Downline Building Network Reviews

Downline Building Network is one of the best OFFline programs around.

We have been online and we all know online marketing is not what it used to be.

Downline Building Network offered by Gerald Peters is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the crazy (lack of good) marketing we see in the online world.

In the review we will offer our experience after now about 13 weeks in the Downline Building Network program and why we see it getting better every day.

Why Downline Building Network Rocks!

1. Downline Building Network has been in business 9+ years. Most new programs will fail in 1-3 years.They passed the test if time due to a successful business design.

2. Gerald Peters, the owner of Downline Building Network will talk to you, yes he answers the phone!

Downline Building Network

3. ALL of the marketing with Downline Building Network works. This includes the post cards, many coops, followup systems and much more!

Check this out to see what Gerald has to say: Downline Building Network

4. TOO BUSY?  You can run your business hands off by having Downline Building Network send the cards out for you for a very minimal fee, and also the followups to pre enrollees can be all done for you. You literally can have a business running for you in the background and not do anything but collect the pay checks and manage how the company advertises for you.

5. Very easy to work with office staff.

6. Our team is fast growing and we have a Facebook group page to help newbies learn marketing or anything they may need to know. You do NOT need to do anything but place a stamp on your cards then followup with pre enrollees but some want to learn as much as they can about marketing and we have the personnel to help…all for free.

GET MORE FREE info here: DBN- Downline Building Network

7. The compensation plan for Downline Building Network is designed to help your downline. You make the most money from the matrix from your 1st level members downline. This then created a situation where you are helping your 1st level, and they do the same to theirs. It assures people are successful and it works!

8. SPILLOVER!  Yes you will see sign ups from spillover that comes from your upline or from the companies many advertising methods. Many of our new sign ups see 1-2 paid members when they just joined!

9. Three starting levels to meet your budget. $30, $50 and $100 levels. You cannot earn more than the commissions at your paid level. You will most likely see more growth from the $100 level than the $50 or $30 levels. This is a numbers game where the more we advertise the more we earn.

10. We tried other post card direct mail programs but we found Downline Building Network aka DBN to be the best. The team synergy is over the top and its just a nice system to be part of.

GET MORE FREE info here: DBN- Downline Building Network

Here’s an update of my status after about 11 weeks…each week I see growth with new members joining and those people getting new members. That’s the secret to downline building, if you see growth and people staying on because they see sign ups….then no one will feel like this isn’t working!

Downline Building Network flat out WORKS!  We all can’t wait until a year or so in this business where we will be financially and then beyond in Downline Building Network !




GDI Duplication Learning Bonus

The GDI Duplication Learning Bonus offers the new member a way to earn $25 quickly, and the sponsor to be rewarded for helping their new members achieve the Learning bonus, and then earning $250 for every 10 new sign ups they assist in this way.

We earned our Duplication bonus and it is a great feeling to get that email stating this, and realizing ANOTHER new member earned their $25 Learning bonus.

The GDI Duplication Learning Bonus allows the new member to have their $10/month GDI cost to be covered by the $25 bonus. Pretty cool for doing a few simple tasks. Some of the tasks to get the learning bonus include: create a .ws email address, send 5 invites, become active member, set your preferred commission level, directly refer one sign up, join a team, create a website using sitebuilder or wordpress. Pretty easy stuff for an easy $25.

You have 8 weeks to complete the GDI Duplication Learning Bonus items.

GDI Duplication Learning Bonus

What we want to state in this GDI Duplication Learning Bonus post is that yes we help our downline BUT the real great thing is my members that earned me my $250 duplication bonus did their learning bonus pretty much on their own. They took action, maybe asked me a few questions, but for the most part they did this themselves. Imagine the feeling when they accomplished their bonus. That’s how learning online marketing is when you follow your sponsors instructions and you develop a can do attitude and not let anything get in the way of YOUR success.

Here is what the GDI corporate blog has to say about the GDI Duplication Learning Bonus.

