Passive Income

Passive Income

Passive Income from
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Passive Income is one way to make money that as we see it, is the best approach.

Passive Income

Passive Income

The definition by wiki is Passive Income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Sounds pretty simple but is it that easy?

Since you are reading this on the internet we would assume you are online looking for a way to make extra money or even a full time income, so we will tailor this article towards “online” type of Passive Income ideas.

Keep in mind that there are many passive income methods that have nothing to do with working online or starting an online business that may be as lucrative or even more so.

Some offline examples of passive income are interest from a bank account, royalties from a book published, rent from owning real estate properties, pensions, dividends and interest from various stocks or other accounts.

As you can see many of these ideas likely required someone to have invested their time and money to build up enough of an account or property or stocks to develop an interest or income that can be taken passively from these sources.

However once built up, one can set back and relax and enjoy life.

Getting back to online ways to create passive income, here are a few top ways to grow an online business that can earn you a passive income:

1. Blogging- blogging is about creating a blog about a certain topic, then creating quality content posts to that blog which tends to draw traffic to the blog and in turn in time, that traffic could buy items displayed at the blog, thus creating a passive income level. This can take some time to build enough content and to select the best niche to blog about and of course you should have some knowledge of the topic if you plan to be the writer.

2. Affiliate Marketing- This is where you as the online marketer sells other peoples services or products or your own items and you earn a percentage of the sales. Whether you own the items sold or you are an affiliate selling other items you earn a piece of the total selling price. If you set this up on autopilot where you keep advertising, and making sales, you will have a Passive Income. The same will happen if you create the product or service and many other affiliates sell your stuff. Which do you think is more of a Passive Income?

3. Email marketing- similar to the affiliate marketing, you can grow a list of subscribers to your list, and as you develop a relationship with this list you can sell items to them that may help them in their tasks online, depending on your list originally came from.

4. Niche Websites- as like a blog you can create niche websites, perform SEO (search engine optimization) to get free organic traffic and again sell items to that niche. You can also set up  paid traffic if the return on cost is profitable.

5. Website services- every website needs as lot of efforts to keep it with traffic and sales. If you had the skills you can develop a list of customers who need domains, hosting, SEO, content writing, website changes and updates, all of which can create a Passive Income for you.

The bigger you grow your traffic or customer base, the more Passive Income in your wallet.

As you can see, there is an enormous list of things one can do to create lifetime  Passive Income if you are willing to put in the efforts to build it.

We suggest you consider joining a $10 passive income opportunity that comes with free training and a free advertising system:

Passive Income

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies are everywhere so watch out!


Yes, I laugh out loud because I have personally recruited over 1900 people into my total downline which grew to over 19000 active + inactive members. If all of them were more accepting of a solid business model, instead of thinking Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies are everywhere, then 1900o people in MY downline alone could be much more wealthy today.

This post will hopefully educate some of you who are open minded to a business model that works if done legally and properly.

This post will PI%& some of you off who are so sure that any  Multilevel Marketing Company is indeed a Pyramid Scheme.

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

One of the key components we must have to succeed online is to be OPEN minded to LEARN from others and accept some things as fact.

If you can handle that, you may be successful.

First let’s take a LONG and hard look at this picture…study it for a while and tell me what you’re thinking:

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies

Anyone out there work for a company like this?  Let me ask you, do you in your company have the ability to earn more than your boss?

I can earn more than my UPLINE. I can earn more than my upline’s upline.

This was just posted to another marketers facebook and it is spot on. Those of us who flushed out our negative thinking about MLM’s or network marketing being a Pyramid scheme are making sales and growing teams with some awesome like minded people. Remember companies like Amway when they started were considered “Pyramids”. We all know that those who started with those companies are very wealthy and collect residual incomes. By the way, CEO’s and others that started companies also are similarly set…it’s just a different business model. Educate yourself on Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies.

This video (cartoon) tells it pretty straight. Sorry for those who may be offended…but if I left my business decisions to my “brother in law” who has no business or business sense, I would be poor. Educate yourself and learn what you may not understand to rise above the levels you now are at, this may require you to trust and join a so called pyramid scheme multilevel marketing companies.

Now I know some of you Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies die hards are thinking no way, and I am full of BS.

It’s simple. If I join under Joe, and I build a team of 19000, while Joe sets and does nothing, he will earn some from me, but my income will for sure become way more than his by my work to build MY downline.

Here’s another definition of Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies

People MIX up the idea of a true Pyramid scheme as compared to a legitimate Multi Level Marketing company. For sure if a company requires continual recruiting to keep paying all the members then it is possibly not a good business model and may be a pyramid.

