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Tom Butler offers a program called the Short Sale Magic program. Short sale refers to paying pennies on the dollar to usually a 2nd mortgage on real estate and gaining a profit. You see, banks don’t want to lose out on a mortgage when it may go into pre foreclosure or foreclosure so they ‘d be happy to find someone to take the burden from them.

Banks make their money by borrowing it and then marking it up a bit to then resell it at some profit which is not much different than any other business.

The Short Sale Magic System by Tom Butler teaches you to make offers usually to the second mortgage company to allow the bank to re-coupe some of their loaned money and in this case everyone comes out ahead. A win -win.

His program is offered at $39.00 and includes the short sale magic book and some additional gift CD’s.

Tom Butler

Similar to credit card companies that would rather settle for a fraction of what is owed versus getting nothing from the card holder, this can work for you with real estate.

The Short Sale works basically by offering the bank much less than what is owed on the second mortgage and immediately creating equity for you, and the bank is pleased as it settles the possible total loss.

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Real estate is without a doubt a good area to be in as far as a business opportunity as it can appreciate and hold value if you buy low especially as like this can be. As a suggestion you may want to get into owning some real estate before you get into this kind of negotiating. Donald Trump once said in his book that one thing he is good at is negotiating, so keep that in mind as a key to this real estate success.

Tom Butler and his The Short Sale magic program are a good thing to learn this aspect of real estate investing and making money and we give it thumbs up.




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