Global Domains International has been my top program since March 2010. It is the ONLY online program I have consistently advertised and grown for nearly four years!  There have been many other programs that have come and gone as marketers try to create the next best get rich quick offer, but many if not all have failed in 1-2 years. This is the cycle of many online programs. The idea to be successful is to find ONE solid program that offers enormous value for little cost, and has passed the test of time and has been around for more than 5 or so years.

Global Domains International offers exactly this and has been around since 1999.

The power of building $1, $5 or $15 commissions should never be underestimated. HINT- way more people can afford a $10 program and will stick with it longer than something that sells for $50 or more. Anything more than $50 you will need to call people to “sell them” or close the sale. I never call anyone to close any GDI sales…the business presentation tells all.

To see our marketing system that sells GDI Click Here

I am so very proud of my team and wish this success to all of my members- ANYONE can do this-WATCH the video!

My goal for any new member is to show them how to make their first sale online. Then how to stick with it long enough to find THEIR members who will do the same and duplicate mine and their efforts. Then use the GDI Duplication Learning Bonus to get income fast.

Persistence, being consistent and patient are keys to our and your success.

Making only 6 sales then waiting for those 6 to make 6 and so on. will build a large residual income IF you stay the course and wait long enough to see this build below you. We can’t pedict when people will join us or when they will work to grow their businesses.

GDI Duplication Learning Bonus can help you to get an easy start in building your lifetime residual income for life.




Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies are everywhere so watch out!


Yes, I laugh out loud because I have personally recruited over 1900 people into my total downline which grew to over 19000 active + inactive members. If all of them were more accepting of a solid business model, instead of thinking Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies are everywhere, then 1900o people in MY downline alone could be much more wealthy today.

This post will hopefully educate some of you who are open minded to a business model that works if done legally and properly.

This post will PI%& some of you off who are so sure that any  Multilevel Marketing Company is indeed a Pyramid Scheme.

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

One of the key components we must have to succeed online is to be OPEN minded to LEARN from others and accept some things as fact.

If you can handle that, you may be successful.

First let’s take a LONG and hard look at this picture…study it for a while and tell me what you’re thinking:

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies

Anyone out there work for a company like this?  Let me ask you, do you in your company have the ability to earn more than your boss?

I can earn more than my UPLINE. I can earn more than my upline’s upline.

This was just posted to another marketers facebook and it is spot on. Those of us who flushed out our negative thinking about MLM’s or network marketing being a Pyramid scheme are making sales and growing teams with some awesome like minded people. Remember companies like Amway when they started were considered “Pyramids”. We all know that those who started with those companies are very wealthy and collect residual incomes. By the way, CEO’s and others that started companies also are similarly set…it’s just a different business model. Educate yourself on Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies.

This video (cartoon) tells it pretty straight. Sorry for those who may be offended…but if I left my business decisions to my “brother in law” who has no business or business sense, I would be poor. Educate yourself and learn what you may not understand to rise above the levels you now are at, this may require you to trust and join a so called pyramid scheme multilevel marketing companies.

Now I know some of you Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies die hards are thinking no way, and I am full of BS.

It’s simple. If I join under Joe, and I build a team of 19000, while Joe sets and does nothing, he will earn some from me, but my income will for sure become way more than his by my work to build MY downline.

Here’s another definition of Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies

People MIX up the idea of a true Pyramid scheme as compared to a legitimate Multi Level Marketing company. For sure if a company requires continual recruiting to keep paying all the members then it is possibly not a good business model and may be a pyramid.

Here’s a thought for you. What if everyone stopped going to your local grocery store all at once. Would the store be able to survive? I think not and that to me is like a pyramid…but we accept that as legal and OK. What is we stopped buying gas, might the oil companies feel it? Folks, educate yourself and join a solid team to learn more about Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies.

Much of what we do and make decisions on in our lives is based on our education on the subject and sometimes we are swayed by people who simply don’t know. I for one never would have thought I would grow a downline of over 19000 people. I did recruit a heavy hitter and he is on my 3rd level, so his downline I am sure goes way past his 5th level and that would be levels I cannot earn income from. So his success if very likely more than my income and he is BELOW me…pretty cool.

