Telexfree Reviews- My Personal Experience With

Telexfree Reviews is another topic we can advise on based on our testing of this program and whether it “works” and can earn you any money.

If you are busy at you day job and just life in general, but have the desire to earn some extra income that could be built up to a full time income, this may be for you.

We have been members of Telexfree since it began and we are being paid regularly; very nice.

We like this Telexfree reviews because it is very hand’s off.

If Telexfree is not to your liking, we make a great income from this top notch program: Direct Pay System

You will see in this Telexfree Reviews that you can join at various levels, and actually have the daily “work” outsourced for a small piece of the profits, and you earn the net profit, essentially doing no work.

We like these type programs. You can set up a hand full of these and have money rolling in for ZERO work on your part.

telexfree reviews

We test these programs like in this Telexfree reviews to find what works, then we add them to our multiple income streams.

Some Details:

What is Telexfree Reviews and what is the product?

James Merrill is the President of the company with it’s headquarters located at 225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200 Marlborough, MA 01752. Telexfree launched in Brazil January 1, 2012. The company exploded gaining 400,000 members in just 12 months. This is essentially ground floor for USA members. Cool.

The products and services are available in over 60 countries right now and growing. It’s a real business, with a real location. They’re heavily invested in a successful USA based launch in 2013 and they’re not going anywhere.

What is the primary product?

The primary product/service that is  available is an app(lication)  that allows you to call from any cell phone or land-line to any other cell or land-line and talk as much as you like for one flat rate – $49.90. If you compare unlimited long distance, for unlimited long distance from one mobile carrier to any other long distance mobile carrier their prices are competitive.

I have many people in this business regularly calling long distance to home for this cost so the product has real value and works.

Levels to join:

1. Adcentral pak (1 ad a day): $299. Earn $20 weekly. Earn $18 if you have the ads done for you (see Ads below)

2. Adcentral Family Pak (5 ads a day): $1375. Earn $100 weekly, Earn $328 monthly  if you have the ads done for you.

3. Team Builder: $15,125 (11 ads a day;1 per family) . Earn $1100 weekly. Earn $4235 monthly.

You earn more if you do the ads yourself. We like HANDS off income generators so we can work other businesses.

ADS- to earn we need to place daily ads. These  get traffic to the business. If we don’t get the ad done for a day, we start over for the week.

You can see that with more than one account you can simply increase your income.

Check this out for a nice summary and where we have the ads placed for us:  ADDASSURE   The EXACT getting started steps are below.

Telexfree Reviews- TEAM SUPPORT:

Our team is based in 6 figure earners. That’s where we hear of these programs, then we test them ourselves and join if they DO earn income.

This has way more info on Telexfree reviews than I could possible write here:   Here Is The Step By Instruction for how the team system works .

I offer lifetime FREE support and have many TRAFFIC ways to grow this and all of our online multiple residual income streams.

Telexfree is a new program, and until it stands the test of time, it should be approached with some caution and YOUR due diligence. Most companies under say 2 years old can close w/o much warning, but so far so good. They recently added a “wallet” system and when I called their customer service they were very friendly and professional.

Whether you like Telexfree or our other superb offer Direct Pay System either way it’s a WIN for you.

Telexfree reviews is our summary of one of our new additions to our multiple income streams of home based income.