Network Marketing Business Opportunities

Network Marketing Business Opportunities

There are thousands of Network Marketing Business Opportunities on and offline.

How to know which one will work. Or better said, which one will suit YOU best?

Let us explain how to find the Network Marketing Business Opportunities that may be best suited for your personality and temperament.

There are TWO main types of Network Marketing Business Opportunities in our opinion.

Network Marketing Business Opportunities

1. The type where you need to make phone calls, explain the product, buy inventory, and make sales.

2. The type where the website makes the sales for you. You rarely need to interface directly with the prospects so the sales happen while you are sleeping, working, eating dinner; it all happens without your direct efforts. You do need to learn to get traffic to these pages which we can help.

So which Network Marketing Business Opportunities suits you more?

For us we prefer #2. YES will will interact with our prospects when they email us a question about our business, and for sure we will help them once we see they joined our #1 business.

But in general, all of our sales happen automatically.

As far as #1, if you are a people person and like to talk on the phone, possibly hold parties to show your products, then that may be where you excel.

The types of programs that fall under #1 include things like cosmetics, lotions and potions, food, vitamins, diet products, health supplements. You may recall Amway (Quixtar) and other companies like this. Then there are things like children’s books and even utility stonework marketing companies.

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We have found that Network Marketing Business Opportunities like #1 (lotions, cosmetics, food, diet supplements and all) do not sell online very well. You need to followup with phone calls to make that “sales” connection. Then most people are poor at sales so that type of business tends to require you finding like minded “salesy” people.

The #2 type often sells things like “get rich quick” programs which we DO NOT favor. Then there are more legit things like our top program where we sell domain names and hosting services. EVERYone online needs a website…hint.

We hope this Network Marketing Business Opportunities helped clear some things up so you can see nice success.



Network Marketing People Helping People

Network Marketing

One of the things I tell all my new Network Marketing Business members is this is a people business. Yes we join programs and how businesses BUT we really seek out the people we hope to help us learn and become successful, agree?

Network Marketing can be very rewarding when we meet other (online) and help them achieve their successes.

I have recruited thousands into my #1 rated program since March 2010 and EVERY ONE that did what I advised, has seen sales and have grown downline.

Network Marketing

Now, we do not sell to friends and family!  Unless of course we want to.

My friends and family are NOW LOOKING at my residual income checks and are very interested in what I have been doing online.

The way network marketing works is that you act as a distributor for another company. You build your business through networking and selling the company’s products/services to your  customer base, and you earn commission for every sale you make. You can also recruit more salespeople/affiliates, and you earn commissions on their sales too. This is where the BIG money comes in.

The basis of every network marketing company is the main company is at base of your business. They pay you. You grow a downline of distributors, in my business case it is 5 levels of downline we get paid for. There are levels beyond my 5th which I do not ge paid for, so for those of you that think this is a pyramid, I hope you understand this is far from any of that nonsense.

What is best about Network marketing is people helping people. In most of our JOBS we try to help each other but in reality the business is not really set up where helping others is mandatory or even in come cases many just would rather see you struggle than help. BUT in Network Marketing my success is based on MY ability and efforst to help it is a win win for all.

My downline is in all parts of the globe: Great Britain, India, Singapore, Ireland, USA, Canada, and more. My sponsor is a medical Doctor, and I have all sorts of backgrounds on my team: lawyers, dentists, laborers, truck drivers, students, sales people, etc.

You can see our online Network Marketing System here:

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Here’s our original site where we got our start online:

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Remember, Network Marketing Systems will work for anyone if they put in the efforts and learn from their upline.

What Is Multi Level Marketing; Avoiding MLM Scams

So you are wondering, exactly What Is Multi Level Marketing?

multi level marketingHaving been an MLM failure in the past, and now we are top earners in a Multi Level Marketing based online business, we can offer you some good tips on why this business “worked” for us,and why others didn’t so you don’t need to wonder “what is multi level marketing”.