That sure would not happen in any corporate work environment now would it?

My business model has a suggestion to recruit only 3 people who all do the same 5 levels deep. Or recruit 6 people and they each do the same  5 levels deep. The latter can be a $9330 /month income. The biggest deterrent to many seeing this work is the negative mindsets of so many people that believe in the triangle above, but not true Multilevel Marketing Companies.

Folks, OPEN your minds and so many more could be helped in this economy…then you may never need to worry about money again. Just find 6…then  educate them on what is in this article. Then be patient…it takes time to build a 9330 size downline… 🙂

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies are possible but there is a huge difference to the legit Multilevel Marketing Companies and you could earn a lot from just recruiting a hand full of members that understand this business model.



Organo Gold

Company Review : Organo Gold

•    Founder :  Bernardo Chua
•    Recommendation Scale: 4.5/10
•    Category : Health and Fitness / Offline Home Business
•    Founded : 2008

Organo Gold offers various products but the one we hear a lot about is their coffee and all know how much coffee we all drink,so is this a viable work from home business?

Organo Gold specialize in providing supplements and beverages based on the Ganoderma mushroom, a mushroom which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

organo gold

Currently they are open in 13 countries for business: the USA, Canada, Scotland, Greece,Germany, UK, Austria,Mexico, Dominican Republic, The Netherlands,  Jamaica, Philippines, and Peru, while expanding in 2012 to numerous other countries.  Organo Gold has formed a collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.
Organo Gold Products:
Though they sell different health supplements, in both capsule and powder form, as well as skin care products, their real claim to fame is the Organo Gold Coffee as we mentioned above.
Can you earn a reasonable income with Organo Gold?

Compensation Plan
Organo Gold’s Binary Compensation Plan has the philosophy to encourage and promote the sale of Organo Gold products on a reoccurring basis. To begin as an Organo Gold Distributor, you must first purchase a Promotional Builder Pack at one of three different levels. This is fine as we all know that recurring sales means residual income.
The Bronze Pack will cost $199
Silver Pack $499,
Gold Pack $1299.
As with most MLMs, you are required to purchase your products wholesale upfront, and then sell them to your customers at the marked up retail price. The retail price of Organo Gold products must be at least 50% marked up over the cost of wholesale items, however, if you choose to sell the items at a steeper price mark up, you can also do that.
Health Claims of the Organo Gold Products:
OrganoGold makes many claims on their website about their products. Unfortunately, Organo Gold products are not FDA approved, and the term “organic” in the United States only applies to products which have been verified organic based on a set of standards.

Ganoderma has never been “proven” to do anything health related. Many universities in the US are currently running studies on this mushroom and the benefits it may have, but there have not  been any studies done by the medical community in the USA or China that have proven Ganoderma’s health benefits.
Many of their distributors sell Organo Gold products from websites, and many of them make significant health related claims about the powers of Ganoderma and Organo Gold. This may be from personal experiences.
In fact, a study by the University of Pittsburgh showed that prolonged use of Ganoderma could actually cause health problems for some people…so be sure as with any such product you see what your Doctor has to say about it.
Organo Gold is not a scam for sure. If you are a newbie to all this, be sure to ask your sponsor exactly how you will need to market the business.
Those newer to the marketing world can get easily overwhelmed. You will have to do a lot of offline marketing which includes hosting parties and talking to friends.
If you have a good budget and can recruit new people offline, then this is not bad. Our good online marketing friends  are affiliate of Organo gold too.
For our taste, we like simple programs which are risk free, and low cost to get started.  We don’t recommend selling to friends and family unless you are a good people /sales person.

Organo Gold is a good company, you will need to know the best way to get sales.

How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing-19000+ Members

This is a true story backed with pure fact of my experience in How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing.

Let me make a few things very clear so you take away from this How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing article the tools you need to do the same!