Here’s a thought for you. What if everyone stopped going to your local grocery store all at once. Would the store be able to survive? I think not and that to me is like a pyramid…but we accept that as legal and OK. What is we stopped buying gas, might the oil companies feel it? Folks, educate yourself and join a solid team to learn more about Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies.

Much of what we do and make decisions on in our lives is based on our education on the subject and sometimes we are swayed by people who simply don’t know. I for one never would have thought I would grow a downline of over 19000 people. I did recruit a heavy hitter and he is on my 3rd level, so his downline I am sure goes way past his 5th level and that would be levels I cannot earn income from. So his success if very likely more than my income and he is BELOW me…pretty cool.

That sure would not happen in any corporate work environment now would it?

My business model has a suggestion to recruit only 3 people who all do the same 5 levels deep. Or recruit 6 people and they each do the same  5 levels deep. The latter can be a $9330 /month income. The biggest deterrent to many seeing this work is the negative mindsets of so many people that believe in the triangle above, but not true Multilevel Marketing Companies.

Folks, OPEN your minds and so many more could be helped in this economy…then you may never need to worry about money again. Just find 6…then  educate them on what is in this article. Then be patient…it takes time to build a 9330 size downline… 🙂

Pyramid Scheme Multilevel Marketing Companies are possible but there is a huge difference to the legit Multilevel Marketing Companies and you could earn a lot from just recruiting a hand full of members that understand this business model.



Tom Butler

Tom Butler Reviews.

Tom Butler offers a program called the Short Sale Magic program. Short sale refers to paying pennies on the dollar to usually a 2nd mortgage on real estate and gaining a profit. You see, banks don’t want to lose out on a mortgage when it may go into pre foreclosure or foreclosure so they ‘d be happy to find someone to take the burden from them.

Banks make their money by borrowing it and then marking it up a bit to then resell it at some profit which is not much different than any other business.

The Short Sale Magic System by Tom Butler teaches you to make offers usually to the second mortgage company to allow the bank to re-coupe some of their loaned money and in this case everyone comes out ahead. A win -win.

His program is offered at $39.00 and includes the short sale magic book and some additional gift CD’s.

Tom Butler

Similar to credit card companies that would rather settle for a fraction of what is owed versus getting nothing from the card holder, this can work for you with real estate.

The Short Sale works basically by offering the bank much less than what is owed on the second mortgage and immediately creating equity for you, and the bank is pleased as it settles the possible total loss.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

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Real estate is without a doubt a good area to be in as far as a business opportunity as it can appreciate and hold value if you buy low especially as like this can be. As a suggestion you may want to get into owning some real estate before you get into this kind of negotiating. Donald Trump once said in his book that one thing he is good at is negotiating, so keep that in mind as a key to this real estate success.

Tom Butler and his The Short Sale magic program are a good thing to learn this aspect of real estate investing and making money and we give it thumbs up.




John Beck Reviews- Real Estate Rocks!

John Beck Reviews- Real Estate Rocks!

John Beck has several books including Amazing Profits, Tax Sale Directory, Properties by Mail,  and Pennies On the Dollar, . This information explains how investors as like you, can use the tax sale process to buy real estate “free and clear” for just pennies on the dollar.

We’ve heard that a lot but is it for real? We say for sure it is!

The John Beck latest infomercial boasts about the “Free and Clear” real estate system where it shows people buying properties for just a few hundred dollars or less so that sure sounds good.

From my experiences in Real Estate investing, this can be very attractive way to get into this business. The only catch is you are looking for property that others have for some reason been unable to keep payments up on their property. You then being the smarter investor, seek these properties out and find these bargains so you can capitalize on another’s loss so to speak.

John Beck

My local news paper has a listing of these type properties every few months and yes you can find definitely “bargains”. A buddy in real estate who owns 60+ local properties says be doesn’t want a bargain, he looks for a steal. I do think that what John Beck has to teach may take a new real estate investor some extra effort to learn the in’s and out’s of buying and selling such property.

The John Beck information is very valid. I think real estate has to be in your blood if you plan to make a living in this field. It all depends on how serious you may look to build your real estate empire. Then again, passion in what you do is essential in most any business venture, otherwise it’ll just be more “work” don’t you agree?

Getting back to my buddy in local real estate as I was writing this, he was asking me to design a website for him so he can make money like I do, with very little “work”. Why is this the case?  Because he’s tired of the work effort needed to manage numerous properties and this successful friend is looking for a better way!