How Can Multi Level Marketing, aka MLM solve your financial needs?

A Multi Level Marketing company is one where we join as an affiliate. Then we are expected to build a downline of other affiliates or customers, and we then earn a small amount from each of those downline. Some business models pay many levels below us, and some companies pay only to a certain level.

For example in our top program, we earn up to 5 levels deep and will earn to infinity ( all levels) once we achieve a certain volume of downline all filling up the “matrix” of positions- more on that detail in another post…this is about whether this business model may work for you.

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How to Avoid MLM Scams?

Many people sadly ask us if our MLM is a scam? They think multi level marketing is a “pyramid scheme” where only those at the top earn all the money. Well, while there may be scams out there, our program has run since 1999, and as stated it pays 5 levels deep…so our income is based on OUR ability to grow this 5 levels of downline. Not anything close to a pyramid scheme. Also, we may have people on our 15th level that we don’t earn any income from, and they could be earning a lot more than we earn due to THEIR ability to develop and grow THEIR downline- are you seeing the big picture?

First off, most MLM’s require some amount of interaction with our customers. If you join something that requires us to make a phone call to close the sale, then we better be somewhat good at being a salesperson.Are you seeing the importance of knowing the answer to what is multi level marketing?

We are not “sales people” so we looked for a program that would make a sale direct from the website we advertised.

This way, all we needed to do is send targeted traffic to that website, and a percentage of those people will join us. We can actually count that 1 in 15 or so of all prospects will join us. This again is totally w/o our need to contact anyone, cold call, or close sales.

Is this starting to answer the question of what is multi level marketing?

The reason this works is our program price point ($10/month), then the high converting capture page, then the 7 day free trial all combine to result in “easy” sales.

Now other Multi level marketing companies, may be higher in cost, and due to the nature of the product, it will not sell solely by the website. It WILL require some interaction w/ the prospect.

Once we find this system that makes sales w/o our direct involvement we need to understand how to grow large amounts of traffic to our systems capture page, then most important, once we do get a sale, TEACH those people how to COPY or DUPLICATE what we do to make sales. If we do this well, our downline grows and duplicates man levels deep.

One point on being involved…we do need to have some customer support. People do want to know YOU are real and there to help. Otherwise, they will be wondering

    what is multi level marketing

and why should I get involved.

If anyone joins a legitimate Multi Level Marketing work at home business and expects to “get rich” overnight doing no work, they are mistaken.This is why asking your question of what is multi level marketing is very smart. Like anything in life, nothing comes without some efforts and (hard) work. Now once we develop a decent size downline, we can kick back some and work less if we choose..and for sure this can be a business where we work a few minutes a day but earn a nice income.

In today’s economy we really need to find legitimate and easy to get started work at home businesses as most people simply do not have the money to start a business and they are in much need to supplement family incomes.

Do not underestimate the power of a $10/month business model. Retention of our members is quite high even if they do not actively work the business (some make more sales than others) so this multi level marketing business is our best find since March 2006 when we started our online business.

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We hope this helped answer what is multi level marketing.

MLM Rankings – How To Find The Best MLM Companies or Opportunities

Finding how MLM’s rate is as easy as doing some Googling of keywords like “MLM Rankings“, “The Best MLM Companies”..

Best MLM CompaniesThe Best MLM Companies, Opportunities, or maybe “The Top 25 Network Marketing Companies“.

Any one of those search terms should get you to some website that will offer some accurate, unbiased information on different MLM Companies that are currently seeing good growth.

One in particular that has often been suggested to me to use is

The problem with this approach is you are relying on someones opinion, and you really don’t have any facts on how or why you would see good results. If the company , product or most important, the marketing methods are not your cup of tea, then you may not see results, but others will.

The key to many online programs is in your ability to market the business or product.

Sure, a MLM company may be seeing fantastic growth, and everyone is jumping on board, but then you may find yourself not making a penny….why is this so? Even if it is one of the Best MLM Companies.