1. I am not a guru.

2. I joined a program that had so much value, people shared it with others even without a so called marketing system.

3. This is EASY to COPY or duplicate as they say in many How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing trainings.

4. My simple success take away in this How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing article is to never stop or quit.

First lets look at my video where I show you my Truth About Downline Building. Yes those are real numbers, 19000+ total active and inactive in my 5 levels of downline. Many more well past my 11th level but we only earn on 5 levels….until we hit the infinity bonus.

How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing

I discuss this with my team and sponsors a lot as far as why did I/we see these results but moreso how to teach new people that this is so easy and simple. they just need to trust that it can work for anyone then learn to make just a few sales then show those people how to do the same (COPY or DUPLICATE).

Some reasons I feel GDI, Global Domains International simply just grows, includes:

1. The product at $10 is never questioned. It is a solid offer, tons of value for very little cost.

2. People share the program with others even if they are not selling it in a large way. Everyone needs a domain name!

3. The team system we use definitely works and new people see sales fast ( 1 in 15 opt ins) due to the cost so it is easier to get sales.

Think of this; Yes, I recruited 1900+ people. But I have 19000+ total downline. That means some 17000 people joined WITHOUT me doing anything. That says it is somewhat VIRAL.

Think of this: I have several top online marketers that joined me. They were either in other teams where they never made a sale, or they were past GDI members, who now look around the internet for something LEGIT and LONG TERM to promote and meets what most can afford in today’s economy. and they do not see much but GDI!  14 years in business and one of the most solid residual income builders around.

Think of this: what if you never quit GDI if you were a member. I teach how to make sale #1 online. Then ideally all you need is 5 more to then grow 6 getting 6 to earn $9330 a month residual. Let’s say that people will still quit, and you only grow that to $3000 a month. Would that make a difference in your life?

Think of this: what program out there will be around for the next 10-? years? Where to focus your efforts to be successful in How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing. Most new  online programs last 1-2 years at best. Focus on the long term surviving programs.

Many come back to GDI when they see all the latest and greatest “shiny objects” fizzle out in 1-3 years. That’s the usual lifespan of an online program.

For those of you looking to learn How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing, how many programs have you joined since you came online?  What if yo FOCUSED on just this one program, might you have recruited some good downline?

I am 100% convinced that if all we /you did was not quit, learn how to make a few sales, then teach your people the same and mostly we all stop searching for that one best shiny object (which does not exist) many many more people could be having additional income today.

My 19000 people could have dozens of groups earning some serious extra cash….but we can’t earn anything if we quit.

I truly hope this How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing information was helpful and you realize you too can be in the same place, just learn our simple program, and don’t ever stop until you get there.





Internet Online MLM Secrets Exposed

Internet Online MLM Secrets Exposed

Free Website Traffic – Click Here

If you have joined a few online programs that required the ability to grow a downline to earn larger amounts of money, and had poor results, you need to read this Online MLM Secrets article now.

I have at this writing recruited over 2500 into my top rated program, Global Domains International and I can tell you many examples and stories (Online MLM Secrets) of how this has grown.

You will benefit from this information so as you may hit some stumbling points in your downline building, you will realize it is typical and those that persevere are the ones that make it.

Online MLM Secrets

Let’s cover some facts first:

1.You do not need to bug friends and family if you learn some online marketing traffic strategies.

2. Leads often do not work. At best each set of leads may need a certain approach to make then “work”. Some you may need to call them all. You may find that only a small amount of the leads are receptive; what if 1 in 1000 are actually interested in your offer. There are better ways.

3. Use a system that is proven to work to make your sales. Do what your sponsor did to find you…they made a sale with you, so COPY that method.

4. Many MLM’s show PERFECT ways a downline may grow. For example maybe you are told to recruit 6 people. Then those 6 get 6, and that repated for so many levels. Well, that is a perfect world and it almost never will follow the exact pattern.WHY?  Because PEOPLE do not give business enough time to build. If you have joined something and quit in a few weeks or month, then this may not be for you. It can take a while for those 6 to find 6 then those sets of 6 find 6. BUT if ALL did not quit, guess what? You probably would have been making money by now.

