What Is PPC?

What Is PPC?

We will answer what is ppc in this review and also give you some secret tips we use that gets us $0.16 per click cost per click.

Yeah, we know, you are thinking that is impossible.

But the truth is, it is possible if you really know What Is PPC and how it can work for you.

Let’s see What Is PPC and see if you find anything we state here to be a surprise!

FIRST- PPC is pay per click, an advertising method where when people search for things online, they may see the PAID ads that are usually at the top of the search results or the right side.

what is ppc

When someone clicks on one of these ads they are taken to your landing page where they may opt into your offer or buy something. You get charged for the clicks. Keywords bring the searcher to your ad.

The cost per click is important because it may take 100 clicks to get an opt in, or sale. So you need to really be sure you know what is ppc before you attempt it.

If your CPC (cost per click) is too high, your sale may not cover it, and you will not be running a profitable business.

There are some tips and tricks to help make a PPC campaign profitable:

1. Offer a front end product, maybe $19.95 or less so the people that buy that will help cover your PPC cost. Then your back end product would push you into profit. Don’t be surprised if this is a break even situation. Again the back end sale is where the profit comes into play.

2. Use a review site concept where each review is a keyword and PPC campaign is set to it. Then you can get many ad groups that all will bring targeted traffic to your ONE landing page. This will tend to lower your cost per click to pennies on the dollar and you can use LESS costly keywords. We never bid more than $0.35 a click and often we are at 10 cents.

3. You can find people on the online help sites who will manage your campaigns for a fee; we do our own.

We use MSN.com (yahoo/bing) but there is also google adwords and others. They all have their own specifics.

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We feel the paid ads are the most targeted as they bring people that are truly actively searching online for a way to make money to your site.

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We hope this help explain what is ppc.




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