Consultative Selling|How Facebook Has Changed The Art Of Making A Sale

Consultative Selling|How Facebook Has Changed The Art Of Making A Sale

You may agree or disagree with what I have to say here about Consultative selling and how Facebook has affected making income from home.

In my opinion, Facebook has ruined what online marketing used to be and made it harder for most people to ever make some real income at home.

So where does Consultative Selling come into the picture?

Consultative Selling

First a few mini rants….

Of course if you were not marketing online a few years ago before Facebook you may not see the difference. However I will ask you this one simple question….are you now in an online business and are you really making any decent money. By decent I mean at least $1000 a month.

I know for a fact most people trying to make money online, run to Facebook as their primary way to advertise.

Guess what, you are competing with millions of other people all claiming they are making great incomes.

I question people on Facebook often to see what they may know and most eventually say they are “just getting started” and “aren’t really making  much”. This after I ask basic questions like, what are your opt in conversions, and return on investment.I also ask what is needed to close their sale and they usually do not know.

You see back in the day, we all learned from the great marketers, who taught things like consultative selling and how to write great ad copy. Now on Facebook I see folks flat out writing lies, anything to make a sale. Sometimes stuffing the program right down my throat.

Well, that only shows me how desperate they are to make sales.

So how might Consultative Selling help you?

The simplest way to explain Consultative Selling is to never try to “sell” anyone. Offer the facts, the stats on your sales to advertising costs, and answer peoples questions with confidence and people will want to sign up with you fast. They will be glad to not have been pressured and feel like you may actually know a thing or two to not have needed to twist their arms to join you.

I never push anyone into my business. If my sales funnel is designed correctly, the right ratio of people compared to my advertising cost will join me to bring me profits. When they join based on an educated decision making process, they will want to stay with you long term and grow their business.

When you make a large purchase like buying a car, who do you go to see if not your trusted car sales guy/gal or someone that was recommended to you. If they start to “sell” you or pressure you, do you feel like doing business with them? Probably not, right?

Consultative Selling is something I just don’t see that often and that’s what we all were taught a few years back. One thing about online marketing is old school tends to work and keep working.

A lot of good sales tactics were lost when Facebook came online. It offers an easy way to try to get your product to peoples attention but most don’t learn the basics of making the sale or deal.

Remember, telling lies or pressuring people into your business will never create a long term sustainable business for you.

The best TIP i can offer you is to answer peoples question honestly and if you don’t know , say so. Your prospect just may be an experienced marketer from back in the day and could really make your business flourish.It happened to me!

I hope this Consultative Selling article was helpful.









What Is A Sales Funnel|Creating Or Building A Sales Funnel Is Not Always Easy|Sales Funnel Definition

What Is A Sales Funnel?

If you are new to online sales it is a MUST to understand What Is A Sales Funnel.

For a simple sales funnel definition, it is a system that takes your advertised prospects and turns a percentage of them into buying (sales) customers.

What Is A Sales Funnel is something we even as seasoned marketers do not create or build ourselves. This is because the only way to know if a sales funnel will work, is to test it with some traffic and this can be costly.

It is always best to COPY a system that works, and then just learn to send quality targeted traffic to that system. Many programs are sold and then people do not realize they need a sales funnel/system usually at some added cost to best market their programs.

what is a sales funnel

Many people join programs online and do not realize that they were actually led as a prospect to that systems sales funnel and they became the percentage that chose to buy. Not everyone buys from us. This is where many new makreters fail, they think with a handful of leads, they will have many sales. But usually as a rough rule of thumb, 1 in 1oo prospects may become a sale. Or 1 in 100 opt ins may be a sale meaning many more than 100 looked at your capture page and walked away.

This all simply means it takes a lot more traffic to make ONE sale than we all think when we are new.

I know I will startle you with this next statement but I feel it is very true. Most programs DO WORK. People fail at nearly every progran they join because they do not realize the efforts needed to get enough traffic to get enough opt ins to get even one sale.

Now do not panic as there are ways to get initial traffic growing and your 1st online sale.

But you need to be COACHABLE. You must follow exact directions and work hard to see traffic flow.

We wrote this What Is A Sales Funnel article to try to change your thinking to see that if you learned traffic generation and made a sale, you would then realize this is a business that anyone can do if they understand this simple concept.

Our programs all use a sales funnel that takes the prospect to our capture page. Some will opt in. Some will not. Of those that opt in, some will buy. Others will not. A well designed sales funnel can create a nice stream of income from more than one program offered in your sales funnel. Multiple streams of income are usually required by marketers to have several income streams that all add up to a nice full time or better then full time income.

Here are some TIPS to help you get started in online marketing and understand the power of What Is A Sales Funnel:

1. It takes a lot of traffic to see sale #1.

2. It takes in my top program about 12-15 opt ins to see a sale. Some more costly programs may need 100 opt ins to see a sale. 100 opt ins requires nearly ten times more traffic than the 12-15 program….this means a lot more work so try to start w/ low cost programs.

3. We can show you how to make a sale with FREE list builders as traffic if you want to work to make this a success.

4. Few leads systems work.

5. Testing is the only way to know if traffic or What Is A Sales Funnel will work.

6. Join sponsors that can explain this to you. If we cannot call you PLEASE understand we get 50 + calls a day and hundreds of emails. We simply have to support the best way we can and that is often by email- it is faster to help more people.

7. PPC is for advanced marketers but it can work to get very quality traffic.

8. If your program uses a sales funnel (capture page, autoresponder,etc) and you choose to not use it, very likely you will not see good sales results.

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This may help:

  What Is A Sales Funnel 


We hope this offered some idea of What Is A Sales Funnel and why you need to use these to make sales online.



Multi Level Marketing Strategy

So you are looking for a Multi Level Marketing Strategy?

Well, we can help that.

Last check we had 13,000 members in our downline (some quit; but that;s part of the deal) and we did that with our high converting capture page, aweber followup emails, and traffic to our simple to learn multi level marketing strategy system.

When we get asked for a Multi Level Marketing Strategy, we offer these tips:

multi level marketing strategy

1. Learn what Multi level Marketing is. It is not a PYRAMID!   GEEEEZ already. If MLM’s were pyramids they would be in Egypt. Just kidding, they would be shut down because pyramids are illegal… onto the important stuff.

2. Find a mentor. You can’t learn online marketing ONLY from videos and trainings. You need someone you can ask all those “dumb” questions to…so you really get this down pat. (there are no DUMB questions. The only dumb questions are the ones we don’t ask.

3. Learn some simple form of traffic generation. We use list builders to get people started. We set a goal of getting their 1st sale online and NOT from a friend or family.

4. Understand that sending ONE solo ad to 3000 people is NOT a lot of traffic.  Sending to say 10 times that is starting to be a lot of traffic.

5. Find a PROVEN system that makes sales without you needing to cold call or close sales.

6. Work hard every day to build traffic to this system.

So, that’s your Multi Level Marketing strategy. Seems pretty simple.

The most important thing t do here is to TAKE ACTION.

Many people join some multi level marketing strategy system and quit in a few weeks. They never ask questions. They don’t follow the system.

We have been online for 6 years and we COPY other systems that work. It is an art to design a system that will make killer sales.

One other Multi Level Marketing Strategy for you is to NEVER GIVE UP. Allow 1 solid year initially to build your traffic and business.

The high end earners outsource the many tasks of building traffic but this comes when your business is in profit.

We can show you how to start w/ a $10 program, and build it to a solid 4 or 5 figure residual income source.

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Multi Level Marketing Strategy is easy if you follow directions.