5. Some say 1 in 100 will be a serious worker in your downline. Some say 1 in 1000 will be a huge worker in your downline. I say help everyone to get those 6 sales. Then teach them to DUPLICATE. I have shown many brand new people how to get and make 6 and more sales but it takes some work and TRUST in YOURSELF that this indeed will work.

6. There are no real Online MLM Secrets. Just efforts, work, and perseverance.

Instead of Online MLM Secrets, our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

Also please help us and click the various social buttons on this site and for sure subscribe to our site. Thanks much!

CLICK HERE==>>      EASY To Use System  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

If we showed you how to make 6 sales in a month, would you then help your 6 people to make their 6? Would YOU stay on with this for a year, until all those people made their 6 sales? Being a good sponsor and leader is another Online MLM Secrets.

In the meantime you could keep making sales to boost your overall success.

Success online requires some simple skills and your efforts to see them though.

Take a listen to this, it may help: Ways To Make Money At Home Online.

Last but not least, stop chasing the get rich quick offers. If get rich quick worked, why would the top website owners have hundreds if not thousands of pages to their sites that they either built them selves or paid  to have built, to generate traffic to their offers and then not sell some get rich junk?

We hope this Online MLM Secrets article was helpful.



What Is A Sales Funnel|Creating Or Building A Sales Funnel Is Not Always Easy|Sales Funnel Definition

What Is A Sales Funnel?

If you are new to online sales it is a MUST to understand What Is A Sales Funnel.

For a simple sales funnel definition, it is a system that takes your advertised prospects and turns a percentage of them into buying (sales) customers.

What Is A Sales Funnel is something we even as seasoned marketers do not create or build ourselves. This is because the only way to know if a sales funnel will work, is to test it with some traffic and this can be costly.

It is always best to COPY a system that works, and then just learn to send quality targeted traffic to that system. Many programs are sold and then people do not realize they need a sales funnel/system usually at some added cost to best market their programs.

what is a sales funnel

Many people join programs online and do not realize that they were actually led as a prospect to that systems sales funnel and they became the percentage that chose to buy. Not everyone buys from us. This is where many new makreters fail, they think with a handful of leads, they will have many sales. But usually as a rough rule of thumb, 1 in 1oo prospects may become a sale. Or 1 in 100 opt ins may be a sale meaning many more than 100 looked at your capture page and walked away.

This all simply means it takes a lot more traffic to make ONE sale than we all think when we are new.

I know I will startle you with this next statement but I feel it is very true. Most programs DO WORK. People fail at nearly every progran they join because they do not realize the efforts needed to get enough traffic to get enough opt ins to get even one sale.

Now do not panic as there are ways to get initial traffic growing and your 1st online sale.

But you need to be COACHABLE. You must follow exact directions and work hard to see traffic flow.

We wrote this What Is A Sales Funnel article to try to change your thinking to see that if you learned traffic generation and made a sale, you would then realize this is a business that anyone can do if they understand this simple concept.

Our programs all use a sales funnel that takes the prospect to our capture page. Some will opt in. Some will not. Of those that opt in, some will buy. Others will not. A well designed sales funnel can create a nice stream of income from more than one program offered in your sales funnel. Multiple streams of income are usually required by marketers to have several income streams that all add up to a nice full time or better then full time income.

Here are some TIPS to help you get started in online marketing and understand the power of What Is A Sales Funnel:

1. It takes a lot of traffic to see sale #1.

2. It takes in my top program about 12-15 opt ins to see a sale. Some more costly programs may need 100 opt ins to see a sale. 100 opt ins requires nearly ten times more traffic than the 12-15 program….this means a lot more work so try to start w/ low cost programs.

