Online Marketing Tips and Strategy

Online Marketing Tips and Strategy, How To Transform Your Words Into Money-Magnets That Pull In Customers and Attract Cash To You On Demand

We received several requests for help with marketing & sales.
So I thought I would start by sharing some killer copywriting advice.

This one Online Marketing Tips and Strategy could turn your business upside down!

What’s copy? It’s simply the text you see in advertisements, sales
letters, promotional pieces and so on.  Being able to write good
copy is one of the most profitable skills you can have.

It literally allows you to transform your words into money-magnets
that go out and attract cash to you on demand–a process you can
repeat as many times as you want, with as many products as you
want, in as many markets as you want.

Online Marketing Tips and Strategy is key to your skills to learn for success online.

Online Marketing Tips and Strategy

But the world of copywriting is vast and can seem very intimidating
at first. We want to share with you some classic, tried-and-true basics that you can
immediately apply to your marketing to get more leads and more
sales out of the effort and money you’re already putting into it.

If your phone isn’t ringing off the hook with your current marketing pieces or if you don’t know where to start, this will get you started on the right track to best Online Marketing Tips and Strategy.

So let’s get started.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN MARKETING- Online Marketing Tips and Strategy

You might not want to hear this, but I have to be honest with you.

Your prospects don’t care about you.

They don’t care about your business.

They don’t care about your product.

Yes, it may sound harsh, but it’s true. What do they care about?

They care about…Themselves, their problems and their desires. That’s it. The only
value you have in their eyes is how you can relate to them avoiding
their frustrations and reaching their goals. All your customers listen to the same
radio station WIIFM = What’s in it for me?

So, did that surprise you at all in this Online Marketing Tips and Strategy mini class?

This simple truth of writing your ad copy based on their problems/desires/them is NOT DONE so much in marketing it would make your head spin. See, you can put one of three things in the spotlight when you market: you, your product or your prospect. Most companies put themselves and their products in the spotlight and talk about how great they are, how great their product is, how everyone loves them and so on, and they wonder why their marketing pulls like a malnourished donkey with arthritis.

It’s because NOBODY CARES! People don’t care until you solidly plant THEM in the spotlight and speak to THEIR issues, THEIR
dreams, THEIR frustrations. Only THEN will they listen to anything about you or your product, and even then they’ll only hear of it if it’s clear why it relates back to THEM.

So, I want you to do a little exercise right now for your Online Marketing Tips and Strategy lesson.

1. Write down your prospect’s top frustrations. What irks him or her the
most? What keeps him up at night?

2. Write down your prospect’s top irrational fears. What is he/she
secretly afraid of that either doesn’t quite make sense or is very
unlikely, yet he/she is still emotionally afraid?

3. Write down your prospect’s top mental fantasies. How does he/she
dream things would be? This too is usually unrealistic, but what
are the absolute ideal set of circumstances that just make him/her

Good, now we have somewhere to begin.

HEADLINE- Online Marketing Tips and Strategy

The headline is the opening paragraph of your ad or sales letter.
(By the way, if you don’t know what a sales letter is, it’s simply
a letter to a prospect that is intended to sell something, and it
usually looks an sounds a certain way.)

Dan Kennedy, probably the most well-known and respected copywriter
alive today, says that he spends as much as 50% of his time
crafting good headlines.

Why? Because you have a few seconds to GRAB your prospect by the
eyeballs and RIVET him to the page. People sort their mail over the
trash and email with the delete button, so if you don’t catch their
attention right away, you get canned or deleted!

So, how do you write a great headline? Here are some great Online Marketing Tips and Strategy tips:

1. Speak DIRECTLY to your prospect’s frustrations, fears and
fantasies. The headline should ALWAYS put your prospect in the
spotlight and should hit him right where he currently is in terms
of his problems and desires.

2. Use ready-made “fill in the blank” headlines that have been
pulled from some of the best sales letters ever written. Why
reinvent the wheel? Simply plug your information into any of the
following headlines (and feel free to get a little creative), and
you’ll be off to a good start.



They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano–But Not When I Started
to Play!

They Grinned When the Waiter Spoke to Me in French–But Their
Laughter Changed to Amazement at My Reply!

WHO ELSE WANTS ________?


Who Else Wants an A-List Hollywood Body?

Who Else Needs an Extra Hour Every Day?

HOW ______ MADE ME ________.


How a “Fool Stunt” Made Me a Star Salesman.

How a Simple Idea Made Me “Plant Manager of the Year.”

How Relocating to Tennessee Saved Our Company One Million Dollars
Last Year.

ARE YOU ________?


Are You Ashamed of the Smells in Your House?

Are You Prepared For the Japanese Invasion of Your Industry?

HOW I ________.


How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling.

How I retired at Age 40–With a Guaranteed Income For Life.

How I Turned a Troubled Company Into a Personal Fortune.

HOW TO ________.


How to Collect From Social Security at Any Age.

How to Win Friends and Influence People.

How to Improve Telemarketers’ Productivity–For Just $19.95.

IF YOU ARE ________, YOU CAN _________.


If You Are a Nondrinker, You Can Save 20% on Life Insurance.

If You Are a Football Expert, You Could Win $50,000.00 Next Weekend.

If Your Firm Uses “Temporaries,” You Might Qualify For $1,000.00 in
Free Services.

SECRETS OF ________.


Secrets of a Madison Ave. Maverick–“Contrarian Advertising.”

Secrets of Four Champion Golfers.

GIVE ME _______ AND I’LL __________.


Give Me 5 Days and I’ll Give You a Magnetic Personality.

Give Me Just 1 Hour a Day and I’ll Have You Speaking French Like
“Pierre” in One Month.

Give me a Chance to Ask Seven Questions and I’ll Prove You Are
Wasting a Small Fortune on Your Advertising.

________ WAYS TO ___________.


101 Ways to Increase New Patient Flow.

17 Ways to Slash Your Equipment Maintenance Costs.

THE KENNEDY HEADLINE TEST- Online Marketing Tips and Strategy

The great Dan Kennedy has a simple test for a headline’s quality.
It has two criteria:

1. If you were to place the headline in the paper as an ad with a
phone number under it, and nothing else, would people call?

YOUR ASSIGNMENT- Online Marketing Tips and Strategy

Okay, that concludes part 1 of Online Marketing Tips and Strategy. Before we go
any further, I want you to sit down and write NO LESS THAN 10
headlines for selling your product or service.

Really put thought into it and play around with the sample
headlines above. This applies to any promotion you are currently doing.

Whether it be newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, car door magnets,business cards, ANYTHING that communicates to your customers about you.

My next post we’re going to move into probably the most powerful and
persuasive sales and marketing tool around, and how to use it to
melt your prospects’ resistance and turn those prospects into plentiful buyers.

Thanks for reading.
To Your Success, Stan T.

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We hope this Online Marketing Tips and Strategy info was helpful.