WS Domains; What Are IDN’s And How Can These Make Me Money?

The WS Domain is no different that “dot com”, “dot biz”, “dot info” as far as our testing is concerned.

Many people have found the dot WS domain (and hosting) business very lucrative.

The company that founded the .WS domain is Global Domains International and we happen to be an affiliate of this wonderful work at home business model.

Many folks online have searched the internet far and wide for something that can stick with and BUILD into a nice residual work from home business income source. Many find their way back to GDI after they looked for something “that worked better” and realized that the GDI business works as one of the best around.

There are reasons for this which we will explain at the end of this review but right now we want to briefly cover what IDN’s are.


An internationalized domain name (IDN) is an Internet domain name that contains at least one label that is displayed in software applications, in whole or in part, in a language-specific script or alphabet, such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Tamil or the Latin alphabet-based characters with diacritics, such as French. These writing systems are encoded by computers in multi-byte Unicode. Internationalized domain names are stored in the Domain Name System as ASCII strings using Punycode transcription.

Whoa!   What does that all mean to us as far as making money online?

Well very simply the WS domains now offer IDN’s where the domain is displayed in the native language of the country/user. For example instead of a Chinese domain showing up as an English written domain, it will show written in Chinese.

Here’s our presentation of the IDN product and how it may work for you:

Stan’s GDI Worldsite


Did you know that the internet started in the United States and its foundations were laid out in English. ALL domain names for over 30 years have been made out of the Emglish alphabet , hyphens and numbers. Well that’s convenient for the English speaking internet users, but that is less than 10% of the population!

As of June 11, 2011 Google received some 150,132,156 visitors per month. With over 2 Billion people with internet access, thats only 7% of the population. So what do all the other people do and where are they?

If you did not speak English, would it not be frustrating to type in foreign characters to find things on the internet?

I think you can see the immense market for selling IDN’s and GDI has them exclusively via the .WS domain extension.

If you become a WS affiliate, and work to sell IDN’s, you can earn money from: commissions on downline IDN domain registrations, Commissions on downline IDN hosting, and even IDN auctions where you can by domains low now and sell high later if they may be much recognized names….you get the picture.

I don’t know about you but with 2 Billion internet users and only 150 million on google, there are a lot somewhere else and I want oh about a few million to buy IDN domains from me 🙂  That then would be a monthly commission level!

Seriously, the WS domain is here to stay, and it has one of the hottest work at home business programs going for some 20 years now.





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