Top Free Classifieds; Free Business Classifieds Legit or Scam?

So you are desperately searching for the Top Free Classifieds Business advertising sites to skyrocket your work at home business opportunity/program, right?

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Free ClassifiedsThese are also a way that have proven to bring in long term high quality backlinks and traffic for your work at home business opportunity or program and this is Free Classifieds.

Well we have the Top 7, but we think you will need more than that to really see your program work. First let us give you what you asked for: TOP 7 Free Classifieds:








Now is a good time to introduce you to this article… a work in progress but may put all this traffic stuff in perspective for you:

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

You see the key to getting EASY sales is having quality targeted traffic. Our experience says free classifieds ads are not the highest quality lead.

YES, many programs send new people to these FREE classifieds sites to get some initial traffic and even maybe a sale but you will need to get a lot of ads posted each day and also probably need to get good at those fancy looking ads, with all the colors, and pictures in them….you see people seem to be “impressed” with all that flashy stuff.

There are other ways to get traffic that will create YOUR own personalized leads that will come to YOUR site, and these include blogs and review type websites. These take time to post CONTENT to them to start to get traffic flow.

Very simply explained….each post has a keyword in it…and that keyword is what you hope someone will search for online and if your site is high enough rank, they will find YOUR site on google page 1, and as they read the post you made they may see you as some “expert” or at least someone that seems to know what they are talking about, then they may opt into your webpage to learn more about YOU and YOUR offer.

That folks in a nut shell is what this is all about. YOU getting others to see you as a leader or someone to follow that may help them to learn what YOU know.

DUPLICATION, COPYING what works is the key to getting new people started online the fastest. The simpler the traffic method is the better.

Our goal is to show you how to make SALE #1 online. Once YOU can do this, you will have the secret to work at home business success.

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Using these top 7 business free classifieds advertising sites may work for your program.

3 thoughts on “Top Free Classifieds; Free Business Classifieds Legit or Scam?”

  1. Hello,

    Those are some great classified websites. However, some have a bad reputation of crimes and killings due to their bad email system. I’m in new york and

    has become a very popular free classifieds website. i bought a couple of musical instruments and I feel safe going to the sellers because they have a positive feedback score.

    1. seems strange to have such things connected to a bad email system, but those are often suggested by many online work at home programs to get initial traffic to various programs. classifieds are ok, but we all know we need “better” traffic to really get our businesses off the ground. Thanks for your post!stan

  2. It was hard to find your posts in google search results.
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