What Is GDI ?

What Is GDI ?


What is GDI? GDI Offers Complete WebSites and Blogs that Pay You Income for Life!

GDI is a long standing company.  They been offering services since 1999.  GDI offers a way to grow a large work from home business that earns weekly bonuses and monthly RESIDUAL income .

What Is GDI is actually Global Domains International, Inc. based in Arizona.

GDI offers a dot ws domain name, for example mine is www.stantomaszewski.ws.

what is gdi

To further answer What Is GDI, they offer domain names, hosting services where you can create your own website and get YOUR name or business out on the internet. They also have email services and much more.

The point I would like to cover here is the INCOME producing potential.

This is the business presentation that we show those looking to help their families:

CLICK HERE==>> StantomasGDI

We have been GDI members since March 2010 and we can honestly say we wish someone would have shown us this fantastic business 6 years ago when we started working online.

It is not easy to find programs that actually do work well.

By work well we mean, we see people join, and many that do not work the business, will still retain their GDI domain and hosting services, and we earn a commission from that!

So even the RETAIL customers can be income for life for us.

Another thing to realize with this What Is GDI review is the pricepoint is perfect for today’s economy.

It is much easier to make your 1st sale online with a $10 offer and 7 day free trial as like GDI offers, than anything that costs maybe more than $50.

If you are willing to follow our LIFETIME free training we offer, you will for sure see sales with our program.

You can opt into our sales system to check it out here:


When we look for a work from home business opportunity we look for these things:

1. Low cost so easy to market. Sales are 1 in 15 op tins with our system.

2. Company is in business at least 5 years so no fear of losing our downline and income.

3. High value, low cost product.

4. RESIDUAL income potential. Make a sale once, then get paid over and over 🙂

5. Easy to get started marketing system. We show many FREE ways to get traffic.

We hope this answered your question, what is gdi and if not please give us an email or call.




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