Uneeqlee Review

Uneeqlee Review.

Uneeqlee Review- read facts about this unique and timely business opportunity.

If what you see and read in this Uneeqlee Review gets you excited and you finally are in the right place at the right time, you are probably correct.

My friend Hamed Yazdi and I feel this Uneeqlee Review can change your life.


uneeqlee review

After you are done watching my friend Hamed explain the whole company, products and program, check this video out:

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Here is a summary of the key points and benefits of Uneeqlee:

The purpose of this Uneeqlee Review is to provide a detailed overview of Uneeqlee’s 5 Products

Uneeqlee is a one-stop shop for all your mobile marketing needs. This mobile marketing opportunity offers 5 products at very affordable rates to help you have more effective communication with your clients or prospects in ANY business on or off line. In this Uneeqlee Review, we will  go into some detail on the  products that the company currently offers. We will then offer some ideas on how you can use them for your business, no matter if you are a  insurance agent, network marketer,small business owner, realtor,  or any type of entrepreneur in any industry. The three packages currently are $19.95/mo, $59.95/mo, and $199.95/mo.

Product #1: Text Message Updates from 75000
This tool allows you to send text messages to a large group of people. When a client texts a keyword to that number, they automatically subscribe to that list. So if you secure the keyword “Rob,” you can have people simply text the word “Rob” to the number 75000 and they will be part of your mass text message updating list and you can create a short welcome text message that they will receive such as “Hi, welcome to rob’s text message updates.” There are many ways to use this tool.  One example, if you have a training call every Tuesday night at 7:00, you can schedule a text message to get sent out to your list for that time and it will be automatically sent out. You can also send live messages.  Maybe you decide to offer a special discount on a health and wellness product, you can send out a live text message right then to your list.
Cost: $19.95 package: 100 texts/mo, $59.95 package: 1,000 texts/mo, $199.95: 4,000 texts/mo

Product #2: QR-Code Generator
This is a tool that lets you upload your logo and it generates a QR code that incorporates the color theme and offers a QR code that resembles your logo. This makes your QR code look more attractive! Scanning your QR code allows someone to subscribe to your text message list and visit your mobile site.
This product is the same for all packages

Product #3: Mobile Site Creator
This is a tool that allows you to make your own mobile site and customize its colors, menus, content. People can visit your site on their smart phones after scanning your QR Code.
This product is the same for all packages

Product #4: E-mail Communication (Autoresponder with 97% delivery)
Every business needs an autoresponder. This is an e-mail communication tool that allows you to send e-mails to your list (prospects and/or clients) with a 97.1% deliverability rate.
This Cost: $59.95 package: 15,000 e-mails/mo, $199.95: 500,000 e-mails/mo (not available at $19.95 package)

Product #5: Leads
Uneeqlee purchases large databases of people who have specified that they are interested in a certain type of product or business opportunity. You can search through the database and select the people whom you’d like to communicate with and of course text and email.
Cost: $59.95 package: 100 leads/mo, $199.95: 1,000 leads/mo (not available at the $19.95 package)
Uneeqlee is a very new company at this stage. The founder, Seth Fraser, is committed to enhancing the features and products as we grow older (just like he has with his other successful companies).

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We hope this Uneeqlee Review was helpful and informative.

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