3. We can show you how to make a sale with FREE list builders as traffic if you want to work to make this a success.

4. Few leads systems work.

5. Testing is the only way to know if traffic or What Is A Sales Funnel will work.

6. Join sponsors that can explain this to you. If we cannot call you PLEASE understand we get 50 + calls a day and hundreds of emails. We simply have to support the best way we can and that is often by email- it is faster to help more people.

7. PPC is for advanced marketers but it can work to get very quality traffic.

8. If your program uses a sales funnel (capture page, autoresponder,etc) and you choose to not use it, very likely you will not see good sales results.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

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This may help:

  What Is A Sales Funnel 


We hope this offered some idea of What Is A Sales Funnel and why you need to use these to make sales online.



Online Multi Level Marketing-Truth, Legit or Scam?

Understanding Online Multi Level Marketing.

If you are content with the idea of the traditional career path, you usually end up looking at yourself registering 40 or maybe 50 years working for a company before going to retirement, which is not really a glorious way to enjoy what life really has to offer. Fortunately, times have evolved, and there are now new (and more exciting) paths to follow. New moneymaking opportunities to earn more than what you usually earn are giving folks new avenues to pursue. You do not have to limit yourself to the confines of your day job. You can now consider making serious money through online multi level marketing.

If you have yet to be familiar with the online multi level marketing opportunity, understand that it is an effective type of business that you can readily setup inside the comforts of your home. And this has already proven a strong advantage over your day job and the usual earnings that come along with it, since you get to stay at home, save money from your daily travel/fuel expenses, and get closer to your family. This is the best scenario you can be in.

Online Multi Level Marketing basically is an effective marketing strategy where the sales force (that means you) is compensated for the sales that you have personally generated through your own efforts (in this case your website), including the sale made from your downline.

Online Multi Level Marketing

With the online multi-level marketing scheme, you literarily  become a salesman in your own right. You can cruise through various options on how you set yourself up, though many favor the online affiliate marketing setup. Many may consider affiliate marketing to be the easiest and effective way to earn money instead of Online Multi Level Marketing, but you can bet that it’s already a crowded area within the online MLM arena. Making money here means you have to coerce/cajole other individuals just to click on the links provided on your website and hopefully make some purchase, because this is the only way you get to earn.

With your website, you can inviteyour visitors to buy whatever you promote (physical goods, music, movies, etc.) Others have already struck gold simply by selling mp3 files via reputable stores, or reviewing popular electronic gadgets that visitors eventually followed through given links. You can start earning money right away after you have setup your blogsie, which is highly considered a very powerful modern marketing tool to reach out prospective markets online.

One of the things that make it a good moneymaking tool is how you can simply let the process work out itself while  you go on and attend to your other needs. If there is a strong symbol for multitasking, this is it. You really do not have to watch over it. Just make sure your website has a good online presence so that the chances of your visitors clicking on the links you have provided are better than the usual. And the best way to get good traffic in your site is by introducing fresh and relevant content on a regular basis so your visitors will see you as an expert on your chosen niche.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see Online Multi Level Marketing that we do, and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

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If you take time to understand how it works at other angles, then you will most likely become a successful salesman in your own right.

The future belongs to online multi level marketing.



Global Domains International Review|GDI Leaderboard 2012|Cancel Global Domains International Account|Global Domains International Scam|Global Domains International Compensation Plan

Global Domains International Review

“My Global Domains International Review Says Yes – Go For It!”

This Global Domains International Review will tell you the exact reasons why I am a member since March 2010, and work hard each day to keep growing my Global Domains International Business and will let you in on a couple secrets to why GDI!

Many a Global Domains International Review does not tell the truth. I know, because I am on the GDI Leaderboard 2010, GDI Leaderboard 2011, GDI Leaderboard 2012, and GDI Leaderboard 2013 nearly every week since I joined. No secrets there, just a TIP for you as we develop this review.

Sadly we do get people that will say they want to Cancel Global Domains International Account. Sometimes online marketing is not what people think it is so they decide to quit. We hope this Global Domains International Review will change your thinking if you feel the same because this is a SIMPLE program, everyone should have a GDI business.