Actually he sees my results and I do it all from a computer so, that’s pretty luring but it didn’t happen over night either. Keep that in mind whether a real estate course from John Beck or joining any online business or program.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone that simply asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below.

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The  John Beck Free and Clear Real Estate System may be perfect for you.

International Internet Business

International Internet Business.

Why join an International Internet Business?

What business is best to join that can be promoted Globally?

Let me introduce you to company that’s been around since 1999 and is a solid International Internet Business offering a true value added product and lifetime residual income growth potential.

First a lesson in online marketing.

International Internet Business

Simple question.

What does everyone that wants an online business need?

tick, tick , tick ( that’s the clock ticking while you think of your answer).

YES!   A website!!!   woo hoo.

And to make a website appear on the internet, what do you need?

YES, correct and domain name and hosting.

Ok, last question.

Do you think this need for a website and hosting is only in the USA or do you think the ENTIRE Global community needs this?

CORRECT again.

GDI, Global Domains International offers this product and service to anyone in the world.

Imagine a market for your international internet business that is GLOBAL.

Can you make some good money w/ like 6 BILLION people as possible customers.

I’ll be happy with say 1,000,000 and earn MINIMUM $1,000.000 a month at that rate.  Ok, let’s be serious, and shoot for $10,000 a month in 1-3 years.

GDI offers an international internet business where the domains can be seen in NATIVE writing!

Here’s an example of our  CLICK HERE==>>      GDI Internationalized Domain Names

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to see how international internet business is done or click the YELLOW links below:

==>>     Easy To Earn Income Programs

Now GDI will not grow unless you have a system that can sell to the global community, traffic and your followup to show your customers how to copy what you do to make sales, which we can teach you.

We see people join our GDI international internet business to use the products and/or to promote the business. Either way we earn commissions for life.

Now do you see why domains and hosting can be  a REAL long term residual income. Imagine the people that need 10 domains as they grow their business.

We hope this helped you see the potential of an international internet business.

Expedia Travel Review

What can Expedia Travel Review do for you?

The question is, is  Expedia Travel Review really this best, free to the world public service when it comes to travel arrangements and all?  Well, probably the answer is … no, I don’t think so and really not too many people even understand exactly what’s going on with Expedia.

Nothing bad, I guess, I mean it’s Expedia after all. Well known and pretty well liked in general. Every time I say I need a vacation someone tells me, look on Expedia.

OK let me try to explain how this works:

Expedia Travel Review

You will see in this Expedia Travel Review that Expedia  is a giant travel advertising site. The highest bidding advertiser, or  highest bidder, wins the “lowest price guarantee” search result spot. Search resultis whe n you search for a place to vacation it for example.

As an example, let’s assume I am a resort in Miami Florida and I have an advertising account with Expedia. So I let them know I have a three bedroom, 2+  bath condo available December 28 through January the 4th, i.e. 7 nights.

Pretty popular time for Miami, New Years and all,  etc…

I would tell Expedia Travel Review the lowest I’m willing to rent that unit for that week for or my bottom line my best price for that week is $2,795.99 .

The next thing is where the resort or me in this example would say how much I am willing to pay to be Expedia’s “Lowest price guarantee price”. Keep in mind now, I am competing with all the other resorts bidding for that top spot at that time. Pretty competitive.

In the end the  resort that  is willing to pay the most for the “top pick search result” is the one Expedia will display when someone goes and searches for that date range and destination. Is this more clear how it works?

Here’s a little hint for you, that cost is  rarely the best deal out there! But for convenience and recognition of the Expedia name many of us just go there and sign up.

Be sure to have a look at what we found through our searching and our Number one rated vacation solution here:

Top Travel Retail Offers

You can also check out how we earn income from our Top Rated Travel Home Business here:

FREE Travel Info Tour

We hope this Expedia Travel Review was helpful.

Millionaire Samurai Review; Legit or Scam?

Have you received any emails from “Millionaire Samurai Review”?  Or “Millionaire Samurai”?

I have.

Do you have any clue who he or she is?

Millionaire SamuraiThis Millionaire Samurai  Review hopefully will educate you on knowing whether you would you join a program or buy anything from someone called Millionaire Samurai.

First rule of online sales….know who you are buying from and who you will get support from.

I have received many emails from this Millionaire Samurai person, and I cannot honestly say if I recall asking for his email information.

Well, maybe I did opt into his site and request some info, but I usually would remember someone named Millionaire Samurai.

The point here is simple.

