Why Do I Need Google Backlinks; What Is Backlinking?

Why do we need (Google) Backlinks? What is Backlinking?

BacklinksThere are many things we all read that are supposed to help make your website rank higher in the search engines, BUT one of them seems to be the most important and this is backlinks, or at least we and many others online think so.

One thing I was taught years back is “no one” knows what google does, when it will do it, how it will do it, as far as ranking a website, so do what e think is correct, then hope (expect) that 50% of what we do gets us some traffic!

For example, if you think you need 100 posts on a blog to get some level of traffic, go for 200, and hope that google ranks half of them well.

As far as backlinks, these are important so that your website, when someone searches for the KEYwords you chose for your website, your site will RANK higher than others and show up as the 1st to maybe 3rd search result in the results listings.

A backlink is simply a link to your website from another ideally HIGH ranking site. For example on my website http://www.businessreviews4you.com at the bottom of that page are various links to other pages or some of my online friends sites. Those are BACK links to those sites.

Those backlinks are like pointing to those sites….so from a SEO perspective, it is saying that those sites are important…so click on the links and go there!

The more quality backlinks to a site or page…the more important that site looks to Google or other search engines.

The format to create a backlink is  “<a href=”http://income.businessreviews4you.com/” target=”_blank”><span style=”color: blue;”>Income Business Reviews</span></a>”  where “income business review” is the tag.

As you can see the “anchor text” is “Income Business Reviews”. That is the keyword that someone may type in and find my blog. That backlink will take someone to my blog main page, and it will say to google and the search engines that “I vote for that site” as being important.

There are other things that are needed to get good ranking and years ago we all were creating “reciprocal” links. This is where my site may link to yours…and your site may link back to mine.

Nowadays these are still important but everyone is saying backlinks are the key.

This is a free software tool that can create backlinks: Social Monkee Link Building Solution.

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Hopefully you have a better idea of what is backlinking and why we need backlinks.

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  1. Earlier no one care about anything except the quality of backlinks but now the text
    is also important and that is anchor text backlinks, with the quality the anchor text is also important.
    The backlinks checker is also appropriate in strategizing as they will
    give you real time information on the links
    that you have. The ‘standard’ free backlink techniques like posting on forums and commenting on blogs
    still work quite well.

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