Are you a quitter?

Global Domains International Review

I’m not. Once I saw my Global Domains International Compensation Plan bring me FOUR figure monthly incomes I knew it was only a matter of time to see FIVE figures.

Ok, enough jibber jabber let’s get you understanding why GDI in 2013 and get you the facts in this Global Domains International Review:

1. A LOW cost program like $10/month is easier to sell. It takes far less people online to opt into your low cost offer to see a sale. This gets newbies into a sale fast so they get excited and don’t think to quit.

2. The 7 day free trial is a marketing thing that helps make the initial sale happen faster. Again this gets new people seeing their first online sales much faster.

3. Many join GDI not to sell the business. Many keep the domain name whether they are actively selling the business opportunity or not so we see RETAIL as well as BIZ OP customers. This means you will see better retention of your sales. This means your income grows readily.

GDI Leaderboard 2012

4. Some still will say Global Domains International Scam. Folks if you don’t take this seriously, LEARN some ways to get initial traffic to your system, you will forever keep searching for the program that will work for you and never find it. You MUST learn traffic generation and that my friends takes time and efforts. Traffic does not happen immediately unless you may know PPC- pay per click.

Now for a TIP or two:

1. The weekly BONUS of $100 for every 5 sales can cover your advertising cost. Then you can recruit on GDI’s dollar for a very long time, like on autopilot.

2. It takes about 12-15 opt ins to see a sale with our system. We NEVER call our leads. They join from the website. Very hands off, for the BUSY home worker that has little time to start a home based business.

3. We are not aware of many that sell GDI in a large way using ONLY the GDI webpages. We all use some front end system that back sells GDI. This is how most programs are sold online. It is called consultative selling where you are educated about the business by the system, then you join when you have had your questions answered. There is no cold calls or selling of any kind.

Watch this, it may help:   How Sales Funnels Work .

Our Global Domains International Review program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

Also please help us and click the various social buttons on this site and for sure subscribe to our site. Thanks much!

CLICK HERE==>>      EASY To Use System  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.

We hope this Global Domains International Review explained a bit so you know how this can build your families life long residual income.






The Problem With Network Marketing Systems|Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing|Network Marketing Pyramid Scams|Network Marketing Success|Network Marketing Failure

The Problem With Network Marketing Systems.

I just watched an informative video outlining the problem with network marketing systems and wanted to share it with you.

We have many reviews and articles on The Problem With Network Marketing Systems and we cover other Network marketing success, Network marketing failure, and even Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing, so you should be able to form your own opinion on this controversial topic.

What if I told you The Problem With Network Marketing Systems is YOU!

Ouch! I know, that hit you right between the eyes.

The Problem With Network Marketing Systems

Well, let me ask you these questions:

1. Do you think Network marketing pyramid scams and schemes are what this is all about?

2. Do you think only the top people in Network marketing systems make all the money?

3. Do you think things online are “get rich quick” and only those that found the secrets will be successful?

4. Do you think you can start a home based network marketing business and work 30 minutes a day,posting maybe a handful of ads and you will earn THOUSANDS in a few days or weeks?

5. Do you think all you need to do is join some Network marketing program, and with little effort, see fast sales and income results?

Do you think that’s how the so called guru’s became successful?

If you said yes to any of the above, then YOU need to educate yourself on what The Problem With Network Marketing Systems really is, and it is much to do with your understanding of how these programs really work.

Sadly, the many hyped ads don’t help you here. You see all the hype and think that is the truth. It isn’t really. Now some experienced marketers CAN join some programs and either they have large lists of names of people who will FOLLOW them to their business, or they have large traffic resources, and that will get them instant and huge sales. They aren’t lying. But that did not happen overnight It took them years to build their following and lists.

The Problem With Network Marketing Systems is people do not learn them properly, they don’t have a long term business plan of at least a year to start any online business, and they soon fail due to not realistic expectations.

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We hope you have a new understanding of The Problem With Network Marketing Systems and are ready to get serious and build your lifelong residual income.