Why Can’t I Find A Job?

This is pretty disturbing when I do some keyword research and see THOUSANDS of people searching for “Why Can’t I Find A Job”?

Keyword research is what we do as online marketers to see what things are searched for, then we try to get that traffic to find our websites.

I personally lost my job about 2 weeks ago and it totally s—s , I think you know what I did not type there.

However rather than get stuck in a rut thinking Why Can’t I Find A Job, I want to tell you how I prepared for this and how YOU too can.

Then after I offer some ideas on Why Can’t I Find A Job, I’ll tell you how my job search efforts go.

Why Can't I Find A Job

So, as you can see from this blog I do online marketing and sell a home based business opportunity called GDI where we sell for ONLY $10/month  domain and web hosting service.

Everyone online needs a domain name and hosting so this is a perfect home based business.

I also am involved in several other income streams that all add up to what some of you would say is a full time income, but I am not quite at the level where I can replace my income as an engineer/manager.

I had that ill feel of Why Can’t I Find A Job back in 2003 when I lost my job after 17 years. Yeah…2 kids, one starting college and I thankfully found a job in 3 months but took a $17,000 pay cut. OUCH.

I vowed then that I will find a way to earn income online so I am never caught like that again.

So that’s my #1 POINT for you if you are still working. Start something on the side to cover yourself IF/WHEN you find yourself out of work. I will help you all the way.

Now on the how to find a job, here’s what I do:

1. Network with everyone I know that may have a connection to who may be hiring. CALL them, email them. Don’t be afraid to reach out. People will help if they know you are in need.

2. Update your resume and ideally have it done b a professional.

3. I spend about 4 hours a day searching online and applying for jobs. I can’t go all day, it’s too stressful for me.

4. Expect you may earn less in a new job.

5. CUT your spending immediately. You never know how long this job hunt could take.

6. Even when you think you have a job lined up, keep looking just in case than one falls through.

Looking for a job is a full time job.

Let’s hope the economy improves and world leaders find ways to stimulate things as this isn’t getting easier or better.

In the meantime CLICK the yellow link area below to learn how we grew a nice residual income- it took 2 years so far but we will do this forever to have a solid RESIDUAL income to fall back on to protect our family.

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Why Can’t I Find A Job is being searched for way too much!




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