How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately

This article will teach you How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately from a $10 program that has been in business since 1999.

We supply sign ups, actual paying customers (affiliates) to your downline, which can easily show you How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately.

We have been online over 8 years and in this work from home business SINCE March 2010. How often do you see anyone online in anything that long?

Please read below to see how you too can learn How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately by joining the right program with the very best support.

The reason we are in this particular program and why it works so well are the following:

How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately

1. It is low cost so most can afford $10/month. The low cost converts faster than higher cost programs so a newbie will see easier initial sales which always helps get them over the initial skepticism that most have when they are new and inexperienced.

2. It grows to a higher income as people join and your downline forms. This is critical for ANY program to be worth your time. If it cannot build and grow over time to a decent income, some level most would be happy to call an extra income stream or side business OR a full time income, then there is no reason to waste time with it

You may see many online claiming to earn big incomes, but most I can assure you really are not (you get good at reading through people after 8 years in the business) and this is mostly due to the business they are in. Their business has no real long term reason to be involved and no real long term product or service for people to pay for. That said, our How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately program has a secret to it that most online would give anything for. Here it is….many will keep their accounts even if they never work the business. Yes, this helps sustain your income and growth. We have members since 2010 who don’t promote the business but use the services.

So, what it this How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately program you are wondering?

You can learn all about it in this company provided video over view:
Global Domains International aka GDI

If you heard of GDI, and maybe were a member at one time, and didn’t have success, we have a system now that pretty much assures sign ups making this the answer to How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately for you.

We developed a traffic system that we offer in a COOP where you can BUY downline. Right now we offer 2-3 sign ups for $50 or 4-6 sign ups for $100. Soon we will have a 25 sign ups COOP for $500. If you get the GDI weekly bonus for sign ups ( $100 for every 5 sign ups) you can quickly see that your advertising costs to get 2-3 or 4-6 or 25 sign ups can be mostly covered by the bonus. Nice for GDI to help pay for your downline growth!!

To take a look at our How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately system, you can subscribe at this link for FREE:


So I am sure you are skeptical about all this How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately and we understand that. We were too, and we searched for nearly 3 years looking for something we can call a true business from home. When we found GDI we were down to our last few ideas and decided to give it a go. At that time there was no COOP to join to get instant sign ups. We used our own traffic and got fast sign ups. Then our next test was if any of those sign ups would DUPLICATE, and sure enough by the 2nd week we had downline making sales. Then we got $100 bonus for the 5-10 sales we had our first week and said WOW, that covers our advertising. At that point we knew we had a keeper. DO NOT underestimate the power of a $1 commission ($15 and $4 if your member is Premium level).

Here’s a video showing my recent growth, down all 5 levels from using the COOP.
Global Domains International – GDI Get 4-6 Sign Ups 10DollarSystem

In about 5 weeks , using the COOP three times, I am seeing 60-80 weekly sign ups ALL from downline efforts using the COOP. That my friends is DUPLICATION at its finest.

That’s why this is our How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately best program for 6 + years.

We offer support one on one but also via a very active and happy Facebook group where anyone that has tried the COOP has seen results. Way more proof than we can offer here so when you subscribe, be sure to JOIN the FREE marketing system and do the Steps 1,2 and 3. Step 3 is join our FB group where you can meet all of us and see the great results everyone is having.

Myself and my partners have been online way too long to offer anything but a quality product and system that ANYone can plug into and see results…our reputation is un tarnished and we will work hard to keep it that way so you can be proud of your work from home income.

So to summarize, if you are looking for a low cost, simple to get started How To Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately work from home program that has been around since 1999 so it is LONG term and we can see it as a true business to work and grow for many years, Global Domains International may be just right for you.

Can You Make Money With GDI

Can You Make Money With GDI?

Free Website Traffic with GDI – Click Here

We have been receiving a residual check from GDI since March 2006 so I guess the answer is YES but there is a catch.

If you want to know the secret to the question of Can You Make Money With GDI then read this review.

If you don’t believe the answer to this question: Can You Make Money With GDI then you probably will not make money online in anything you do.

Can You Make Money With GDI

There is no secret to making money online. All you need is traffic and LOTS of it, then a high converting offer that requires less than typical traffic to make a sale so you don’t need to work too hard, then you need to NOT QUIT in a few days thinking this or that program is a scam and doesn’t work.

You also do not need to hang out on Facebook all the time trying to make sales. That’s just plain dumb.

Who has time to socialize all day anyways?

Here are the keys to our teams success where we have recruited over 2300 personals and have seen over 23000 join our downline over the last 4 + years:

1. DO NOT QUIT:  it takes time to build a team. Count on 3 months minimum efforts.

2. Try our free marketing system out: WebsiteWSTraining. This is how we get leads then 1 in 15 convert to a GDI sale.
3. Check out our GDI presentation:
4. Look at ONE way we get people started with FREE traffic:
5. Realize that 1 in 100 people may actually work this or any BUSINESS seriously. Most think there is some magic secret way that the guru’s won’t tell us….so they keep jumping from one program to another instead of focusing on their ONE program and building a team.

