What Are Solo Ads; Premium Solo Ads Reviewed

Many starting out in work at home businesses are told to use” solo ads” to get traffic.

So What Are Solo Ads?

Solo AdsVery simply stated you can find many solo ads resources online. One we use for example is www.premiumsolo.comOne of their recent offers which is similar to many other discount, quality solo ads sites stated “GET A 2X CONTACT SOLO EMAIL AD BLAST TO 443,627 SUBSCRIBERS”.

This means for a small fee, they will send your ad to their subscriber list of 443,627. Then they will do it again…2 times!

Sounds great right? Well,let’s discuss this a bit.

First the cost for this is maybe $25.

So, you really should make sure that for $25 you at least break even but to really have a solid business going, you better make some profit!

Usually once you pay for the ad, you will get an email stating where to send your solo ads. We usually send it in the format of SUBJECT LINE: xxxxx Then the BODY: xxxxx Then the link you want the readers to click on: RecruitLikeStan

One thing that affects whether a solo email ad will get opened is if the subject line is HOT. It has to attract the readers attention so they OPEN the ad. Otherwise whatever you wrote in the ad, they will have no idea what it says if that subject line doesn’t get them to click on the ad.

The truth about ANY advertising online is you must send the ad to the right targeted audience. It ideally is a niche target market. If you send any ad to the wrong target market, they won’t necessarily look at your ad…and if they do, they may read it and walk away.

This is because they weren’t looking for your business program info…they were looking for another niche.
One quote I remember is if you try to sell everything to everyone, you end up selling nothing to no one…something like that.

But the point is, the more targeted, and fresh your market is, the better chance they will buy from you.

This is all about managing your money so you have more money coming in ( sales) than you spend (advertising).

Finding this balance is not easy, and it is best to join programs that have this figured out for you. That is the #1 question I ask when researching a new program…I don’t ask when I will make $10,000 a month,I ask how many sales will I make, with what ad source and at what cost.

If I don’t get a serious answer, I realize they either do not know, or they aren’t seeing great success.

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Anyways, hoping this offered some insight into what makes for a great solo ads and how to use them in your work at home business.

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