ad on Craigs List will get a flood of traffic. Well, we don’t advertise on Craigs list or other classified ad places but you may need 100 ads a day to see decent traffic.

So ,we see so far that to have a Money Makers program we need to:

1. select a business program that is low cost because it converts to sales faster with less traffic and

2. use a low cost program so the website makes the sales for us and we don’t need to rely on our skills to cold call people and try to get them to join.

Did you know that the best way to sell someone is to NOT sell them?

Simply educate them on your offer and they will either see the potential or not.

Your job as a Money Makers marketer is to give the prospect what they need to make an informed decision to buy.

Money Makers

Now for a FREE SUPER Money Makers TIP:

The very best type of program to join is a residual income earner. This is where you make a sale today and for many month down the road you keep getting paid on that sale. You work once to earn over and over.

One top rated program that meets all these criteria is Global Domains International,Inc. Yes many have failed at GDI, but sadly they all were not explained the work needed and systems used to make easy Money Makers sales.

You would do your self and family well to look into GDI and find a sponsor that is successful and offers one on one support to learn how to make a sale online.

Once you make that first sale and taste that Money Makers residual income you will be unstoppable.