Joining things online are no different than buying or joining things offline. We usually go with a recommendation from others, right?

We tend to ask others what sales person they used to buy a house, did they get a good deal, did they get good support, did the sales person help them?

Online sales should be no different. In fact since it is online and somewhat distant, we better be sure we know who we are joining.

Before I join any program online I usually ask 3-10 emailed questions to see if the person knows what they really are talking about especially how will I COPY their success.

If I can’t copy easily, then others probably can’t either.

Millionaire Samurai sounds like some hot guru type, and yes even I wonder if they have some new trick I am not aware of, but in this case, I don’t think they are someone to follow.


Yes, we all join people that we feel will help us succeed. This is a people business and we FOLLOW those we feel will

help us to success.

One of the bets ways to get a following is to start a website that shows people a bit about who you are.

I have not found a Millionaire Samurai Review or Millionaire Samurai website yet.

If you need a way to get started online with a nice easy to build your own website, you should

check this out as you can also earn a nice residual income from it:If You want to look at a system That does Offer Detailed Steps to

getting an internet business going or to Improve or save a failing one, You might want to click Below. You Will Be glad you did.Our top

program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to

see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply

asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below:

Easy To Do Income Programs

For now, we will leave Millionaire Samurai for all those that want to dream about success.



Assemble Product at Home; Legit or Scam?

Is an Assemble Product At Home work at home program really going to make you any money?

assemble product at home

I would like to find a legitimate company that really will pay someone to assemble product at home and make you a decent wage, so I can offer it to my many readers.

With my technical background I looked for this type of home business because I thought it might be one way to make extra cash, and if I or my family worked hard at it, it might even make us a full time income. A perfect family business and legitimate for sure. Definitely not a scam.

What we found in assemble product at home business opportunities were programs where you buy their introductory package of information that may cost $19.95, $29.95,$39.95 or more. This was for wooden chairs,jewelry, all kinds of different and crazy things.

If anyone out there has found a legitimate way to make money with an assemble product at home opportunity, please let me know and I will gladly list a revised opinion on this. The concept sounds so good, there has to be something out there for those that are good with assembly and tools that could offer such a service to companies and assemble their items at home. We would love to add your info to this review!

After a good review and research effort, all I saw was companies selling their “informational packages”.

The products weren’t that great, and it was up to you to market them. Marketing with little or no support can be tough to learn and costly too whether on or offline.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
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Easy To Do Income Programs

Assemble product at home for now gets a thumbs down until we find a real way to actually build items at home and sell them for a decent “full time income” possibility.

Fabulous Passive Residual Income Opportunities! How To Generate Residual Income Businesses And Profits

Fabulous Passive Residual Income Opportunities! How To Generate Residual Income Businesses And Profits.

Residual IncomeGreat headline, BUT what exactly does true residual income mean? How can you earn money online w/ this information and where can you find the right programs?

Well, after nearly 5 years working online looking for the perfect program, I learned one super key important TIP.

Passive Income



Because, plain and simple, no matter who you are online, it is not the easiest thing to keep working an online business every day, every week. You need a way to BUILD income, so that when you make ONE sale, it stays with you (retention) for a long time. This way you get paid over and over for that ONE advertising effort, whether it was time spent or money spent advertising.

The problem I had was finding a program that truly duplicated- meaning people that joined me could indeed get started with minimal cost and effort and see their first online sale.

Well,I found exactly that.

It’s actually pretty simple to make this all work.

You need only a few key components:

– High converting capture page like this: RecruitLikeStan
– Marketing system that offers huge value to the user like this: My Home Business Builder
– TRAFFIC- preferrable free ( we show you how to do this in MHBB; many have duplicated this approach).

Once you have this sales funnel set up, you need this to happen to generate residual income profits for your business:

– RETENTION of members- by offering low cost, high value, multiple use products.
– DUPLICATION- ability for the average person to do what you do to make sales.

When you put this together, you will see your passive residual income business turn to a nice recurring monthly income that will keep growing.

There is a catch though!

You do need to put some effort into this.

Money is not made anywhere we know about, without some hard work and effort put into it.

We can show anyone willing to COPY our system, and stay focused until YOU see your first sale happen, how to earn a residual online income.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
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Remember, once those 1st few sales come in, as you keep working the same amount, your income will grow from your retention of members and sales.

Of course, YOU will need to assist them, but when the system is pretty straightforward….just adding targeted traffic will keep your sales coming and residual income profits growing.

Hope this helps explain the importance of growing a residual income so you can see passive income growth.