6. When you do get a sale, work with your customer to teach them how you got the sale. realize that once you get your 3,4 or 5 people then they need to do the same. In TIME this will build and for sure follow #1.

If you quit you will for sure fail. People take time to learn and grow just like you do. So a year to see results is not uncommon in any online program.

Sure the people that have been doing this many years can make huge incomes fast because they have huge lists.

Are you starting to see the truth and reality of Can You Make Money With GDI?

Do you see that there is nothing magical about what I have written?

Do you think YOU can do this and become financially free and receive a nice GDI residual paycheck on or before the 15th of every month?

I know YOU can…because anyone can if they have the desire to trust this and work it.

Can You Make Money With GDI is really a simple program and question to answer.

Selling a $10 product is way easier than trying to sell $Thousand dollar items.

That’s why we stick with GDI. Many have been in GDI for many years, then look elsewhere then end up right back with GDI because it is solid , since 1999 and simply works.

If you need more details, join our team and continue to grow and learn about Can You Make Money With GDI





Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review

Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review.

Well, I finally jumped in and bought an article  “spinner”. I am one of those people that doesn’t like buying constant new “gadgets” that we supposedly need to run our online businesses, but Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review is no doubt a must have.

My online buddies have had other spinners and this one seems to work quite well and may truly be “20 years ahead of its time” as their ad proclaims.

I want to offer you some tips on article writing and back linking along with this article on the Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review.

As we determined in this Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review, Aaron Sustar is the creator of this product.

What is an article spinner?

Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review

It is a software program where you can type in an article (ideally 500 or so words) and with a click of the mouse the program will alter the wording of the article so it looks unique enough so the search engines do not see it as a duplicate off the original article.

Why a spinner?  Can’t we just write articles by hand?

Ok, here’s a take away from this review.

Sure one could write articles by hand but to build the level of backlinks we really need to get the traffic we desire, we need hundreds of such backlinks and we ideally want unique versions of our articles. So manual article writing and even spinning is simply not going to build your backlinks large enough.

I bought the Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review version for $59.10 annual subscription cost and it had a 5 day free trial. I didn’t really care about the free trial much as I realize the need to have a spinner and my goals now are to keep building massive links to my blog posts and use the article spinner to create the multiple versions I need for my blog, my review site and another HOT product you can see here , where I submit my spun article and for a LOW cost let them submit it to up to 800 sites to create as many back links.

Check that out here Spin Distribute Review

There is so much stuff to learn and determine exactly what we need to really do to get traffic to our sites, that your head can spin ( no pun intended) trying to learn just what do we really need to do. So I look at the info in this Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review like this. Why would  there be products developed to create multiple versions of an article, then why would there be products that will post to some 800+ sites to create back links for your posts? In other words, trying to rank with a few manual posts just may not get you there.

These tools work and the only issue I had with the Spin Rewriter 3.0 was it sometimes created versions that were not easy to read with the choice of synonyms for example  It was easy to proof read though, and alter so at least my main blog and main site articles (posts) were readable.

You can check out Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review in more depth by clicking this link.

As you may have guessed by this Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review, the product is great, easy to use and very affordable.


GDI Gold Rush Scam; Let’s Clear This Up Now!

Many of you may have seen the Gold Rush Capture page and assumed it is a GDI Gold Rush Scam.

There is no GDI Gold Rush Scam folks.

Many will join programs online and never learn how to drive enough traffic to their capture page, then call everything online a scam.

What if instead of a GDI Gold Rush Scam, you walk away from this review with a NEW idea on how all this works, and you think for sue YOU can do this!

GDI Gold Rush Scam

First, the Gold rush capture page is a high converting page, meaning a high percentage of people that see it will opt into it.

Then, the trick is to lern how to get enough traffic to that page.

If you don’t know how to generate targeted traffic to anything you try to sell online you will forever feel that GDI Gold Rush Scam is real.

Our Top GDI (Global Domains International, INC) program or system uses the Gold Rush page.

You can learn more about our top marketing system here:

 CLICK HERE==>>      My Home Biz Builder

You can see the infamous GDI Gold Rush Scam capture page here:

CLICK HERE==>>      GDI Gold Rush Scam  feel free to opt in and get FREE info.
We don’t mean it is a scam, we are just showing you what the gold rush page is all about.

Or look at our multiple streams of income here:

Top Residual Income Programs

Now to get sales online we need a capture page that will be exciting or luring or convincing enough so the prospect decides to join your work at home business without YOU standing next to them with  sales pitch. The webpage needs to make all that happen.

So, do you think the GDI Gold Rush Scam as it is being referred to falsely, may just get some people to make a decision on the spot to join?

You bet, and that is exactly why that page has been used to extensively.

One point: if you do join us in GDI, we will teach you all that we know to make hands off online sales. We never cold call anyone.

As the picture shows, this is easy enough a child can do it, BUT if you think it is a scam, you will have a hard time trying to trust anyone online and learn to get sales.

Try to think positively, and get to know us. We are just like you, working hard to help make our financial situation better and work from home full time.