When it come to finding the Best MLM Companies.. A few simple things you should ask any new online program or network marketing company:

1. Don’t ask how much will I make in so many months. It is not possible to answer that question because no one that predict how hard you will work your MLM business, or who YOU will recruit. This is a people business, so it is up to many people’s capabilities and desire to succeed in how they will see results.It is also not legal to boast of income claims so if someone does, you should question their intentions.

2. You should ask, how exactly will you be shown to make your first sale. You see if you learn the skills to make a sale online, you can then make as many as you wish. See next item.

3. Do ask how will you get traffic to your program.. Important even if it is one of the Best MLM Companies out there. This is a good read and a work in progress, so it may help:
How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website.

4. Do ask, will you need to cold call prospects and close the sale? My system right now makes sales all by the webpages. Many of us are not salespeople and prefer to work behind the scenes and not have our faces or names plastered all over Facebook and other media sites, so this may be important to your ability to run your new business.

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Getting the truth about MLM Rankings or How To Find The Best MLM Companies or Opportunities or The Top 25 Network Marketing Companies is easy if you learn some skills to assess a company, program or sponsor so hopefully this was helpful.

Network Marketing – What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a very popular way to set up a business, and then offer a chance for the average person to become part of that company and earn an income.

Network MarketingI once saw an interview of Donald Trump who said if he had a chance to do it over, he would start a network marketing company.

This review is not so much about any specific Network Marketing company but more the basics of how these can work for you.

My #1 program for some 19 months now is Global Domains International Inc. aka GDI. It uses a network marketing compensation structure.

Many people use the terms MLM (multi level marketing) and Network Marketing interchangeably.

Many also think incorrectly that MLM or Network marketing is a “pyramid scheme” or a “ponzi scheme”. Well, you can look up the definitions of those terms at Wikipedia. Our focus here is to show you how this form of marketing can be one way to earn a huge income…in a few years of your efforts to recruit and teach your downline.

The idea in MLM is you get a down-line of many hundreds or thousands of affiliates below you (your team) and they all earn income from their sales. Then you earn a percentage of their sales volume.

A lot of people never were able to recruit even one person into their MLM business, and this is why the business model gets a bad name. People thinking they all are just some pyramid scheme.

The fact is, most programs tell us to recruit friends and family, which never works well for most. Then most people that fail think only the members that got in early will make all the money- because they are at the top of the so called pyramid. That is basically not accurate.

MLM’s are designed to assure that this can’t happen, as there are laws that make sure this isn’t the case.

Yes, some at the top of the downline will earn a lot, but the pay plans often limit the amount they can earn and they may only earn i.e. 5 levels down (deep). This avoids the accusations that the guy at the top earns all the money plus it helps assure everyone works to build their downline since they get paid only so many levels deep.

Doesn’t seem that much like a pyramid anymore does it?

Network marketing companies offer the average person with minimal finances an opportunity to start a home based business with very little money, even $10 a month in come cases. They can then build that income up over months to years based on their work ethic and drive to see results.

Nothing online is “get rich quick”. Notice we said “months to years” of building your business.

The key to success in these companies is having a system that anyone can easily DUPLICATE what you do to make sales, then a strong sponsor and leadership from your teams upline.

I have a system in my program that has taken total brand new people and allowed them to make their first online sales.I have seen that grow 5 levels deep into my group ( DUPLICATION) and I can assure you my income is totally based on my work ethic and my efforts to help my team grow their business. I can also say I have some leaders below me that have
grown their incomes to what mine is, so that should toss out the pyramid thoughts.

I will say this: you do need to have the right system to see easy duplication. Most of us are not salespeople so having a website that does a lot of this work will boost your chances of seeing the average person become a fluent online marketer.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
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Network Marketing or MLM is a great business if you are willing to follow simple directions and copy your way to success!