What Is Network Marketing- The Truth Revealed In This Article

What Is Network Marketing?

So you are probably wondering What Is Network Marketing and more importantly if this type of home based business model can be profitable for you or work for you, right?

In recent times Donald Trump has commented that if he had it to do over again, he would have created a network marketing company, and guess what, we believe he did!

Now, you don’t need to join Mr. Trumps company to see success, unless of course you want to.

What is Network marketing is answered by knowing how to pick the right sponsor and team so you can assure success.

We felt that we needed to join some huge leader type person, because most network marketing companies we were in, we never saw good sales results and never grew a downline-downline being a team of people below us that all made sales and we profited from their efforts.

What Is Network Marketing

What we learned is the key to success in network marketing is in finding a system that is easy to DUPLICATE. EASY Duplication is the key to success. By duplication we mean we show you what to do, then you do the exact same and you will see similar results.

If we can easily show you how to copy what we do, then you will copy us and duplicate that to your team and they will duplicate to theirs and so on. This can go on for many thousands of people.

Eventually, in a few years usually, we can stop working because our downline is so large it is earning us residual income without our really having to do anything but support those below us and especially the newer people.

This does not happen without a lot of hard work on our part in leading our team members and yes, your success in network marketing or MLM’s  is in your ability to grow a team and coach them to copy what you do.

When asked what is network marketing, we feel is is best to join a lower cost network marketing company so when you start out, you are not paying large money each month on your products, this way you have  as much money as possible to advertise so you can quickly turn a profit. Lower cost things online usually sell faster so you will see a sale quicker and feel that your program is a good one…and it works!

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You can also get the WIKI definition of what is network marketing here:  WIKI .

You also need to have some tough skin when prospects ask you if your network marketing company is a pyramid scheme, a scam, or other complaints. I usually tell people my company is around since 1999, so doubtful a scam or pyramid scheme.

Also, part of this network marketing business is you will have people quit your team, as retention is not 100% in any business, so get used to keep working to find the serious people to develop them and earn residual income from home.

Do you like the idea of a residual check arriving every month at your mail box?  We do!

If all this info on what is network marketing sounds interesting, you can check out our top rated program for nearly three years now.It is wonderful to see our team members become successful and grow in their leadership. We sure hope they all pass us! This part of our business is priceless as they say seeing newbies make sales. COOL.

We have team members all over the globe joining us down to our 5th level and beyond, and many we will never know in person, but we earn from their efforts. We are so blessed!

We hope this answered what is network marketing for you and f you select the right program, you will see nice residual income results.




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