WS Affiliate Network Reviews; Is Legit?

WS Affiliate Network Reviews is one of the most important reviews you will read in your online career. Why?

My name is Stan Tomaszewski and I have been a WS Affiliate Network or  GDI member since March 2010. I was in my 1st week on the leaderboards and have been there ever since; I can tell you how to do the same.

I wish I was a member back in 2004 when I was first approached BUT I was not properly explained the bonuses or the business potential! $1 commissions add up like crazy, not to mention the premium commissions. My weekly bonus pays for my advertising- I can advertise and build my GDI business for ever using GDI bonus money…now how cool is that?

UPDATE: The WS Affiliate Network was revised in January 2013 and now costs more and has a different structure for who can join. We no longer recommend this system as is it not “free or low cost like it was”.

We do have another system that is FREE, you get a capture page and autoresponder all for FREE:

You can take a FR.EE Tour of my system here:
WS Affiliate Network


WS Affiliate Network


As you can see there is no secret written here. We are very proud to promote GDI. It has been around since 1999 so it isn’t going anywhere soon, and neither are we.

In today’s economy a $10 business cost with THIS FR.EE marketing system, it just doesn’t get any better than this to offer anyone a way to start a work at home business.

I have been doing this work at home online stuff for 7 or so years and I know where you are at:

– tired of working for others and barely making ends meet
– joining CRAP programs online that promise you the stars and you just get taken
– No support from your sponsors; I can tell you email me Ask me anything you wish.
– FREE sells. Free marketing systems like WS Affiliate Network is ingenious. The creator Lester Diaz knows what the public needs for success and he delivered. GOOD Job! We realize the money will come when we get new members DUPLICATING (making sales like we do) from this simple system.NOTE: if you are already a GDI member, you can join WS Affiliate Network for $5, then you can earn a commission from your WSAffilite Network downline.
– the professionally done video presentation does the “selling and telling” so the sales happen w/o me needing to do any selling. Some may ask a few questions, but the SYSTEM does the work.
– No complicated system set up steps…its really ready to go. You can add your own followup emails using aweber or get response if you choose. We can help with that! or use the systems emails…they work:
– Conversions we see at the 1 in 10 opt ins is a sale.

POINT IS: GDI is one of few very legit and reputable online companies. You just can’t find a flaw in the need for a product like domains, hosting, websites, agree? No smoke and mirrors needed to sell you. We know you will see the need for this product and join us.

You can take a FR.EE Tour of my system here:
WS Affiliate Network

Once you decide to join us for FR.EE, ASK me for what to do next.No need to watch training videos..let’s get you going to make a sale asap.

Those of us that have stumbled around the internet looking for the right program know why GDI is the answer.

Value added product, everyone online NEEDS a website presence to show who they are, low cost affordable, bonus that covers ad costs, reputable company with 13 year track record ( not a start up company that could fail), RETENTION of members ( people stay on even if they do not sell the GDI work at home business opportunity), and best of all, an awesome RESIDUAL monthly income.

I just took a week off, and did not need to WORK to assure my income kept growing.

It takes time and some skills to learn to get any online program off the ground.

BUT WS Affiliate Network truly offers an easiest way to make money on the internet.

I have a team well past my paid 5 levels, and into the thousands…and I need serious workers to join me.

I will train anyone at any level… so it’s up to you to make the next move.

Take the tour:

==>> WS Affiliate Network

Then when we see you joined, we will contact you to get you rolling.

WS Affiliate Network along with GDI- Global Domains International is a perfect match.

2 Responses to “WS Affiliate Network Reviews; Is Legit?”

  1. I have made it through 4 of the steps in the GDI site but just not smart enough to go any further just not computer savy I dont no anyone with emails or how to do what they are talking about in the 4 steps I haven’t done sorry I guess I will have to cancel out my account have a good day

  2. Folks, these are the saddest emails we get to our sites. People that quit before they even for started and worse thinking of themselves as not smart enough. if you are looking online to better yourself financially, then YOU ARE smart! Also, quitting before we ask our sponsors how to make sales is also not a good plan to learn how to market online. The so called “gurus” did not get financially set in a few days or within a 7 day trial. It takes weeks, month and maybe even years to build any business and this online is no different. I hope this person reconsiders and ALL YOU reading this are inspired to stay in this until you see results, and realize that many sponsors are very willing to help, but this is not get rich quick, and it will take some time to learn and see income. Remember how long it took you to learn to ride a bike, but you kept trying so you were like all your friends with their bikes. Get that same drive and mindset back and let’s get you all to a nice monthly residual income with GDI! FREE info here: Stan

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