We are here to help and serve you.

We hope you think a bit differently about GDI Gold Rush Scam.


GDI Top Earner; What Are The GDI Income Secrets?

So you want to be a GDI Top Earner?

You think you need to know what are the GDI Income Secrets to become a GDI top earner?

We have helped brand new people get their 1st sale online and 1st GDI (Global Domains International) sale.

You can too!

But here’s a secret for you we want you to get in on….

The answer to “What are the GDI Income Secrets?” is, there are no SECRETS!

gdi top earner

Consider this.

You have a day J-O-B now, correct?

Did you need to learn anything to perform your JOB?

Well to sell ANYTHING online you need to learn a few skills too. Don’t get all worried that this is too complicated or you need all these special computer technical skills.

If you can do these things, you CAN be a GDI Top earner:

* send an email?

* reply to an email question if your prospect asks about your GDI business?

* log into websites and remember where to log in and your username and password?

* can you copy and paste?  We show you how here:
==>> How To Copy and Paste You can copy and paste the ads we give you to use to advertise your GDI capture page. A capture page is what we use to send out in ads and where people fill out their name and email for more information. Some, not all of these will join your GDI business.

The problem with new people starting ANY online business is they read the hyped ads, and figure all they need to do is “work” 30 minutes a day and in a few weeks they will have a downline of thousands and an income of $10,000 a month.

In the case of any GDI Top earner, we need to grow a downline so that we earn a small amount from each member. Then if we for example have 6 people directly below us, and those 6 find their 6, in time you will have a downline of 5 levels of groups of 6, which can earn you close to $10,000 a month……..BUT the cold hard truth is, not everyone will work their business like it is a $10,000 a month income source.

Many will not learn the skills to make multiple sales.

We are on the GDI leaderboards almost every week since March 2010; you can join and verify that. We take some time off here and there to advertise other programs, but we are generally on the GDI leaderboards.

The ONLY reason we are there, and others may not be, is we have a LOT of traffic that we send to a high converting landing page. That page and followup emails will do the selling and telling, and a good % will join our GDI team.

So how can you be a GDI Top earner?

We start new people with List Builders to get some easy to learn traffic. Once you see this work, and you get opt ins, then your very 1st sale online, you will have YOUR OWN proof that all this online stuff works. Then you can learn more traffic secrets and grow your sales.

Once you learn to make a sale online, you have the exact potential to be a GDI Top Earner or a top earner in any online program.

Our top program information is here, and we encourage you to take it for a test drive to
see how we earn multiple residual incomes and offer FREE support to anyone thats simply
asks for our help– or click the HIGHLIGHTED links below:

==>>     Easy To Earn Income Programs

Some of the GDI Top Earners on our team include myself, Stan Tomaszewski,Jason Cardamone, Dr. Rick Fraser, Anuj Atri (Vij Sharma), Martin Wilson, and many others.

Folks, there are no GDI Top Earner secrets other than a solid sales and marketing system and support from our team that helps all as long as you are willing to put your time and efforts into your GDI business.


Get Rich Online | Ways To Get Rich Online

So you are here for one reason, to find out once and for all how to get rich online. Or for some of you that been “scammed”, how to make your first dollar, first sale online.

Get Rich OnlineOnce we know this we can think about the many ways to get rich online.

First off I need to tell you the truth. For those of you that have been scammed online joining different programs, I will agree there are some that for sure are flat out scams.

BUT what if I told you that you may have been in a program that was totally NOT a scam, and you may have been very close to making a sale!

You see the problem is, most “Get Rich Online” ads are hyped up just enough to get us excited to join the program.

Ads that are not hyped some, flat out just do not get anyones attention.

So be cautious about that.

Most programs are designed to make sales and to work, would you not agree?

So why do some do well and so many do not?

Simple reason.

They never learn how to generate enough traffic to any program to see even their 1st sale.

OR worse. They are one more prospect away from a sale and they quit saying “this too is a scam”.

Folks it takes a LOT of traffic to see one opt in, then it takes a lot more to see enough opt ins to make that 1st sales.

IF you learn this, then take the time and patience to grow some traffic, you should see a sale in most any program you join.

We recommend a low ticket program, as anything more than $10 in todays economy is a stretch for most to afford.

But don’t discount the fact that even a $10 program can’t get you “rich”. My top program, gets people to join and many just keep the account for the use of the services- they never even try to sell it.

So, what if you stayed in such a program for say 2-5 years….do you think that in that time you may build some income?

YES, it may take 1,2,3, maybe 5 years to grow a nice 4 to 5 figure income and never have to answer to a BOSS again.

But are you willing to put in that time?

Are you trusting enough to spend that much time working at an get rich online program?

Those are the questions many never realize they may need to ask themselves. And sadly many fail.

They simply expect way too much way too soon with way too little effort, then they jump from one program to another looking for the one that “works”.

Read this: How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website.

==>>     Easy To Do Income Programs

There are many ways to get rich online but we all need to walk before we run. Try learning how to make your very first sale online, then YOU will know the “secret” to get rich online.